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"Ever noticed when you shave your legs the night before your friends party,night out,date that the next morning you can already feel the stubble on your legs and how itchy it makes your legs?
sometimes you may stop shaving for a while so you wont get itchy till the point you look like a cave man or woman with bushy legs then you decide its time to wax/shave again and get the same problem of itchy legs/stubble"

"Well i have been doing my research into Laser hair removal a few of my friends have had hair removed with laser hair removal treatment, and the results are amazing one of my male friends gets his chest hair removed and he says how amazing the results are and how smooth his skin is and how much more confidence he has"

Here is the link to skn-clinics they specialize in Laser hair removal and other great treatments.

so you may be thinking how does the laser work ??

"Well laser hair removal is a safe virtually painless method of removing that unwanted hair may it be legs,chest,arms and so on, 
It works by focusing on a laser-beam at the base of your hair follicle halting hair growth so think how much money in the long run your save on shavers,creams, and so on"

"I highly recommend laser hair removal with the great results i have seen and how effective laser hair removal is
and how long it lasts, and how great your skin looks afterwards say good bye to unwanted hair.
just think when summer is here you can show of your legs with confidence"

so say good by to your unwanted hair ! and say hello to the new you.

Other services available:
dental: Tooth whitening,straightening,veneers,implants and more.....
treatments:Tattoo removal,anti-wrinkle injections,acne removal,excess skin removal
and many many more....

 For more information prices and other treatments available  check out sknclinics website

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"please feel free to let me know how it goes and if you are gonna change to laser hair removal i be happy to hear from you all and it be great to see how you get on if you decide laser hair removal is for you"

Sunday, 13 October 2013


R.A.R Fashion is a independent ready-to-wear/Sport wear fashion label based out of North London.       The label is manufactured and handmade in the UK which is really imported to the head designer Ryan Anton Reid.

Ryan Anton Reid is a self-taught fashion designer with 7 + Years Retail expenses under his belt from leaving school. He got his first designing job for Concreterose clothing as 2nd designer in 2008.      
He was there for a year, were he learned a lot and it gave him the push to start designing again an think about his own label.

In Late 2009 Ryan Anton Reid came out with his first collection ‘Futuristic Warrior’ Under his own label ‘R.A.R Fashion’. His first collection showcased just what kind of designer Ryan is with Simple cuts, draped garments, colorful patterns and outstanding quality. The Label was featured in Bronze magazine, Demur Magazine, Sky angel’s magazine and in numerous blog sites with his first collection.

At the start of 2011 R.A.R Fashion launched there label R.A.R Fashion Jewelery and came out with their first collection Family Chains Collection’, the collection was based on all the female members of the designers family. The collection sold out within a month of going on sale and opened a lot more doors for the label to move forward.

At the end of 2011 R.A.R Fashion launched a bespoke Service to the website and came out with their Second collection ‘Fashion is my Capital’ which was based around the traveling women visiting all the fashion capitals of the world

At the start of 2012 Ryan Anton Reid was appointed Head Designer of a music video by new girl Brand on the block RARA LOUD. This project was a dream for the designer and came out great and has got over 80,000 hits and lots of press from London to Asia. The label also appointed a head stylist to work with the brand called Dario Bentivegna, They have worked together on many projects over the years

In late 2012 R.A.R Fashion came out with a limited edition Capsule Collection Under their bespoke service ‘R.A.R Fashion One.Off.They also launched their 2nd Jewelery Collection ‘Made from within’

At the end of 2012 Ryan Anton Reid decided he was going to re-brand the label and will be Re-launching the label in Summer 13.

This Collection is a Mini Collection in line with the label Re-Brandinh. The inspiration for the re-brand collection is to showcase where the label is going and how far we have come. It is a mini collection that features all the Key items we love to design and think a any women could have in their wardrobe.

R.A.R Fashion Twitter:!/rarfashion

Kasia Fortuna Hair
Jasmine Mathieson Make-up Mariwka Model
Caron Westbrook Photographer

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lauren's way glam tan

Laurens way glam tan 

If your familiar with The TV reality show The only way is Essex (Towie)
your know how glam the girls look and how tanned they are.

if your not familiar with it here is a short clip from their show.

I Received Lauren's way tan teezer kit to review as i was tan virgin i was a bit nervous.
But been the daring person i went for it and was very pleased with the results.


  1. Darker then dark tan lotion 
  2. glam tan (comes in spray bottle )
  3. Tanning mitt 
  4. a body polish
  5. tan enhancing moisturizer 
  6. little clear zip up bag/case to keep your products in

When you look at the colour of the contents of the tan do not worry,it only appears darker because that's the guild colour to help you see where you have applied it.
Wait about 15 mins till its all dried before getting dressed and don't get the tan wet for at least 4-8 hours so the tan don't run or fade.
i would say "leave it over night then jump into a cool bath or shower the next day you will notice the water will have tan colour yet again do not worry this is the guild colour washing off so when you get out the bath the lovely actual tan colour will be visible"
when in the bath do not scrub skin hard or use harsh soaps as this can fade the tan !!

Heres what i think of the tan.

Amazing perfect for first time users of tan and the colour is just perfect.
also i didn't wake up with tanned bed-sheets which is also another good point about this product.
Easy to use as the guild colour helps you see where you have applied it.
i would recommend this to anyone who is looking to find the best fake tan lotion around because this is sure as made me feel more confident in using fake tans.
my skin now is also feeling lovely and soft after using this product.

So we all can see my natreal colour of skin in this picture.
I do like my natural skin tone but thought i need a bit of colour
as the winter months are drawing in so would like a bit of a glow to give my self a healthy glow.
Few hours after application quite brown 
because the guild colour is still present 
which you will need to wash off by 
having a cool shower/bath
Without using harsh soap
After the guild colour wash washed off
still a very nice golden brown.
it looks a bit darker to the eye
just the camera on phone and the flash
makes it look a bit lighter

:)Very pleased with my results :)

Where can you buy Lauren's way products?
 you can buy the tanning kits and other products such as hair rollers,
lashes,extensions. from laurens way links below. :)

Here is the link to laurens way


Lauren Goodger
 (lauren's way )

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Be great to hear from you if you have tried lauren's way products.

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