Thursday, 25 August 2016

Fairy Goodies Review

Hey guys and girls I am back with a review on a company, fairy goodies.
That specialise in loads of pretty things from glitter to floral gartlands,
Fairy land was so kind enough to send me a few goodies to try.
I will keep this as a quick short review for a change.
Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

About The company
Taken from fairy goodies website
Fairy Goodies is a wholesale and retail supplier of fairy products to customers around the world. We're a small, family run business based just outside Bath in Wiltshire, UK.

We've been trading online since 2004 and run several retail websites as well as a wholesale business, and if you're a festival goer you may well come across us in a field in the Summer!

Currently we've six team members- Ben looks after the day to day business, and is responsible for most of the mistakes. Janis, Ben's wife, is our creative wonder and Queen of the Fairies. Mog,  a good friend for many years, keeps the warehouse and packing of orders under control, and Carrie is our Glitter Elf who spends her day filling pots of Fairy Dust (yes, really).  Trish, our wonderful sales manager, looks after our wholesale accounts. She's always wanted to be a fairy.  You may also come across Helen, who ensures that Ben only spends what he's allowed to on new stock- she's the reason we're still in business.

We're a small, friendly, personal business. We're not going to collect your data and misuse it, or spam you with loads of ads and offers. We sell quality products at fair prices, and aim to provide quick delivery and great choice. We're available to speak to on the phone or by email, and if you pop by our stall at an event you'll receive a friendly welcome.  Questions? Please call us- 01225 812101, or email. Feedback?

What they sent me

Photos of the items

What I thought about the items.
I really loved the metallic tattoos they very cool and unique and look good on anyone who wears them.I also loved the cosmetic glitter which is great for adding sparkle to your face or doing glitter tattoos on you're arms which is great fun and easy to use.  The ears are ok they fit on my ears but wasn't a snug fit but still looked cool but think they may need to look into finding a way of making them fit a bit better for all ears. The flower garlands are pretty cute and look amazing on adults and children great for festivals and garden parties or photoshoots. And last of all the necklace which is also cute and adorable they are perfect accessories for dressing up.

Overall review
I really love the company quick shipping and safely arrived in one piece.
I love the items everyone of them but would suggest with the pixie ears that the company find ways of making them fit all ears as they wasn't a snug fit on my ears unless I was doing something wrong, and with the glitter would be great if the adhesive was included to make it easier to apply the glitter to skin. Other than the few constructive bits of criticism i can't fault fairy goodies at all they are a brilliant company and have loads of brilliant exciting products for both adults and children who love fairytale things like pixies fairies etc.

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Vape Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Review

Hey guys and girls I am back with another review for you,as some of you know i gave up smoking for around 2 years, but may just gone I got stressed and started smoking again. I know i feel really bad about it i was doing so so well, anyway this review ties in with that. Although I am not using my ecig even though it helped me give up before when I used it.  I really want the proper ecigs which are the vape mods which are far better and make the vape juices taste better and less of a burning taste as long as you get a good quality juice.

So Anyway as most of you know I enter competitions, I recently entered a competition which vape dinner lady had on their facebook page which they had 500 lemon tart liquids to give away to people who liked and shared their post  and I was one of the lucky winners. So once I had won I had to claim on the cigara website which stock vape dinner lady liquids and other brands so I claimed my liquid and waited patiently for my liquid to arrive. Cigara was amazing with shipping 48 hours royal mail tracked.

The World of Vaping
vaping is the new big thing yes it been around for a while but it is not about the basic ecig pens anymore oh no, it is all about the new vape mods, tanks and much more. the vaping community is growing by the day and some people vape to give up smoking, others are using nicotine free liquids to vape for fun or sport. when I say a sport I mean they are creating fun videos with the vapour coming out their mouths into shapes of jellyfish and other crazy things. The whole vaping thing is on a whole new level and I reviewed a ecig n my blog before which helped me give up smoking but I can say the whole new vape mods are a million times more better than the cheap e-cig pens I am yet to get a mode of my very own but have tried my hubbys mod and a few of my friends mods so can vouch for the mods been better not only for vaping and giving up smoking, but for quality same for the liquids that are made for the mods they are far better quality and don't leave burning taste in mouth as long as you are using ones from reliable companies.

About Vape Dinner Lady
A Small Company That creates amazing Mouth watering Liquids for vapers, DInner lady Vape Create amazing flavours and treat their customers like family, they look after you making sure the liquids you're getting are the best quality possible.

Their liquids are stocked by a few places the main company that stocks their amazing range is cigara who sell many vape products from liquids to mods and more.
Vape Dinner lady Awards
Best Exhibitor at Vaper Expo UK 2016

First impressions
When It had arrived I took it out the jiffy bag and saw the stunning yellow bottle which looks lovely even before opening the liquid i could smell how tasty it was, hubby had a sniff to but he couldn't smell much so opened up the bottle and had a Whiff and said it smelt amazing just like real lemon tarts, sweet and mouthwatering goodness, it made us both hungry.

Testing Time Means Tasting TIme
I don't own a vape mod, so he filled up the tank and took a nice chug and his words were wow that is really nice, on the inhale he could taste the sweet lemon flavour on the exhale he could taste lemon again and the biscuity base which he said really hit the spot.

then offered me some as I do not have a mod of my own yet, so I have a little go and I was shocked it tasted really yummy for someone who not keen on eating lemon tart I really enjoyed the flavour of this liquid by far its the best liquid we have tried so far.

About Lemon Tart Liquid
Dinner lady e-liquids are 70% Vg 30 Pg, And come in 30 ml Bottles.

How dinner lady describe their lemon tart liquid?
Sharp Lemon curd topped with gooey meringue all cradled by a thin pastry crust

Overall Verdict
Overall I am impressed trying this flavour definitely makes me want to give up smoking again and start vaping to keep me of the cigarettes, the flavour combo is spot on and taste nice and makes my mouth water, the lemon tart as really took me by surprise, I am not normally one for lemon tart food wise but the liquid is just great. I did find my mouth dry afterwards but this is common with smoking or vaping anyway so if you are thinking of vaping please bare this in mind and keep your fluids up. Other than having bit of a dry mouth I can't fault vape dinner lady lemon tart it is just perfection in a bottle getting the taste of a mouthwatering sweet pudding without the calories is a bonus for me, as I have a very sweet tooth as some of you know.

The price for me wasn't to bad it may seem a bit steep for vape liquid but it is resonable cheap compared to some liquids on the market,i have tried even cheaper liquids before and they don't taste as good as dinner lady vape or the other brands which cost more. And also with the very very cheap ones you have to be careful as some can contain stuff you really don't want to be vaping, that is why you should always buy from a company like cigara or others which are well known so you know you're safe and can return it if you're not happy for whatever reason, but as of yet I haven't known anyone to return a liquid to any of the bigger brands because their liquids are top notch.

If you feel unwell After using any vape liquid seek medical advice, do not drink e liquid or get it on your skin, e liquids are for vaping only, and vaping and smoking is for over 18s only, Keep e liquids out of reach of anyone under the age of 18.

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Questions  and Answers

Where can I buy Vape dinner lady?
You can buy it from cigara for £15 for a 30ml bottle.

Is Vape Dinner Lay Lemon Tart To Lemony?
I can answer this for you, for me it wasn't to lemony at all it was a nice level of lemon and I could also taste the mouth watering taste of the tart pastry crust, which pastry is my fave thing about pies tarts and things, so yeah the flavour of the lemon and the tart aka pastry works together nicely and will make you pleasantly surprised and if like me you don't eat much or really fancy something sweet when there is nothing sweet in the house, this is the next best thing to eating a nice treat, but without the calories, extra bonus there.

Was Dinner lady Vape Lemon Tart too sickly?
it wasn't sickly for me, but everyone is different, but if you're feeling sick already wait to you feel better if you're like me and sensitive to smells when you're unwell.

Is Vape Dinner Lady Lemon Tart worth the price?
Hell yeah it is worth the price, considering my hubby as paid much more for other flavours which were nowhere as good as this one.

Will I buy Vape Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Again?
for sure i will and will be trying all the other flavours when I have more money.

Do I recommend Vape Dinner Lady Lemon Tart?
yeah I recommend it is worth trying, if you do buy it and it ain't to your taste you can always pass to a friend who may enjoy it more, we all have different tastes and likes, but as I mentioned i am not keen on lemon tart, although i like lemons in my drink, and love pastry I don't like eating lemon tart, but this vape really was so so good much better than eating a lemon tart.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Liquiproof Review

Hey girls and guys, I am back with another review bit later than expected as I am still unwell with bag head pains which have had everyday for 3 weeks but due a mri scan on saturday.
Anyway hope you enjoy reading this review and enjoy finding out about this product.
I was sent a full size sample of liquiproof by the company in exchange for a honest review.
Please leave any comments or questions after you have finished reading thank you.

About The Product
Liquiproof is a product designed for many materials, you spray it on rub it in, leave it for ten mins reapply, then leave for 24 hours, liquiproof can turn shoes bags and many other things waterproof meaning no more fearing of going into the rain in your favorite shoes.

About The Company
Taken from the liquiproof website.
Like you, our founder, Caner Veli, was tired of having his shoes ruined by weather and accidental spills. He looked for something that could help but didn't have much luck. He wanted something that actually worked, was affordable, easy to apply and lasted longer than two weeks. He knew of other hydrophobic sprays on the market but these contained harmful substances and left a visible white residue on the surface.

Nothing lived up to his requirements – so he set out to fill the gap in the market for a reliable footwear protector himself. After a long period of research and development, Liquiproof was born in 2011. Caner continued to develop the product and in Jan 2014 launched the brand to the world. Within a short amount of time the product received much praise and quickly became recognised as the leading protector on the market.

Currently providing protection for footwear and furnishings, we are continuing to develop the range of products that help in everyday life whilst preserving the environment with non-hazardous and non-toxic protection formulas. Our aim is to keep people looking smart and feeling good everyday, while saving them money with the use of this remarkable technology.

First impressions
I was abit skeptical at first There was no way in my mind that I thought this product would work due to knowing my shoes are not waterproof at all and there was no way in my mind that a product could change this about my shoes.

Time To test
So Ii couldn't sleep and it was about 1am I was about to go up to bed so before I did i sprayed the liquiproof on a small section of my shoes and rubbed in, i did not reply it as it says on the bottle as you ment to re-apply it 10 minutes after then leave it for 24 hours, anyway I went to bed and the next day about 11pm not even been on 24 hours my hubby decided to put water on my canvas shoes to see if it had worked.

Wow hubby calls me into kitchen to show me how it had worked, baring in mind i did not reapply it and did not leave it for the full 24 hours, my mind was totally blown away, how could this be possible, the water was just not sinking into the shoe, I am so pleased with the results I am tempted to use it on many more things including my heart umbrella and my handbag and many more things around the home which Id love to be waterproof.

Effective Uses
-Children's clothing, Bibs & Toys.
-Handbags & Purses
-All kinds of footwear
-Hiking & Camping gear.
-Sofas & Upholstery
-Jackets & Coats
-Wedding Dresses
-Suits & Ties

Overall verdict
Overall I am very impressed with liquid proof not only did it work 100% more than I expected I didn't even leave it on for the whole 24 hours which was double impressive. I am super impressed with how easy it is to apply and how it doesn't have any harsh smells.I love the fact it comes in a nice bottle which means no need to make up a mixture everything you need is in that bottle, the only thing it does not come with a brush/cloth to rub the product in but looking on the website they do sell liquid proof with a handy brush for those who would like to have a brush with their bottle of liquid proof especially for using liquiproof.

Just had a crazy thought it is a shame they can't make a hair spray that makes our hair water proof for the day everyone's dream maybe one day, liquiproof if you're reading you know it would sell well if you could make one for our hair pretty please hehe.

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Other products
Please see liquiproof website for the full range.

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