Friday, 22 July 2016

Treats Orpington

Hey girls and guys, I am back with a restaurant review, have not done one of these in a while.
Anyway I contacted Treats which opened in orpington and asked if I could come to review their restaurant for them, and they said yes, so me chloe and shane went there to try it out.
Treats is a desserts, ice cream parlor located in orpington, they also serve fresh cocktails.
Treats is already in talks of opening another store, and maybe more in the future.

About Treats
What Treats Have To Say
Treats was founded in 2016 and is independently owned – ensuring we maintain that homemade touch other dessert parlours often lack. We produce all of our Italian-style ice cream in-house, with a bevy of some of the finest dessert chefs in the county hand-crafting puddings on a daily basis from natural ingredients. Aside from dessert, we also conjure cocktails from our own personal bar, with a wide range of choices available for anyone who fancies a tipple or two with their food. For those concerned about dietary requirements, we provide options for anyone on a gluten free, vegetarian or vegan diet – as well as fruit for those who want to tackle the Treats menu with a slightly healthier approach. We pride ourselves on the delicious taste of our ice cream and other desserts, as well as the fact that we’re the first parlour of our kind in Orpington. We’re open morning, noon and night, so head in and sample our goods whatever the time of the day.

What We Ordered
Shane ordered waffle with hot white chocolate sauce with kinda brenu chocolates.

Chloe ordered a small frozen yogurt with strawberry sauce and strawberries.
I ordered 15 mini pancakes with hot white chocolate sauce, and ferrero rocher chocolates.

What We Thought
Shane thought his waffle was very tasty, he really loved the flavour and said the white chocolate sauce on top with the kinda brenu chocolate really added to that special touch.

Chloe thought Her yogurt was awesome but she wasn't keen on strawberry sauce.
But she said she loves treats and she wants to go back and have the waffle which daddy ate.

I thought my pancakes was nice and sweet and tasty although the white chocolate sauce I ordered with it was a bit rich for me, but would of enjoyed that more in a separate bowl if i could of dipped the pancakes into it instead of the pancakes sitting it the sauce.

Overall Verdict
Overall I am very impressed the staff was very welcoming and helpful, because we was ording chloe something and wasn't sure if she would like it the lovely manager let her have a little taster on a small spoon which was very kind of him as chloe is very fussy with food.
We didn't have to wait long for our food we only waited about 5 mins which was great.
The food itself was very tasty sweet and enjoyable I would say if you don't like things to sweet or can't eat a lot of it you can share a portion with someone as they are generous with their portion sizes which is great if you have a couple of kids because they can share.
Or if you are on a date you can share a portion with your date.

I would say though with my pancakes it was very nice but the chocolate sauce i ordered was very sweet and the pancakes was sitting in it, this is my personal preference but I think would of been better to have the white chocolate sauce in a separate bowl to dip because the sauce is quite sweet to have too much of.

Not sure what else to say, about treats other then their staff are great.
And the interior of treats is very stunning and the seats were very comfy overall we had a wonderful experience and can't wait to go back again, as I want to have the waffle next time.
And maybe some cocktails when i am feeling better and off my medication.
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