Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Nanny Violet's Jam Review

For The Love Of Jam !!

Hey girls and guys, welcome back today I am going to be reviewing some jam.
Yes jam but not any old jam nanny violet's jam.

I already love jam mainly mixed berry or strawberry,
but who doesn't love strawberry.

Please note these was sent to me in return of a honest review.
All views as usual are my own.
Feel free to ask any questions below.

The Packaging

Oh my gosh I adore the packaging it is so cute.
The box is so my style it scream beauty retro girly.
The jars so pretty and cute placed elegantly inside the box.
The cloth on the jars and the labels added that extra special touch.

The Flavours


well from the moment I opened the lid the amazing smell of fresh strawberry hit me.
The smell so delightful and sweet that screamed try me i am sweet.
I made some toast grabbed a knife and some jam and spread it onto the toast.
I must say the jam wasn't lumpy like most jams but was slightly more runny but i liked this as it spreaded nice and evenly on the toast and tasted amazing.
me shane and chloe all loved this flavour afterall who doesn't love strawberries.


Well this one didn't have that intense smell when i opened it which made me think is this gonna be plain or was it gonna have a weird twist after all smells always speak a thousand words.
Anyway we spread some on toast me and shane and chloe all loved this flavour is was sweet but not too sweet if that makes sense.


Well yuck yuck yuck I am one fussy person this wasn't for me unfortunately to me this wasn't sweet but a taste i can't describe, But to my surprise shane loved this flavour and even tried it with cheese spread on toast and said the two flavours really went well together.
chloe on the other hand would not even try it.


Well I am a lover of berries but this is weird I don't like eating blueberries on their own.
But I do love blueberry adult alcoholic drinks such as  those alcopops.
So here I am looking at the jar like blueberries we meet again I spread some on my toast closed my eyes and took a nice size bite my eyes opened slowly and lit up like a christmas tree,
I look at shane and say that is really really nice he walks over takes a bite and says he likes it as well, chloe tried tiny bit of this one and said she liked it a little bit.

Blood Plum

Not sure if it is just me but i also don't like plums, but as a jam it worked for me the flavour was nice sweet but subtle but not as tasty as the strawberrie.
Shane my hubby liked it on the toast but he likes plums anyway, and again chloe wouldn't even try this flavour overall this flavour was nice much better than the fig thats for sure.

Overall Verdict

Overall I am impressed with nanny violets the jams they make are really great.
I loved how they wasn't to thick like most jams with them been a lot thinner it meant you could get a nice coverage on your toast which is how I like mine.

However for me the fig somehow felt like it shouldn't of been in this set, as it was the only flavour that was kind of the odd one out flavour wise.
Saying that shane really liked this flavour so i guess it depends on your taste buds and what you like as a person after all we are all different

The packaging for me was the best part the pretty box is amazing I think I will be keeping the box to store some of my beauty goodies inside or even odds and sods like sewing reals.

Thanks for reading my review on nanny violet's jam.

Questions and answers

What other flavours do nanny violet's sale?
They sell many flavours sweet and also savory in other words there is something for everyone.

Where can I buy Nanny violet's jam?
You can buy the jams at nanny violet's jam etsy store.

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Love sweetness and kisses

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Chloe's Party Mixed Feelings

Chloe’s birthday party
Hey girls and guys, As some of you know I won a competition called second chance.
The competition ran by oceans finance, for second chance of something.
I chose a party for chloe as she has never had one before.
because I won ocean finance paid for it.

So Chloe turned 6 and this was her first ever party she was so excited bless her.
she loved the fact she was going to have her first very own cake and bouncy castle
So here's the low down.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Chloe turned 6

Quick Personal Post
Hey guys and girls so my little girl turned six years old.

feels crazy how time as flown by
It doesn't feel like it was 6 whole years ago,
when I gave birth to my beautiful chloe.

Anyway We took her to her first ever cinema trip, we went to see cinderella.
cinderella was a really good film though chloe was abit tired in cinema,
she was overwhelmed by it all as it was her first time there.

As some of you may know we are having her first ever birthday party next week.
the party is courtesy of ocean finance with the competition i won. 
They sent me the money to pay for the bits needed for it.
So sorry havent been on much party planning is stressful,
making my own sweet cones, hubby baking a cake and doing all the food.

So apologies again if I am not around much, 
But I will be blogging about her party and who got involved.
Chloe is really excited to be having her first ever birthday party.

here is a few photos of her birthday

blowing up a balloon first thing in the morning

ten whole pounds she is over the moon and wants to save it.
she knew what was in the box before opening it

elsa and anna sent her a card 

so now her birthday is done just the party to finish planning.
I am so excited to share with you how her party goes.
chloe is really really excited to share a party with friends for the first time.

do you have any tips on children's parties?
is there anything i shouldn't waste money on?

your tips and advice would be much appreciated. 

Thank you for reading 
Be back very soon