Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I Love Pink Marshmallow

Hey guys and girls well I back with another I love cosmetics post.
Last time If you remember I reviewed the peachy one.
if you wish you can read the peachy I  love post.
This time I love cosmetics have sent me marshmallow fragrance gift set.
I must be honest here i am not a fan of eating marshmallows.
Anyway I have not paid for the product  but this as always will not affect my thoughts.

Little bit from the company.

I Love... is a bath, body and beauty brand that lovingly creates gorgeous, deliciously scented products. The collection is bursting with ideas, inspiration and happiness. They are fun and sensuous and encapsulate memorable and delectable scents that transport the user to a different place, evoking powerful memories and injecting a little piece of happiness into their lives. I Love…offers a wide range of products and flavours from bubble bath to shower gel, lip balm to lip gloss, body butters to body lotion, in mouth watering flavours like mango & papaya, raspberry & blackberry and mint choc chip, offering an affordable everyday treat to anyone who wishes to add some excitement to their bath and body regime.

Scent of the I love Pink Marshmallow

First of all I am going to be honest here to me it didn't really smell much of marshmallow.
the scent is very subtle although it does smell like something else can't quite place my finger on what but not 100% marshmallow in my opinion, But the scent does smell lovely.

What it felt like to wash with Pink Marshmallow

Felt pretty normal to be honest didn't feel as harsh as some washes i haved used before.
I feel fresh and clean which is always a good sign, My skin doesn't feel too dry although feel maybe it might be good idea to moisturize after your bath if you have dry skin like me anyway.

I love… Social Following

Where can I buy I love Marshmallow?

I Love… Pink Marshmallow Bubble Bath & Shower Créme
is avilable from Boots stores nationwide and online at

Overall Verdict

I really love I love cosmetics so far from what I have tired.
Although with this one i felt the marshmallow scent wasn't strong enough.
It smelt more like something else sweet rather than marshmallows, but that's just my opinion, But the scent is lovely to smell its a lovely sweet tasty scent

I think the rrp of £2.99 is pretty good it is an affordable product to most people.
so won't break the bank to much to have a sweet smelling bath.

not much else to say so will keep this post short and sweet.
excuse the sweet pun there unintended (i think)

Thanks for reading
Love hugs and marshmallows

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Smiffys Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2015
Hey guys and girls halloween is approaching eeek how exciting.
this year we have our very first pumpkin, i never used to have pumpkins as a child.
so this year we decided to buy some and make some of our own.
we brought 4 in total so hubby carved one with chloe, and I carved one.
hes going to carve the other two for himself which is really cool.

here is mine and chloe's pumpkin my one came out a bit wonky.
but I think i didn't do to bad for my first ever attempt.

Anyway i am here today to talk about halloween costumes and safety.
Because having fun doesn't always mean we are safe in fact when we are having fun we don't really see danger as much as we would if we wasn't having fun.

So here is chloe in her first ever proper halloween costume from smiffys
there is many to choose from I am a bit late doing this post but you can buy some for next year if you wish to do so which would be fantastic as there are many good ones,
better than I have seen around so far, and Smiffys put customers first,
and have stuck to the safety policies with their costumes putting the customer first.

As you can see it is a bit freaky well it is when she puts it on and tilts her head side to side.
Anyway apart from just seeing a costume scary or not what we fail to notice is the material used,
and if it is the same as the other costumes the other children are wearing.
Because there are some stores and companies, 
sellers that are selling costumes,
that are highly flammable.

your properly thinking what I thought well all costumes are if you're near fire.
which is true to a certain extent, but these dangerous costumes been sold are so flammable,
you won't stand a chance they burn at a faster rate meaning you suffer really bad burns or even death.

So here's some tips to help you stay safe this halloween.

Costume Safety

do not buy cheap dress-up easily from ebay, market stores etc
Check the label or packaging it should have details of the manufacturers.
ie name, address, postcode phone number and a registered trademark.

Ensure the product has got instructions and safety information.
CE markings can be faked by counterfeiters, check the logo is correct, sometimes the wrong logo is used entirely, check the middle line of the E as it should be shorter than in other parts.

Please note there are even known brands and stores selling costumes that are highly flammable, cutting costs and making huge profits it is scary to think this can happen.
so please be careful where you buy from and Make sure you read the label and if you have any doubts to a costume is made to the right standards or not maybe get advice from an expert who knows about materials.

Pumpkin Safety

Be careful when handling knives and other carving tools.
If you are not confident using a knife ask someone who is.
if you're a child ask a grown up to help you.

Be extra careful with lighting the tealight in your pumpkin.
And be sure not to leave tea lights burning when you are out
or in places where you can't keep an eye on the.

Also be careful where you place them they may look good outside.
But today where there is so many costumes on the market which are flammable and not to the high Safety Standards you have to be careful where you place them.

For those of you who might not know here is a story of what happened few years back
to a bbc presenter Claudia Winkleman's young child who had brought a costume from sainsbury's. you can read that here  to help you understand how dangerous costumes can be if not made with the right material when exposed to flames.


Before I go I wish you a happy, safe halloween.
Remember be safe don't go to close to flames.
Also to look out for each other don't go inside anyone's house.
Don't go in strangers cars make sure your adult goes with you.

Also to look out for your neighbours especially if their old or vulnerable
please check their ok and remind them you are just a phone call away.

Thanks for reading

What are your plans this year for halloween?
Have you carved a Pumpkin this year?

Feel free to comment below.

You can find smiffys toys stores on social media.

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Movember 2015

Hey guys and girls I apologize in advance Because
Todays post is a touchy subject one we all try to avoid.

Yes that dreaded C word, yes cancer as fearful as we are of this word.
We should not ignore it ever because ignoring it does not make it go away.
Interested we should be more open with the word talk about our feelings,
As Well we getting checked to make sure we can do what we can to prevent cancer.

Men women and children and even pets of all ages can get cancer.
This is why it is important to stay strong and not fear talking about the c word.
we should share and raise awareness to what cancer is and how to check for symptoms

This November is Prostate and Testicular cancer month.
Yes movember is almost here, click the word movember to find out more.
We are likely to see lots of moustached men all in the name of cancer awareness.
Ladies you can take part to by helping raise awareness in your own quirky way.

It is estimated that 1 in 8 men in the UK will be affected by prostate cancer
at some point in their lives, Most occurrences are between the ages of 25 and 49.

It has been proven that moving more can help prevent cancer and speed up recovery for those Affected, Moving just 30 minutes a day for a man or women can greatly improve your health and wellbeing.

Ask Yourself  E.S.C.A.P.E

Do you have any problems Ejeculating?
Is your groin Swollen?
Have you noticed any Change in size or shape?
Do you have Ache or pains in the groin or lower abdomen?
Do you have trouble getting Erection?

Personal questions they may seem but guys take my advice.
If you answered yes any of these questions in your head.
Get on the phone to your doctor and let them know right away.

image by christopher campbell
Not everyone experiences symptoms of prostate cancer.
Other symptoms may occur such as

Frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, or upper thighs
A lump in either one of your tesitcals ( usually not painful )
A need to urinate frequently, especially at night.
Difficulty starting urination or holding back urine
Weak or interrupted flow of urine
Painful or burning urination
Painful ejaculation
Blood in urine or semen

As with most things your symptoms could be linked to another illness.
So it is extremely important to get checked over,
to make sure if you should have cancer or another illness you can be treated quickly.

Also if you have no symptoms it is important to get checked just to be safe.

Many of us have lost friends, family and even colleges to cancer.
so just a moment right now to think of our loved ones.

Also to close our eyes right this moment
to say a little prayer for those suffering with cancer right this moment.
(you do not have to be religious for this part)

Dear God
I ask you to send healing love and support to all those living with cancer right this moment.
To help them have the courage to speak out to their loved ones who may not know.
Also to send lots of love and support to their friends and family around them who might be finding life hard knowing their loved ones are living with cancer.

Please help them stay strong and give them the courage to speak out.
Give them the strength to keep fighting to kick cancer's butt.
I also pray that one day cancer will not exist
So we all can be healthy and happy

So please share this post help raise awareness not just because it is coming up to movember
But because cancer can affect us all men or women and children and even pets.
Stand up to cancer share your thoughts and feelings on cancer and raise awareness.
Lets kick cancers butt and save some lives.

Men if you are reading have some balls and check yours.
Notice anything unusual go see your gp or health provider.
Don't be shy, let your balls out for the doctor to see
your doctor sees balls all the time you see
big and small your doctor as seen it all.
so guys what are you waiting for?
whip them out and give them a feel

Thanks for reading

Cancer Awareness Movember 2015