Monday, 26 May 2014

Huubie build

If you haven't heard of hubbie build before you have come to the right place.
huubiebuild is a company based in london that not only designs but builds a great range of things
from play areas,benches,summerhouses,climbing frames and more. 

Hubbiebuild is a fantastic company that builds a range of things
from play areas to benches to tree houses and more.
Huubiebuild is all about making your child's imaginative play come to life.
whether their ideal adventure is playing in the jungle and swinging from ropes.
hiding out on a pirate ship or escaping into a fairytale castle,
Huubiebuild can make their adventure a reality.

Hubbiebuild also have built fun climbing frames at some of the local schools.
they are a recommended company not only by the school but the local community.

all climbing frames are build to a very high standard and made sure they are 100% safe.

^ one of many climbing frames at the school ^

I really like the idea of these amazing climbing frames not only do they encourage children to have fun,
they also encourage children to keep fit and active and good for hand eye coordination.
if i had a garden i would definitely buy one because they are great for all ages.
and great for keeping fit and active in your own garden in your own time.
and can be built to the way you and your children want them may it be a castle or a pirate ship.
Huubiebuild can make a big difference to your garden

As you can see from the photo before it was just a garden.
like you probably have or your neighbour has.
one that isn't appealing for children to play in.

now its a garden that is child friendly and looks alot better.
its the kind of garden every child dreams of having.
because of the amazing climbing frame looks fun to play on.

some more of huubiebuilds amazing work below
bespoke cabinets

benches / seats 
summer houses

To find out more please check out their facebook page and their website.
where you can see more of huubiebuilds work see customer feedback and more. 

please check out huubbiebuilds website here 
please like huubbiebuild on facebook here

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lillys bag boutique


Lilys Bag Boutique offers a fabulous range of affordable handbags for fashionable woman. 
handbags are available in satchels, totes, small handbags and clutches. Handbags from Lilys Bag Boutique are the perfect fusion of fashion and function.
Bringing you unique bags like the stunning Stina Delin bags from Sweden.

(yes the famous word girls Bags)

"hey everyone i have been so excited to do this review as its my first fashion/accessories review so i hope you enjoy reading.
   I won this handbag from lily's bag boutique facebook page       
        when i found out i won i knew i would end up reviewing it.
It is about time i reviewed a handbag"


made from silica this bag has a smooth bumpy texture
that is nice to touch with the added gold coloured chain
which brings the bag together this bag not only feels unique but looks unique too


A beautiful Sky blue i am not normally one for vibrant colours but in recent times i have liked them as they are very fashionable at the moment i adore this shade of blue i think there is something really appealing about it.  

The gold coloured chain gives it that extra special touch that brings the bag to life.


Bag dimensions 

High: 16 cm

Width: 22.5 cm

Thickness: 6 cm

Overall this Fashionable bag,

The colour is lovely and bright and sure to make you stand out.
It adds that extra colour to your outfit.
nice design and very nice texture very well designed.
The gold coloured chain matches the clasp on the bag,
 a sky blue colour against the gold chain reminds me of the bags
that i always see in fashion mags and adverts.
the texture of the bag is a silicone 
which gives it that unique feel 

"lilly's bag boutique is a reliable company
that sells many different kinds of bags
I recommend to all you bag lovers
They are reliable and trustworthy
They also shipped my bag out quick"

you can see more of their bags on their website

find them on twitter

"I am now on the lookout for a nice outfit to go with my bag so i can show it off.
hopefully if i find a lush outfit to review i will show off the bag with the outfit.
As i know alot of you lovely readers are really into your fashion"

please feel free to leave me a comment below
and if you have brought a bag from lilly's boutique 
id love to see what bag you choose and what you styled it with.

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Saturday, 17 May 2014


Egg timer perfect eggs

hey girls and guys heres a quick review for you all hope you like it.
please share this post with your friends and family. 

Ever tried boiling a egg in water aiming to get a soft to medium egg and end up with a hard boiled?

Aimed for a hard boiled egg crack it open and your heart sinks as you realize that you egg is runny?

you're not alone many people have made this mistake!!!

Well now all your troubles can fade away.
 with this special egg timer you pop it in the water with you eggs
the egg will indicate if your eggs are soft medium or hard making your cooking stress free and will help if your cooking eggs for the whole family.

we know we all like our eggs different 

so for example if your cooking 3 eggs for 3 people
1 soft 1 medium and 1 hard.
well now you can do this with the egg perfect timer
(great for dinner party's as your guests will get their perfect eggs)
You can pick these up at all good retailers ranging from £1 upwards depending on where you buy it from.
easy and simple to use.

Overall verdict 
I give this eggcellent  product a 10/10 all round. (excuse the pun)
I brought mine up in poundland yes you guess it for a £1.
I am pretty sure you can find them on amazon and ebay as well. 
At that price you cant go wrong and it will save you money because you won't be throwing out eggs that haven't come out how you expected.

*please take extra care when removing it from the saucepan as it does get hot*

why not give it a try and let me know how you get on as i really do love your feedback.

anyway girls and guys i better shoot its 2.17 am.

xx caroline xx 


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tenpin Bowling


Hey guys and girls a different review for you all hope you like it.
first of all i know a fair few of you have been bowling before, but also there maybe a few who haven't been bowling before or who haven't been to Tenpin.
if you have been to Tenpin before feel free to comment below your experiences.  

It was our daughter chloe's 5th birthday on sat 10th of may so decided to take her bowling at our local tenpin in bexleyheath.
Even though i was ill and full of cold nothing was gonna spoil my little girls birthday, i apologize for there not been pictures of me but i have got some of my boyfriend and daughter.

we pre-booked our bowling online at tenpin to make things easier and to book a time and day that suited us, with it being chloes birthday we wanted to make sure we had a lane on that day to avoid disappointment. 
They do get busy at tenpin so its always good to prebook to make sure you get a lane at the time you require you can book online book here.
Anyway on arrival we were warmly welcomed by the lady on the desk she was very friendly,she said we could go to our lane sooner if we wished as there was a lane ready to use,we collected our bowling shoes and headed to the lane we started our game of bowling.

Not long after the manager popped over to wish chloe a happy birthday and gave her, her very own bowling pin to keep and a marker pen.and asked us if we would like some juice for little one she popped back with a jug of juice a balloon and a party bag and then some candy floss. 

we continued playing our 2 games of bowling it was a very enjoyable afternoon a lovely atmosphere with there been music playing and loads of other people having fun as well i like how big the lanes are meaning bigger groups can also go bowling.
there is also a arcade and a bar at tenpin meaning there is something for everyone.

"After our game we decided to try out the food so ordered a share platter and a drink

i must say the service we had was spot on and the food was good we all enjoyed it"

         heres a link to their menu 
              food & drink menu  

"Overall i couldn't fault tenpin we all had a lovely afternoon and chloe had lots of fun  and she is very happy that she had a wonderful time for her birthday.
"tenpin made her feel welcome and made her first time bowling extra special"

To find out more please check links below.
heres a link for the latest offers and deals at Tenpin
to see if theres a tenpin local to you Tenpin locations
having a party check out the party-packages

you can also find tenpin on twitter and facebook 

Feel free to leave your feedback of your experiences with Tenpin below with the location of tenpin you visited.
If any questions you have about my experience or any comments you wish to post

win £200 with Tenpin
thank you for reading 
x caroline x

i have put a video below of my little girl when we was at bowling.