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EcoEgg Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

Hey guys and girls I am back with another review yay this time one that involves you doing your chores boo as much as most of us may find housework boring or even enjoy it but find it tiring the best part of doing the chores/housework us using products that we love.
May it be the smell or how well it works there is always a favorite product we love using.
So I am going to write a review on eco egg fabric conditioner read more to find out if I liked it or not and if it is something I would recommend to you all.

About EcoEgg
Ecoegg are a company that care about the environment and people, they have a lovely range of products that are kind to you and the environment. Their great value for money products are sold on their website, and sometimes on qvc and a few other places. EcoEgg have won awards for their products and well deserved awards at that. Ecoegg are eco by name and eco by nature they are truly a company that set a good example by using ingredients that are not harsh and are always bringing out new amazing products.

EcoEggs Fabric Conditioner
Ecoegg concentrated fabric conditioner is concentrated meaning you only need 1-2 squirts per wash although for me I always like using the normal amount but that is because of my ocd and wanting my washing to feel and smell clean.

if you choose a fragrance one it is only slightly fragranced this is due to it been gentle on the skin and not being harsh like some other ones.  Although I do prefer my washing smelling strong of nice smells, I found this one didn't really make my washing smell like my other fabric conditioners do to my washing which I am used to.

The bottle is big meaning great value for money because it can last upto a year.
But it may run out quicker if you do washing more than the average person or if you have a big family or just love using more than required. Also comes with a pump meaning it is easy to dispense into your washing machine draw without worrying about spillage and waste

Overall verdict

I do love this product but For me even though the fabric conditioner is a great size and lasts upto a year, and is not harsh on the skin like other brands, it is not really one I would buy myself mainly because I am used to strong scents. But I would recommend it to others mainly those who want a fabric conditioner kind to skin and the environment.

I really love the pump action as mentioned above it is great way for less spillage and waste as you can easy pump couple squirts into wash or get your kids to help you as long as you supervise them as some may over pump it or try eat it.

It did make my clothes feel a tad softer but didn't notice a big major difference to the clothes they felt lovely and soft how clothes normally come out but this all depends I guess on washing powder too.  

The product is great for value with it lasting upto a year but you may go through it quicker if you wash clothes all day everyday like most of us do who have endless amounts of washing to do all the time.

So basicly overall I do love ecoegg brand itself and I have tried a few of their products now for me this is a great product however it wasn't one of the best ones I have tried from eco egg  so isn't one I will rave about other than for the great value for money and kind to skin. So overall it is not a bag product or anything like that just a personal preference that I like stronger scents.


There is a big promotion coming on the 3rd december make sure you head over to ecoegg in december for the big promotion, I am sworn to secrecy to the promotion amount but it will be one you don't want to miss especially if you are wanting to buy any off eco eggs products.

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If you have any questions feel free to comment below or drop me a email or facebook message always happy to help, remember to keep you're eyes peeled for that ecoegg promotion which is amazing.

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Amy Victoria Diffusers

Hey guys and girls Hope you are all well, I am back with a review that most of you will enjoy, if you love your bedroom or home smelling nice keep reading I won't keep you much longer let's get down to the review and what amy victoria and their reed diffusers are all about which amy victoria was kind enough to let me choose and send me a Diffuser to Test for you all. I choose patchouli and bergamot as it sounded like a lovely fragrance for the home.

About Amy Victoria 
Amy Victoria began to provide a natural way to fragrance your home. They provide an alternative to synthetic home fragrance products which can be bad for our health and smell fabricated.What Makes Them different, is that they only use essential oils to fragrance their products, a 100% natural and premium ingredient. These quality oils leave your home smelling beautiful and elegant, and they achieve this using completely natural ingredients.  All of their products are hand blended and poured and packaged in Canterbury, England. Amy Victoria puts the same love and attention into every diffuser they make.

First Impressions On My Reed Diffusers
When My Postman Arrived I took the parcel from him and went and opened it right away.
I was taken back by how beautiful the packaging was as it is simple but elegant.
I then opened the packaging and reached inside to pull out the diffuser and reeds. Carefully taking off the little cork I sniffed to see what the fragrance was like. wow I was impressed I got a lovely hint of men's aftershave I was so pleased it smelt very nice and then started looking around the flat to where I could place it to make it smell nice so thought I will keep it in the lounge as its big room I put all the reeds in the diffuser to test if you have smaller room you only need a couple bigger the room more reeds or diffusers you will need.

Testing Time
After having the reeds in the diffuser for a while I went back to lounge and couldn't smell much all though I had used all the reeds as you need to put all the reeds in diffuser if it is a large room, so I decided to move the diffuser to the bathroom as it is small and has no windows so I closed the door and went to do my housework then went back upstairs went into the bathroom and wow It smelt wonderful it worked and worked really well so moved the reeds back down stairs anyway I worked out why it didn't work in my lounge even though I used All reeds it was cos my lounge is bigger than the average room as it its around 17ft so I think I will need 2 or 3 diffusers for my lounge so I am gonna carry on using the diffuser in my bathroom I think for now.

What I thought About The Reed Diffuser
I do really love It however I would suggest if you have a 17ft lounge like me you may need to order a couple or so but might be an idea for the company to make larger ones for people who have massive lounges or bedrooms etc to save them from buying 2 or 3 as one larger one would be ideal.

Overall Verdict
Overall I was pleased with the product, the packaging was lovely, the fragrance was stunning,I do really love the product however I was disappointed it wasn't effective in my lounge, but that isn't down to the company its because I was a 17ft lounge. But I was happy it worked in my bathroom and how wonderful the smell lingers even if you remove the diffuser from that room after it is been in there a while, I was also happy to know all the products was made and packaged here in england it is nice to see more and more companies like this there is something really lovely about locally sourced products. For me the fragrance was amazing reminded me of a men's aftershave. 

I am also very pleased with the company itself with all the hard work Amy Victoria have put into their company and all of their products they have really worked hard.They have a lovely little selection of fragrances to choose from which is lovely. They ship out their products as quick as possible which is also a great thing and are very helpful if you have questions about the products as i had a couple myself when the diffuser didn't want to work well in the lounge they was on hand to help which I am so happy and confident in their customer service which is really top notch. Not sure what else to say now but I will include some questions and answers of anything I may have missed out above just so everything is covered.

Questions And Answers 

How Much Are The Diffusers To Buy?
Currently The Diffusers Are £24.95 To Buy From Amy Victoria.

What Other Fragrances Does Amy Victoria Sell?
They Have A Small Few You Can See Here On The Website.

How Long Do The Diffusers Last?
They Last Around 4-8 Weeks Depending On How Many Sticks You Use Etc.

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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Vaping Safety And Information

Vape Safety And Information
Hey guys and girls As promised I am back with another vape related post.
This will be one of the most important blog posts regarding vaping you will ever read.
Over the years there has been some small bag press about vaping and how people have been burnet with their mods, this isn't because of vaping at all. This is because of people not following safety and not buying from reputable shops. I will try explain more within the post.

If after you read this post there is anything else you like to add feel free to leave your safety tips regarding vaping in the comments below, to help other vapers and beginner vapers to stay safe anyway enough of my babbling let's get our safety goggles on, Before we go ahead Vaping and Smoking is for over 18’s Only although some sites state over 21’s only So I am afraid if you're underage this post won't be suited to you. But might be for an adult you know who smokes or vapes so feel free to send them the link instead, or read the blog post anyway so you can share some helpful tips to any adults you know who vape or smoke.

General Safety Getting Started.

Before you make any steps Research vaping, and the types of vape mods you can get there is so many, i started out on a pen it did help me but they're nowhere as good as the more newer vape mods, so anyway where were we? research the type of vape mod you would like, when you have found one you like the look or sound off, research that mod for reviews and also  ask a few vape shops if need be to what that mod is like and if it is any good, price of coils for it etc the more you know about the mod before you buy it the better!!

Step 1
General safety this is the most obvious safety even though some people do not follow this. You should Always buy from a reputable company when it comes to the mods and batteries, not only because it means you will be safe but you know where to return it if the mod goes wrong or you need some help with it, don't buy from any old back street shop, look for a vape shop that is retuble and not the ones you generally find in town that sell a few vape things as well as handbags and other knock of gear.

Step 2
Now you have brought your mod, RTFM which means read the frigging manual, yes I said frigging was gonna swear then remembered I do have some young readers.
Anyway as I was saying read the manual and get to know your mod, do not mess around with the mod if you do not know what you are doing, the manual is your best friend. If you still unsure Ask your local vape shop they are there to help.
Step 3
Now you know how to use your mod, and have brought juice for it and all the rest of the things you have learnt ie how to change coils and how to fill up the tank for your mod.
There is some really important saftey things you should know and I suggest you do not skip reading this part because it is really important that you read so you don't get hurt.

I hope you still have your safety goggles on when you're reading this safety should always come first before anything else, if you want to be safe continue reading to find out the important parts of keeping safe whilst vaping, you may want to bookmark this blog post to go back to as and when you need to recap or to send to a friend who has started vaping?

Battery Safety

Buying Batteries
As with most things there are many fakes and clones on the market, you would not want to be burnt or even want your mod to go bang in your pocket. Please always buy from a reputable place as there is a lot of fake batteries on the market these are batteries but are not made to safety standards which means if something goes wrong you will have trouble sueing the person who is to blame for making fake batteries.  

Always buy from a proper vape shop where you know the batteries are safe and if anything should go wrong that isn't your fault or down to stupidity ie not storing them properly  you know who to go back to to tell them and get the battery makers to resolve the issues.

Storing Your Batteries
don't be a twat and keep batteries in your pocket or bag alongside keys and coins unless you want to become a human firework. It is really simple keep batteries in a special battery case which most vape shops do sell with batteries, also don't carry batteries in pocket or bag in general even if you don't have keys in there always keep them in a case so they are protected and a lot safer.
Keep batteries out of direct sunlight, so keep away from window seals, car dashboards car seats cars do get hot so you need to make sure you ain't left batteries in your hot car. Also keep away from hair dryers cookers and so on, batteries and sunlight and heat to not mix well that is asking for trouble so don't be silly be responsible.

Charging Your Batteries
When charging your batteries make sure you are going to be around, do not leave batteries on charge unattended this does not mean you need to sit there staring at them, It means just don't go sleep or go away for a weekend or go out shopping whilst there on charge.

Disposing Of Dead Worn Out Batteries
When you're batteries are dead or are worn out make sure you dispose of them correctly, do not throw these in a normal bin because this can be dangerous.
You can find dedicated recycling bins for batteries at some supermarkets if you're unsure on how to dispose of them it might be a good idea to ask your local authority or you're local vape shop might be a better idea as they sell batteries all the time etc.

Mod Safety

Buying A Mod
Buying a mod may it be a regulated mod or a mechanical mod always buy from a reputable shop or company they will not only sell you a mod that is not a clone they will also help  find a mod right for your needs as well as right for your budget they will also help pick out a juice for your vape needs may it be 0 nicotine or 3 mg nicotine or higher nicotine levels.

Charging Your Mod
Charging your mod is a bit like charging your batteries, do not leave it unattended on charge.make sure when it is charged you take them off charge do not overcharge your batteries/mod some mods charge via usb and others you can't charge by usb, either way and however you charge your mod do not leave it on charge overnight or whilst you are out.

Handling Your Mod Day To Day
Always carry your mod around with you safely do not store in your bag or pocket because you're mod can not only overheat but it can also fire ie the button you use to press to vape can be knocked and end up burning you or the contents of your bag this is extremely dangerous. Always make sure you carry your mod with you and do not put it against keys and coins like with the batteries

Mechanical Mod !!!
If you're using a mechanical mod please use ohm's laws which you can find out about further down in this blog post, which is very important if you do not follow this you are in danger.
Storing Your Mod
When you are not using you Mod ie when you are in bed you can store it anywhere that is safe out of reach of children, sunlight, pets, and heat to be extra safe take the batteries out of the mod aswell and store them in a battery case or silicone sleeve.

Tank And Dripper Safety

Buying A Tank Or Dripper For Your Mod
I know i keep having to say this but always buy from a reputable company or vape shop when it comes to tanks and Drippers you can never be to safe when it comes to tanks and drippers for your mod, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Using Your Tank Or Dripper With Your Mod.
When using a tank you have to be careful that you are filling it properly and the same goes for juicing up your dripper if you are using a dripper on your mod. If you are unsure ask your local vape shop to show you how to use it and fill it or juice it up the right way they all good vape shops will be more then happy to help you.

Drippers For Newbies?
Yes I am a newbie an using a dripper but only because my hubby is maintaining it for my ie building my coils for me and making sure everything is fine with it. If you're a newbie a tank would be a lot better for you any good vape shop can help you with all of this and set you up with a good setup mod and tank that suits your needs.

Looking After Your Tank And Dripper?
Looking After Your Tank is important you treat it like you would fine china, tanks are made of glass so you must make sure you don't drop them not only is this dangerous because it's glass but also not good for you to have to replace as some tanks can get expensive to keep replacing. Don't let your tanks get too hot, and keep out of reach of children.

Coil Safety

Building Coils
If you are building your own coils or getting them made for you by a friend you need to be really sure that the coils are built within the safe ranges to your batteries. Yes this can be confusing but you can find out more about this online and any good reputable vape shop that know their stuff most vape shops are always happy to help where they can.

But if you're using a tank that uses premade shop coils you should always buy your coils from an online vape shop or you're local vape shop.

Building Coils For Mech Mods as explained earlier you need to be following ohm's laws for coils on mech mods, if you do not follow ohm’s laws you're putting yourself and others at risk of injury please be careful that you fully understand ohm's laws before using a mech mod.

There is so many different wires for building coils, although if you're a newbie like myself I wouldn't suggest building your own coils yet, but you can buy coils from your vape shop.
When you're more experienced at vaping and have done research on coil building then maybe you can start to build your own coils I am not sure if all vape shops do it but my local vape shop Vape.rm do coil building nights on fridays, and are happy to help show you how to build coils, or build you a fresh coil on the night.

Replacing Coils
You will need to replace your coils every so often depending on how much you vape some people replace their coils every few days, some change monthly it is always best to change your coils if you haven't done so in a while. To get better knowledge on when is best to change yours speak to your local vape shop if in doubt as they can check your coils for you and advise you how often to change them depending on how often you vape, what mod tank you're using etc.

Ohm's Law

The most Important Thing Ohm’s laws can get confusing even for myself, ohmz laws are very important part of staying safe whilst vaping if you're using a mech mod, I will add links to some sites as well to try help explain things better.

Websites that explains Ohm’s Laws better.

This Ohm’s calculator is also helpful.

You can find out more about All vape safety on these following websites.
That explain things into detail that might be helpful also for you.

Some Retuble Online Vape Shops
Vape.Rm -link coming soon

Thanks For Reading I think i have covered all of it forgive me if I have missed anything out feel free to comment below any safety advice you may have every bit of information counts and is very helpful to us all. Know I didn't talk much about juice but that is kinda the same rule about buying from reputable companies although some people make their own but that's a whole blog post full of information in itself also an wouldn't advise you make you're own if you're newbie but maybe it be a blog post for me to write at a later stage who knows.

Thanks again for reading

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Ijoy Limitless Lux Review

Hey guys and girls as promised, I am here with a review as some of you know I gave up smoking a while ago for 2 whole years, then started smoking again this year in may, Then i won a proper vape mod which I gave to hubby for a bit, now he as a mech I have my mod back so thought it be the right time to give up smoking again. So I thought Id give a review on my ijoy lux mod for you all to read incase you're looking to give up smoking or know someone who is, sorry to anyone who might not like this type of review but hey we all have likes and dislikes. But please still feel free to share the blogpost.

Please note smoking and vaping is for over 18’s Only !!

First impressions
When my ijoy lux arrived in the post I was very impressed by the size of it was much bigger than I thought it would be also it is heavy in weight, was defo a step up from the vape pen i once had, and the kangertech hubby had started out on.

Vaping With The Ijoy Lux
Vaping with The Ijoy Lux is enjoyable as long as you have got a nice liquid you enjoy to vape, and fresh coils if you're using a rda and wicked up properly it is very enjoyable lots of flavour compared to the kangertech hubby had which I used few times before getting this one back. The ijoy lux is a great mod and so far hasn't let me or hubby down.

How To Charge The Ijoy Lux
The Ijoy lux came with 2 26650 batteries which have to be charged using a Battery charger which isn't supplied with the ijoy lux but you can buy them from reputable vape shops or on amazon, the batteries Take around 7 hours to charge which gives you about 1-2 days battery life on your mod depending on how much you vape and the wattage you vape on ie 50watts for me lasts about 3 days.
(Please note the usb port is not for charging your ijoy lux)

Firmware Updates
There is a usb port this is only for firmware updates and not for charging your device like some other mods. There is updates every so often for the ijoy lux you would have to check on the Ijoy website to check for updates, which is easy to do if you know how.
Updates usually take a few minutes if done properly if you get stuck you can always ask your local vape shop for help or advice most vape shops are happy to help.

Specifications / Information

Screen size
The screen is a 0.66”Oled perfect size for the mod not to big or too small.

Upgradable Firmware
The firmware is updateable via usb using the ijoy website.

Output Wattage
The output wattage is 5w-215w this is the wattage you can vape at as mentioned earlier if you're just starting out with vaping you will be on a lower wattage etc until you get use to it and move up to a higher wattage to suit your needs.

Output Voltage

Output Current

Temperature Range
300-600°F / 150-315

Buttons / Controls

Big Stainless steel Metal Button which is used for turning you ijoy on just 5 clicks.
You can hold the button down when the mod is on to fire up the mod, when you wish to turn the mod off again it is 5 clicks of that button to shut it down.

Two small buttons under the screen are for you're wattage control to turn up the wattage and to turn down the wattage depending on how high or low you want to vape at.

Device Resistance range
The device resistance range is from 0.06ohms -3.0ohms

If you should want to find out more about Ijoy lux,
Feel free to check out the Ijoy website.

Overall Verdict

Overall I am impressed with the ijoy lux mod not only does it look good it is a reliable mod which hasn't let me down as of yet. The mod is easy to use for a beginner like myself, the mod is a bit heavy in weight just like a paper weight. But this is not much of an issue for me but can take a bit of getting used to when carrying around with you whilst out and about. I love how easy it is to do firmware updates using the usb and love how you can get sleeves for it to change the way your mod looks which I might do at some point, I also love the little display screen as it i not too big.

I was abit disappointed you can't charge it via usb and have to buy a battery charger separate but I guess it is not really a big deal as such and in some ways is probably better as that is how we charge most batteries these days for things we own.

I love how can change the wattage from 5-215 as it means it a great mod for new vapers and more experienced vapers. But would say before using a mod like this to read up on safety of using it and so on because if you don't use it properly that's where accidents can happen so always read up on safety and if you're unsure ask an expert.

As you can see I am pleased with the ijoy lux not sure what else to say about it.
But if you have any questions queries feel free to ask, and me and my hubby will do our best to help answer your questions, I will do a vape safety blog post at a later date then link it below for you all to see.

Vape Safety

Thanks for reading