Saturday, 29 October 2016

Ijoy Limitless Lux Review

Hey guys and girls as promised, I am here with a review as some of you know I gave up smoking a while ago for 2 whole years, then started smoking again this year in may, Then i won a proper vape mod which I gave to hubby for a bit, now he as a mech I have my mod back so thought it be the right time to give up smoking again. So I thought Id give a review on my ijoy lux mod for you all to read incase you're looking to give up smoking or know someone who is, sorry to anyone who might not like this type of review but hey we all have likes and dislikes. But please still feel free to share the blogpost.

Please note smoking and vaping is for over 18’s Only !!

First impressions
When my ijoy lux arrived in the post I was very impressed by the size of it was much bigger than I thought it would be also it is heavy in weight, was defo a step up from the vape pen i once had, and the kangertech hubby had started out on.

Vaping With The Ijoy Lux
Vaping with The Ijoy Lux is enjoyable as long as you have got a nice liquid you enjoy to vape, and fresh coils if you're using a rda and wicked up properly it is very enjoyable lots of flavour compared to the kangertech hubby had which I used few times before getting this one back. The ijoy lux is a great mod and so far hasn't let me or hubby down.

How To Charge The Ijoy Lux
The Ijoy lux came with 2 26650 batteries which have to be charged using a Battery charger which isn't supplied with the ijoy lux but you can buy them from reputable vape shops or on amazon, the batteries Take around 7 hours to charge which gives you about 1-2 days battery life on your mod depending on how much you vape and the wattage you vape on ie 50watts for me lasts about 3 days.
(Please note the usb port is not for charging your ijoy lux)

Firmware Updates
There is a usb port this is only for firmware updates and not for charging your device like some other mods. There is updates every so often for the ijoy lux you would have to check on the Ijoy website to check for updates, which is easy to do if you know how.
Updates usually take a few minutes if done properly if you get stuck you can always ask your local vape shop for help or advice most vape shops are happy to help.

Specifications / Information

Screen size
The screen is a 0.66”Oled perfect size for the mod not to big or too small.

Upgradable Firmware
The firmware is updateable via usb using the ijoy website.

Output Wattage
The output wattage is 5w-215w this is the wattage you can vape at as mentioned earlier if you're just starting out with vaping you will be on a lower wattage etc until you get use to it and move up to a higher wattage to suit your needs.

Output Voltage

Output Current

Temperature Range
300-600°F / 150-315

Buttons / Controls

Big Stainless steel Metal Button which is used for turning you ijoy on just 5 clicks.
You can hold the button down when the mod is on to fire up the mod, when you wish to turn the mod off again it is 5 clicks of that button to shut it down.

Two small buttons under the screen are for you're wattage control to turn up the wattage and to turn down the wattage depending on how high or low you want to vape at.

Device Resistance range
The device resistance range is from 0.06ohms -3.0ohms

If you should want to find out more about Ijoy lux,
Feel free to check out the Ijoy website.

Overall Verdict

Overall I am impressed with the ijoy lux mod not only does it look good it is a reliable mod which hasn't let me down as of yet. The mod is easy to use for a beginner like myself, the mod is a bit heavy in weight just like a paper weight. But this is not much of an issue for me but can take a bit of getting used to when carrying around with you whilst out and about. I love how easy it is to do firmware updates using the usb and love how you can get sleeves for it to change the way your mod looks which I might do at some point, I also love the little display screen as it i not too big.

I was abit disappointed you can't charge it via usb and have to buy a battery charger separate but I guess it is not really a big deal as such and in some ways is probably better as that is how we charge most batteries these days for things we own.

I love how can change the wattage from 5-215 as it means it a great mod for new vapers and more experienced vapers. But would say before using a mod like this to read up on safety of using it and so on because if you don't use it properly that's where accidents can happen so always read up on safety and if you're unsure ask an expert.

As you can see I am pleased with the ijoy lux not sure what else to say about it.
But if you have any questions queries feel free to ask, and me and my hubby will do our best to help answer your questions, I will do a vape safety blog post at a later date then link it below for you all to see.

Vape Safety

Thanks for reading