Monday, 16 December 2013


hey girls and guys

hope your all well and all set for Christmas not long to go now. been bust over the last few weeks with my daughter and Xmas shopping housework. bit of update about me i turned 23 on sat :) starting to feel old already cant believe how quick time flys. 
i now have dark hair again as well as was taking to much time bleaching roots and was advised by my hairdresser to lay of bleach for bit :) anyway i hope you all are well and have a lovely Christmas where ever you live in the world.

Little question for you all .... is there any type of products you would like to see on my blog? products, nail polish, or maybe you would to know about cleaning products ? be great to hear from you all?

Catch  you all soon  xxx
Merry Christmas & a happy new year to all

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dyson hoover

Dyson dc41 animal hoover .

dyson website
I got the Dyson dc41 which is an animal hoover which means it is great for picking up pet hair that gets trapped into carpet,rugs,beds,chairs ect.
i would recommend the dyson dc41 to people with pets and without pets to get your carpets clean.

there is also an extendable attachment which is for celings and stairs meaning you don't have to carry the hoover up every step. 
the plug cable is also long which makes it easy to hoover even if the nearest socket is in the other room .
it is a bag less hoover which is easy to empty and meaning no more buying hoover bags. ( another good point about being a bag less if u hoover something up that you dint wanna hoover up u can located it easier )

 it is really powerful with great suction leaving your floors super clean.
the ball means you can go around corners easier n clean :)
when your hoovering from a carpet onto floor the hoover carry's on and doesn't get stuck as the plate adjusts itself leaving you to get on with hoovering :) 

Over all id say 9/10 stars :) only downside really is that it is a noisy hoover..
but other then that its the best hoover
ive ever owned.
.they even sell a dog grooming attachment for those of you who have doggys 

thank you for reading :)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

skn clinics


"Ever noticed when you shave your legs the night before your friends party,night out,date that the next morning you can already feel the stubble on your legs and how itchy it makes your legs?
sometimes you may stop shaving for a while so you wont get itchy till the point you look like a cave man or woman with bushy legs then you decide its time to wax/shave again and get the same problem of itchy legs/stubble"

"Well i have been doing my research into Laser hair removal a few of my friends have had hair removed with laser hair removal treatment, and the results are amazing one of my male friends gets his chest hair removed and he says how amazing the results are and how smooth his skin is and how much more confidence he has"

Here is the link to skn-clinics they specialize in Laser hair removal and other great treatments.

so you may be thinking how does the laser work ??

"Well laser hair removal is a safe virtually painless method of removing that unwanted hair may it be legs,chest,arms and so on, 
It works by focusing on a laser-beam at the base of your hair follicle halting hair growth so think how much money in the long run your save on shavers,creams, and so on"

"I highly recommend laser hair removal with the great results i have seen and how effective laser hair removal is
and how long it lasts, and how great your skin looks afterwards say good bye to unwanted hair.
just think when summer is here you can show of your legs with confidence"

so say good by to your unwanted hair ! and say hello to the new you.

Other services available:
dental: Tooth whitening,straightening,veneers,implants and more.....
treatments:Tattoo removal,anti-wrinkle injections,acne removal,excess skin removal
and many many more....

 For more information prices and other treatments available  check out sknclinics website

Thanks for reading.

"please feel free to let me know how it goes and if you are gonna change to laser hair removal i be happy to hear from you all and it be great to see how you get on if you decide laser hair removal is for you"

Sunday, 13 October 2013


R.A.R Fashion is a independent ready-to-wear/Sport wear fashion label based out of North London.       The label is manufactured and handmade in the UK which is really imported to the head designer Ryan Anton Reid.

Ryan Anton Reid is a self-taught fashion designer with 7 + Years Retail expenses under his belt from leaving school. He got his first designing job for Concreterose clothing as 2nd designer in 2008.      
He was there for a year, were he learned a lot and it gave him the push to start designing again an think about his own label.

In Late 2009 Ryan Anton Reid came out with his first collection ‘Futuristic Warrior’ Under his own label ‘R.A.R Fashion’. His first collection showcased just what kind of designer Ryan is with Simple cuts, draped garments, colorful patterns and outstanding quality. The Label was featured in Bronze magazine, Demur Magazine, Sky angel’s magazine and in numerous blog sites with his first collection.

At the start of 2011 R.A.R Fashion launched there label R.A.R Fashion Jewelery and came out with their first collection Family Chains Collection’, the collection was based on all the female members of the designers family. The collection sold out within a month of going on sale and opened a lot more doors for the label to move forward.

At the end of 2011 R.A.R Fashion launched a bespoke Service to the website and came out with their Second collection ‘Fashion is my Capital’ which was based around the traveling women visiting all the fashion capitals of the world

At the start of 2012 Ryan Anton Reid was appointed Head Designer of a music video by new girl Brand on the block RARA LOUD. This project was a dream for the designer and came out great and has got over 80,000 hits and lots of press from London to Asia. The label also appointed a head stylist to work with the brand called Dario Bentivegna, They have worked together on many projects over the years

In late 2012 R.A.R Fashion came out with a limited edition Capsule Collection Under their bespoke service ‘R.A.R Fashion One.Off.They also launched their 2nd Jewelery Collection ‘Made from within’

At the end of 2012 Ryan Anton Reid decided he was going to re-brand the label and will be Re-launching the label in Summer 13.

This Collection is a Mini Collection in line with the label Re-Brandinh. The inspiration for the re-brand collection is to showcase where the label is going and how far we have come. It is a mini collection that features all the Key items we love to design and think a any women could have in their wardrobe.

R.A.R Fashion Twitter:!/rarfashion

Kasia Fortuna Hair
Jasmine Mathieson Make-up Mariwka Model
Caron Westbrook Photographer

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lauren's way glam tan

Laurens way glam tan 

If your familiar with The TV reality show The only way is Essex (Towie)
your know how glam the girls look and how tanned they are.

if your not familiar with it here is a short clip from their show.

I Received Lauren's way tan teezer kit to review as i was tan virgin i was a bit nervous.
But been the daring person i went for it and was very pleased with the results.


  1. Darker then dark tan lotion 
  2. glam tan (comes in spray bottle )
  3. Tanning mitt 
  4. a body polish
  5. tan enhancing moisturizer 
  6. little clear zip up bag/case to keep your products in

When you look at the colour of the contents of the tan do not worry,it only appears darker because that's the guild colour to help you see where you have applied it.
Wait about 15 mins till its all dried before getting dressed and don't get the tan wet for at least 4-8 hours so the tan don't run or fade.
i would say "leave it over night then jump into a cool bath or shower the next day you will notice the water will have tan colour yet again do not worry this is the guild colour washing off so when you get out the bath the lovely actual tan colour will be visible"
when in the bath do not scrub skin hard or use harsh soaps as this can fade the tan !!

Heres what i think of the tan.

Amazing perfect for first time users of tan and the colour is just perfect.
also i didn't wake up with tanned bed-sheets which is also another good point about this product.
Easy to use as the guild colour helps you see where you have applied it.
i would recommend this to anyone who is looking to find the best fake tan lotion around because this is sure as made me feel more confident in using fake tans.
my skin now is also feeling lovely and soft after using this product.

So we all can see my natreal colour of skin in this picture.
I do like my natural skin tone but thought i need a bit of colour
as the winter months are drawing in so would like a bit of a glow to give my self a healthy glow.
Few hours after application quite brown 
because the guild colour is still present 
which you will need to wash off by 
having a cool shower/bath
Without using harsh soap
After the guild colour wash washed off
still a very nice golden brown.
it looks a bit darker to the eye
just the camera on phone and the flash
makes it look a bit lighter

:)Very pleased with my results :)

Where can you buy Lauren's way products?
 you can buy the tanning kits and other products such as hair rollers,
lashes,extensions. from laurens way links below. :)

Here is the link to laurens way


Lauren Goodger
 (lauren's way )

Thanks for reading this review sorry its been a while since my last review.
All your support means alot to me if you havent already please click follow -> located on the right ->
look forward to your comments.

Be great to hear from you if you have tried lauren's way products.

Catch you all soon
Caroline xxx

find out more about laurens way below

Saturday, 10 August 2013


Hey Guys And Girls

i will be back very soon hopefully with some more interesting product reviews.
i am currently waiting on more products :) so please bare with me.
also my laptop is broken so having to use someones computer at the minute.

 i hope you are all well and enjoying the summer holidays, know some of you work as-well so hope your boss's are not over working you all :)

anyway i be back very soon when i find some more products that i think deserve a spot on my blog.
if you aint a follower yet please click follow it should be located on the right -->
also please could you get your friends to follow to more the merrier its nice sharing with you all what i think about the products and what i find good about them, and if i find anything i dont like about them to give you an idea on what they are like before you go out and buy them if its a product you have been thinking about trying.

Anyway i wont keep you all from your day/evening i will be back very soon.

Lots of love

Caroline xxx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Melvita skin,face,hair oil

Melvita Oil Is an oil you can use on your skin and hair it contains natural ingredients that will leave your hair n skin feeling soft and healthy.
i won this in a competition and was very happy because it is a fantastic oil and because i suffer with dry skin and dry hair because i bleach my hair alot this oil really does help keep it soft and smooth.

I sprayed this in my hair that is dry n frizzy  from root to tip putting most of it on ends where its most dry  i then brushed it through, then i put my straighteners through my hair and was shocked my hair was straightening alot better and quick and only took 10 mins to do when it normally takes me 30 mins to do 60  for perfect hair.

but using this oil and using my straighteners made me hair straighten alot quicker 10 mins that is record time.
it is great to know there is oils out there that can work for us all.
there are many argon oils on market retailing from £1 upwards but none of them have worked has great as this one, because this contains other oils that are needed and are healthy.

The only down side to this product it is £27.50 a pop which means if you Have Not got alot of money it can seem expensive. but i can reassure you this is money worth spending because you only need a little bit of oil each time you use it. it can last you a while if your using it in moderation.

The good side to this product is you can finally tame dry frizzy hair, and sort out dry skin.
It contains natural oils that will help our skin n hair because weather can affect our skin n hair nails ect this is a must have product to keep us feeling fresh and healthy without having to panic and get stressed over dry skin n hair.

Check out their website for more information on this product and other products ect.'or-bio--melvita's-organic-extraordinary-oil,8,1,4949,56159.htm
 you can buy the product via there website aswell and also find their other links to their facebook,twitter,youtube.

You can find the company on


Thanks for reading


Cola Rebell Maxx Chilli

Cola Rebell

Yes i know another caffeine product on my blog :)
But as you all know i cant live without it.
Hope you enjoy reading

I was the 400th follower in twitter and won a bottle of cola rebell maxx chilli.
A high caffeinated cola with hint of chilli it tasted refreshing and great reminded me of ginger bear the taste it refreshing and perfect for drinking with BBQ food.
Strongest cola in the world with its high caffeine content perfect as i said before if u love caffeine like i do. 
I must say it leaves a warm feeling at back of throat like whisky does this is a good and bad point it depends on if you like that feeling or not.

I was ill Before hand but gave this drink a try and i must say it made me feel better one the caffeine helped me because i was feeling tired but after this drink i felt much better and it helped my sore throat i had so in many ways the drink helped me feel better.

so the disadvantage to this drink is if you don't like that warm feeling in throat and don't drink caffeine your missing out big time on this drink is great.

What does it taste like?
Its a great sweet but yet satisfying cola taste with a hint of chilli it doesn't taste much like chili its more like a ginger bear but cola flavor. it is refreshing and oh so good so good its hard to describe the taste.

Where can you buy cola rebell ?

do they do different kinds of cola?
if you check their website you will be able to see or you could contact them maybe request a flavor and see what they say.

how can i contact Cola rebell?

through their website

Can i drink this if im sensitive to caffeine or pregnant?

No the caffiene content is high and not recommended for pregnant woman, or persons sensitive to caffeine.

Thank you for reading


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bblonde Jerome Russell hair bleach

Bblonde Jerome Russell Hair bleach

After been blonde again since the start of jan 2013,
its been hard keeping up with my roots its very time consuming and costs money if you was to go to a salon you could be spending quite lots of money just to get blonde or to stay blonde,

I am no expert in hair colouring but always find with blonde you always end up strawberry blonde or orange at first. especially if your going blonde for the first time.

Anyway i was contacting company's about products to review and had a reply from Bblonde (Jerome Russell company)
asking if i would like to review a product for them and because i love doing reviews and i had blonde hair i thought why not i can do this.
Box contains 4 sachets of bleach
instructions &gloves
Then the peroxide was separate.
I used one sachet of bleach and one bottle of peroxide Here is the result ....

Before doing my roots ........ has you can see my roots are quite dark

After doing my roots .... as you can see its  gingery / strawberry blonde

you maybe thinking OMG ! 

but as i explained above getting the orange tones is pretty normal with box dyes especially if your hair is quite dark such as black or dark brown, also it depends on how long you leave it on and the amount of bleach you apply to one area. 

so i would suggest getting some expert advice before bleaching your hair and getting someone to help you.

i always end up missing spots with long hair and the bleach going sticky when applied its hard to see what your doing so maybe ask a friend or a family member to help. :)

i loved the bleach it was not to bad the smell wasn't to strong like most bleaches.

i didn't like getting orange tones even though that was expected. 
you will get this with most hair bleach but i also didnt like how sticky n dry hair is when bleach is on because it makes it hard moving hair to get to the other roots.
i did like the fact it was easy to use one sachet of bleach to one bottle of peroxide/hair developer.
i liked the straight forward developing times depending on your hair color how long to leave it on.

So whats my over all verdict

i would recommend this to anyone who is going blonde for first time or needs roots touching up

but would highly suggest Getting expert advice first, and also having someone to help to apply the product and keep track of time it is on your hair because if you leave it onto long your hair can fall out!
But if you stick to the time and get advice from an expert first to make sure your hair is in ok condition to use it then your be fine :)

 Find Bblonde 




Where can you buy this product?

All good retailers will  sell this such as chemists ,beauty stores,supermarkets.

Please note the developer is sold separate

Thanks For Reading

Caroline :)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cupcakes ( The Cake Office )

The Cake Office

The cake office is an amazing company, The Company owner Robert who made my cupcakes is very talented The cakes was made to perfection. I won the two cupcakes via thecakeoffice Facebook page 
which was was hand delivered the very next day by the man himself
 who is a British sign language user due to being deaf and this doesn't stop him from succeeding in his cake business.
(Please note to Contact Robert you will need to message him on Facebook or via text message)
Here is my Verdict on the CupCakes

Here is a picture of the cupcakes sorry about the quality
and angle was taken on my phone.
the pink one is the strawberry and champagne
and the white one is the chocolate

Strawberry and champagne 

A sweet tasting cupcake perfect for those of you who have a sweet tooth me being one of them :)
the tasty soft moist sponge top with refreshing taste of strawberry icing and a fresh strawberry.
the cupcake was made to perfection & with care.
I really enjoyed this cake and would quite happily buy some from The cake office Because they tasted delightful i would recommend these if your having a summer tea party or birthday or wedding,
or even if you just fancy a sweet treat.


Another sweet tasting cupcake both flavors was amazing but this one was my favorite by far.
soft moist chocolate sponge topped with white chocolate icing from the very first bite i was in heaven.
With being a chocolate lover id recommend this cake when ever you crave chocolate.
also made with extra care and to perfection and a edible flower on top this was a very extra special cupcake.
i cant get over how amazing the taste was i has defiantly left me wanting more cupcakes.
another great cupcake for weddings,tea party's,birthdays or just a tasty treat for yourself.

I cant fault the cakes in any possible way they was just perfect !!

To see more of the cakes the Cake office bake see link below

To contact robert 
Text: 0785 0859215

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tattoo Ecig Starter kit from smokefreeonline

Tattoo Ecig Starter kit

"so i have finally decided it is time for me to give up smoking, and this time succeed.with being a young mum i find it hard to keep up with her i am always out of breath"
So i was entering my competitions as normal and came across a competition to win a Ecig so decided to enter it. few days later i was checking my emails and had an email saying i was the lucky winner 

I won the tattoo Ecig Starter kit from smoke free online's Facebook page.
They shipped it out on the Monday and i received it on the Wednesday.
considering that it came from the U.S i was really impressed with how quick it arrived.
as i live in the United kingdom i found this very quick and was great for me soon as it arrived it was open and ready to use.(shipping times may vary depending on your location)

please note you still have to be the same age to use the Ecig as you would normally cigarettes.                                                                                                                                                                    

The starter kit i have contains the following
  •  1 Ecig/battery with cartomizer 
  •  1 USB charger
  •  1 wall adapter 
  •  5 extra Cartomizers 
  •  6 temporary tattoos

I really like my Ecig not only from day 1 have i cut down from 20 plus cigarettes  to about 5 or so cigarettes but now can still be satisfied and keeping the cravings at bay anywhere even indoors. because it doesn't  contain the harmful   ingredients that are in proper cigarettes i am really impressed i have tried other forms of nicotine replacement before such has patches tablets gum from other retailers but none have worked as good as this Ecig  here is a few points to why i like the Ecig.
  • Rechargeable so very friendly for the planet keeping our streets tidy 
  • Life time warranty on the battery and the charger 
  • No toxic ingredients or smoke just nicotine and vapor
  • Safe and legal to use indoors 
  • Easy to use
  • The refills come in different flavors
  • The refills last a long time (this depends on how long your puffing on it )
 So you must be thinking  how does the Ecig work??
 why not check the website and see for your self.
 I was amazed how clever it is i would explain it but i am not that good at explaining things.

you can get your Ecig from
you can find them on facebook
also follow them on twitter

I recommend this Ecig and the company as-well i think its great  how Fast they shipped it to me.
and also how the offer a free life time warranty to replace the battery or charger if it ever needed replacing.

Thank you for reading.

If you decide to ever try the Ecig this one or another style of Ecig to cut down smoking to eventually give up smoking, i would really love to hear your process and how your finding it.
remember you could be smoke free quicker then you think i will be happy to hear from you drop me an email and i be happy to give you some support to help you if you need it.

Saturday, 8 June 2013


I Went shopping in sainsbury's supermarket looking for something to take home for dinner,
i come across this soup in a little pot on the shelve they had a vegetable flavor a cream of chicken flavor, 
but the one that really tempted me into buying was the grilled pepper and tomato, 

i am not really a soup person i do not really like soup, BUT this one was very tasty it has great flavor and great taste after eating one it made me wanna be back in Salisbury buying more.

  • suitable for vegetarians
  • great value for money
  • healthy
  • tasty
  • quick and easy
  • low in calories 
this is perfect as a snack or even has lunch, containing 164 calories per pot i would suggest this is perfect for those on a diet who are yet to find a tasty soup to help them achieve their goals,

great for a tasty snack or starter although this soup was quite filling for me even though it is small.

it takes 2 mins to warm in microwave which is also another good point, a quick snack in times of hunger when you do not want to wait a long time to satisfy your needs.

suitable for vegetarians which is good if you have friends over and not sure what they eat, you can always add some cooked meat if you wanted to as well.

Allergy advice though : Contains milk ( suggest make sure no-one has a milk allergy before serving)

thank you for reading.... Caroline

if your a fan of soup or someone who do not like soup i suggest you try this one has it is so tasty
i cant stop thinking about this soup i could eat these every day. please try them and let me know what you think be great to hear from others. xxx

Friday, 31 May 2013


Le volume DE Chanel

When received this mascara i was so excited to try i do tend to buy loads of mascaras,This has to be the best one i Have used so eyes are big anyway but after using this my eyes looked bigger and made my eyes stand out my friends  noticed how my eyes looked wider and how long my lashes looked.

i applied it and straight away noticed how long and full my lashes looked and also how nicely the product applied, even with one coat of this mascara i could notice how  my lashes looked longer fuller and felt amazing,
you can apply a few coats of it if you want to create a more dramatic look.

  • great value for money
  • instant volume 
  • intense curves
  • quick drying which is great if you want to build up the lashes
  • easy to use
  • plumper lashes with the first use

As you can see in my picture my lashes look more defined
longer fuller lashes in a matter of seconds/minutes
i used 1-2 coats of mascara to create my lash's

i would recommend this product to anyone seeking 
to have fuller lashes without the expense of getting eyelash extensions.

thank you for reading xxxx

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Apple Ipod Nano touch

Apple Ipod  Nano touch 8Gb

I love this Ipod i received mine from Apple after they recalled the old apple ipod nano's.
Has a replacement they sent me this shiny new ipod. i was very pleased i do enjoy music,
without fail i listen to music everyday when i am on the computer writing my emails,or updating my blog i am listening to my music it helps me think :)

its small but sleek it has a touch screen, it has a clip on the back so if you don't have pockets you can easily attach it to your belt shirt or where ever you may wish to clip it,
It Has many great features such has.

  • Fm radio ( you can rewind pause live radio,FM tuner shows the artist,song your listening to)
  •  pedometer (ideal exercise partner. It keeps track of your steps and helps you meet your fitness goals.You can create a daily step goal and check your progress when you upload all your data to the Nike+ website.
  • touch screen ( Multi-Touch--the same technology that makes iPhone, iPad)
  • shake it up (Give iPod nano a shake and it shuffles to a different song )
  •  built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (gives you up to 24 hours of non-stop music)

you can download many tracks from itunes to your ipod.

to do this you will need the following

once you have downloaded itunes

load itunes on your computer or laptop
plug in your ipod
you can drag music over from a cd
and you can download tracks or albums via itunes

Thank you for reading

Friday, 10 May 2013

Indesit CA55

After moving out of my parents home and into my own flat,
i had to start from scratch i was sitting in my empty flat and a broken fridge that i was given and thinking oh no what have i let my self in for,
looking at the cost of the things i needed i decided to do some research into company's and prices.

Appliances online (
and straight away felt relived they had a good choice of products,
the fridge freezer i liked was cheaper at another store online, but i still wanted to order from appliances online.

i was happy to read on their website that they will match the price from any other retailer,i picked up the phone and ordered it.
the customer service team was lovely and very nice.

when the delivery day came i was amazed not only did they install my fridge, they took the packaging away for me, i was impressed at the size off the fridge-freezer.

below i listed some points

  • A Rated energy
  • adjustable glass shelves inside the fridge (to ensure you can fit you food in)
  • pperfect for a small/medium size family
  • guideline times inside the freezer door to guild you on how long you can freeze certain foods for such as bread meat,ice cream ..
i did do a video review when i moved in but i was ever so nervous,
so i thought i do a blogg review insted :)