Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Melvita skin,face,hair oil

Melvita Oil Is an oil you can use on your skin and hair it contains natural ingredients that will leave your hair n skin feeling soft and healthy.
i won this in a competition and was very happy because it is a fantastic oil and because i suffer with dry skin and dry hair because i bleach my hair alot this oil really does help keep it soft and smooth.

I sprayed this in my hair that is dry n frizzy  from root to tip putting most of it on ends where its most dry  i then brushed it through, then i put my straighteners through my hair and was shocked my hair was straightening alot better and quick and only took 10 mins to do when it normally takes me 30 mins to do 60  for perfect hair.

but using this oil and using my straighteners made me hair straighten alot quicker 10 mins that is record time.
it is great to know there is oils out there that can work for us all.
there are many argon oils on market retailing from £1 upwards but none of them have worked has great as this one, because this contains other oils that are needed and are healthy.

The only down side to this product it is £27.50 a pop which means if you Have Not got alot of money it can seem expensive. but i can reassure you this is money worth spending because you only need a little bit of oil each time you use it. it can last you a while if your using it in moderation.

The good side to this product is you can finally tame dry frizzy hair, and sort out dry skin.
It contains natural oils that will help our skin n hair because weather can affect our skin n hair nails ect this is a must have product to keep us feeling fresh and healthy without having to panic and get stressed over dry skin n hair.

Check out their website for more information on this product and other products ect.
 you can buy the product via there website aswell and also find their other links to their facebook,twitter,youtube.

You can find the company on

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/MelvitaUK
Twitter      https://twitter.com/melvitauk

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