Tuesday, 1 December 2015

ECOEGG Hard Surface Cleaner

hey guys and girls I am back again with a review,as some of you will remember
I once did a review on ecoegg laundry egg the one which is great for washing your clothes
which lasts for ages and is good for your skin.

Well anyway eco egg have contacted me asking me if I can try a product for them,
I said yes of course with this blog (when I have time to of course) being one of my escapes from anxiety and painful knees,day to day stresses and what not.

Anyway less  of my babbling and on with the review hope you enjoy let me know if you have any questions at the end I be happy to help answer Best I can.

Company Info
Eco egg are a company who aim to make as many products we use on a day to day basis but much more gentle for our skin, health and our pocket meaning they put us first.

One of their first products was the ecoegg laundry egg which I reviewed for you before,
since launching the egg and getting amazing feedback from everyone who brought it,
they decided to expand out and make more products that are great too.

Products to help us be good to the environment and good to ourselves not using harsh chemicals meaning our skin is not absorbing bad chemicals meaning we are not getting irritated skin and eczema isn't flaring up if we have it.

Product info

(Taken from eco egg website)

Cleans, polishes & protects
Exceptional cleaning results
Cuts through grime with ease
100% natural

This eco-friendly, powerful cleaner is perfect for use all around your home. It’s made from a special type of naturally occurring clay which was discovered in 1948 and is only found in one small village in France. 100% natural, and with a subtle citrus burst fragrance, it gives truly great cleaning results, powering through even the toughest of grime.

Easy to use
Just wet the sponge and wipe over the paste then use a circular motion to clean almost any hard surface and watch as it powers through dirt effortlessly.
Eco-friendly, skin friendly
No phosphates, no detergents and no chemicals.
Cleans, polishes and protects

It’s not just long-lasting cleaning – it polishes and protects your surfaces too – whilst you clean.  So your surfaces stay cleaner for longer.  It’s great for use on almost all hard surfaces such as stainless steel, ovens, tiles, windows, mirrors, shower screens, pots and pans and so much more…

Tip: It’s a fantastic jewellery cleaner too!
To download the instructions for our Hard Surface Cleaner, click on the link below:


Thoughts about the product before it arrived.

well being ocd and loving bleaching door handles, floors and cleaning the worktops over 30 times a day I do love to clean and it is my escape from depression and over thinking.
anyway my first thoughts about the product was omg its not gonna be as good as my products I own ie beach and touch grease cleaners, I guess i was a bit skeptic cos it is a natural cleaner I get paranoid about germs at the best of times.

First impressions when it arrived.

just like chloe's expression here i was still abit skeptical.

Wow this looks great, great size product and feels heavy for a product of its size.
I was still a bit skeptic about how this product could clean as well as other products I own.
I opened it had a whiff not to bad smell smells a bit citrusy and another smell I can't place my finger on so not a bad smell at all nothing too strong like what I own, so again still a bit worried to how this was gonna clean anything as well as bleach.

First impression on first time using it.

just like chloe's expression here i was overjoyed.

Wow I wish i had of got a photo I had this weird sticker residue stuck to my window
which bleach washing up liquid etc couldn't get rid of so we left it there on the window.
So anyway we placed a little bit of the eco egg hard surface cleaner on the dampened sponge and wiped over in a circular motion and off came the sticker residue I couldn't believe my eyes at all hubby was in shock and was like how? wow this is good stuff.

Overall Verdict
photo courtesy of think milk design

Well From the first time using it it had me and hubby in disbelief to how it could get rid of stubborn sticker residue on the window when more powerful cleaners couldn't.
I love the scent of the product which is not lethal like 95% of the products on the market.

I Also love the fact that you only need a small amount which gets rid of stubborn dirt,
meaning the product lasts longer than most products we all own meaning it is not only good for your health with being a natural cleaner it is good for your pocket too saving you money not only because it lasts ages but because it works too.

I am not sure what else to say other then I am still in shock to how it works,
really well compared to strong more expressive products I own.
the eco egg hard surface cleaner is £9.99 to buy from eco egg.

( hard surface cleaner was once on qvc and sold out on the first couple of airings)

Before you go ahead and buy don't tell anyone I told you.
There will be a offer on on the 5th of december,  stay tuned on eco egg site to find out more about the huge deal on all the products on their site they have coming up.
I wouldn't want you to miss out on it.

Thanks for reading