Sunday, 30 July 2017

Freds Box Subscription Box

Hi girls and guys i am back with a review on a subscription box for kids.
My daughter was lucky enough to be send a freds box for her youtube channel.
So she did her first video of an unboxing of the box which will be uploaded at a later date,
so i thought i would do a longer review on here for the adults to read and find out more.

What is fred's box?
Freds box is a monthly subscription box for All children aged 3-12 years.
Although a lot of adults also subscribe to it too because the contents are cool.
They are pretty much boxes everyone can in enjoy especially if you collect mini figures etc.

What boxes are there?

Mystery box

A mystery box full of lovely things, mixture of things you're children will love.
From collectable cards to fidget spinners, or collectable figures and more mystery box will contain a bundle of things you're child will enjoy including a lovely book to read,

Ooshie box

Ooshie box contains Ooshies, this box is great for those who collect Ooshies.
Ooshies are Squishy mini figures, which also double up as pencil toppers.

Twin box

You do not have to have twins to buy this box, you can buy it if you have two kids you want to buy boxes for, which means you save a little money so they both can get a box each,
which works out cheaper than buying 2 separate boxes, cool huh.

What kind of things are in the mystery box?

Mystery boxes are a mystery but you can expect to find things like collectable cards, Ooshies, pencils, books and other cool little things that you will find really awesome.
it is really a mystery which makes opening fred's box that extra bit exciting.  
(Some boxes have included a fidget spinner before)

My thoughts on fred's box

I think the idea is really cool, it is nice for children to have something to look forward to. which means when freds box arrives at your door your children can open their boxes and play with the cool things inside whilst you get on with what you need to do.

Chloes thoughts

I really liked my box it was very cool I was really excited to open it.
I did my first box opening video on youtube with my box, which was also fun.
I loved the cool things inside and would love to get more boxes.

Come find out what was inside chloe's box.
Link to unboxing of Fred's Box
(coming soon) !!!

Overall Review

I really love the idea of kids subscription boxes, it gives them something to look forward to.
A box containing cool things just for them which come in the post very exciting.
I love the fact you can request what sort of contents ie unsex, girl or boy.
This works well because it means you're child will have a box of things to suit them.

I think it is reasonable value too because some of the collectible items.
Collectable figures and Cards can be worth more if they are rare.
Figures someone needs to complete their collection can also be worth more.
Which also could be a great investment for children if they collect a whole collection of something so when they're older they could be worth a lot of money.

I would recommend this box to parents who have a little money spare each month to be able to get this wonderful subscription box for their kids to enjoy each month.
So overall myself my hubby and daughter are very impressed with fred's box.

Freds Box Social

Photos Of Some Freds Box's
(photos from fred's box website)

Thanks for reading
Caroline and chloe

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