Monday, 31 March 2014

Upbeat protein drink


                      Upbeat (the good whey)

I was in tescos recently and found these protein drinks on special offer for £1 which is good seeing as they are normally about £1.79 per 250ml so brought 2 of the strawberry n two of the mango.

now i have the drinks i can review for you all i hope you like the review please let me know if you have tried upbeat before or if your gonna buy always love your feedback hearing your views.
anyway enough of me rambling here's my review.

Upbeat strawberry flavour 

great in flavour taste abit like strawberry yogurt it has a much better taste then most other protein drinks on the has high protein and low fat. a delicious healthy drink which works best with a balanced has a good source of calcium aswell and we all know calcium helps keep your bones strong.

I really like the flavour not to bland and not to sweet its just right i would recommend this drink too those who have a balanced diet and for those who aint getting enough protein
< also they are suitable for vegetarians > < 145 calories per 250ml bottle >
i will definitely be buying more of these they are tasty healthy and very handy to grab and enjoy.

                                   Upbeat mango & passion flavour  

i wasnt to keen on this flavour as it seems a bit to bitter for me but it does have more flavour and is much more tastier then other protein drinks on the market then the strawberry one.
but the strawberry one was more to my liking as it tasted better in my opinion.

149 calories per bottle for mango n passion flavour. as stated above its a healthy drink with a great source of calcium low in fat and high in protein.

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Simply great pomegreat

"hey girls and guys todays i am doing a review on simply great"

                           what the company has to say !


blend great drinks in taste, quality and 100% natural sweetness…Guaranteed
Serving Great Tasting Healthy Drinks with Natural Sweetness for our Consumers
Creating Delicious Quality Drinks from Super-Fruits for our Customers’ consumers
To Serve Simply Great Drinks In Taste, Quality & Health
Selecting the world’s finest varieties of our chosen Super Fruits, we uniquely
Passion with Integrity
Innovation with Excellence

"What i have to say about the product and my views on the drink i tasted"

"well i poured myself and my boyfriend a glass as we fancied something sweet and healthy to drink.
and straight away noticed it was quite nice in flavour but very unusual probably because we are not used to drinking pomegranate"

"It was sweet but the sharp bitter taste overpowered it a bit for me,
even my bf thought the same for once we agreed on something.
But i guess everyone has different tastes and our tastes buds
react differently depending on the foods we like.
So im not gonna so oh it was delicious and i am not gonna say it was dreadful, because it was nice but just like i mention above it was a bit sharp/bitter for my liking, in other words not my cup of tea"
oh and it left my palate very dry


"It is a very healthy drink and has very good nutritional values.
So if you're not to keen on the flavour maybe its something that would take getting used to"
per 100ml there is 53 calories 

i wouldn't buy this product again
purely because it wasn't to my taste.
i cant say i would or wouldnt recommend because it wasnt to my liking and everyones taste buds are diffrent. 

Thats all for now thanking you for reading.
i would love to know what you thought of this product.
if you have tried it? if you would buy it?

caroline xx