About Me.

"welcome to my blog"

That contains reviews,rants,competitions and many other posts.

" I hope you enjoy the content. if there is any reviews that you think may be useful to you and other people you know that i have not wrote yet please feel free to contact me and ill see what i can do"

Hello my name is Caroline.
I am from south east london united kingdom,
 I am a enthusiastic polite person who 
sometimes can have a witty or weird humour.

Likes: beauty,fashion,tech everything really
Hates: gosh such a strong word, 
Dislikes: bullies,people who others down

I started to write reviews on products I like and would recommend then expanded out into adding other posts.

 I feel that it is nice for others to hear about products
To get an idea if me or other people like them to help them find out about the product or brand and what i think.

I do feel you should look into products before leaping and buying!!

"blog reviews are perfect as i mentioned above seeing a person just like your self and their review on the product helps you get a better picture of what you maybe buying"

if you wanna know anything else about me feel free to ask.
Maybe i could do a post on this or change this post with your questions? and i answer them so you can find out more about me?

you can contact me by using the contact me form in the sidebar and you can follow my blog in the sidebar by one of the follow options.
 all your support means alot to me and hopefully some day when i have a good amount of followers i be able to hold competitions for you all to say thank you.

Thats all for now i look forward to hearing from you all soon.

xx caroline xx