Thursday, 24 July 2014

sweet cecily's lip balms

                                   Today I will be reviewing 3 lip balms from Sweet Cecily's.

We all know how lip balms are perfect for keeping our lips soft lets just face it no-one likes having dry cracked lips, these lip balms are lovely and help keep lips soft i have 3 of the flavour lip balms.

Pina colada,mojito,which are two of sweet cecily's best sellers,I also have one of these new flavours that is gonna launch soon which is my favorite out of them all this flavour is espresso martini.
you can find out more about the other flavours/fragrances sweet cecily's sell here 

Heres what I thought of the lip balms from sweet cecilys.

Very nice lip balms i love the fragrance of them, my favorite one is the one soon to be launched which is the espresso martini, but mojito one is also very nice, i wasn't to keen on the pina colada as the smell wasn't strong enough for my liking.
I think the price is very affordable at just 2.95 it won't break the bank also the lip balms come in very lovely packaging so they look pretty wherever you store them, shelve,dressing table,bag etc.

The balms are easy to apply although i find holding the container and rubbing on lips applies better as i found when using my finger to apply the lipgloss soaked into my skin to quick so not much went on lips so would suggest holding the container and rubbing on lips that way your lips will get a nice coating of it.

All About The Fragrance 

Mojito I loved the smell of this one very fresh and kinda minty defo the smell you want on your lips when on a date or maybe at a meeting.I love this one it reminds me of the morning when you brush your teeth and smell minty fresh and ready for the day ahead.

Espresso martini I really did love this one it was my favorite of them all as it smells like espresso as a massive coffee drinker I adore this fragrance although does make me crave more coffee/espresso when I smell it, its divine every coffee lover's
dream come true.

Pinacolada well first of all I didn't think the smell was strong enough didn't remind me much of pinacolada at all but did have a slight fragrance to it, the lip balm was nice on the lips and very gentle. I got my hubby to smell it and he said he could smell the pineapple, but I couldn't smell it as much maybe he as better sense of smell than

Overall verdict

I really love the fragrances of cecily lip balms i would recommend them the price is affordable.
I am not keen on the pina colada as the smell wasn't strong enough for my liking but would suggest buying the flavours you like the sound of. the packaging is very nice and looks great.
One of the things i want to please with was when applying it with finger didn't feel like my lips was getting much balm on them so i found applying straight to your lips from the pot worked better for me, so if you do buy these give that tip a little try and let me know if it work better.
My lips did stay soft for long time But wasn't glossy or wet so for those of you who like wet gloss that stays wet for longer this one doesn't do that.

lips feel soft for long time
pretty packaging
nice fragrances.

Pina Colada fragrance wasn't strong enough for my liking.
when applying it with finger finger soaks it up before u can put it on lips.
(way to solve this is hold the pot n rub it on lips that way)

Questions and answers.

Where can i buy these lip balms?
You can buy them from the sweet cecily's website.

How much are they to buy?
They are around £2.95.

What other flavours do they do?
earl grey,chocolate and more.

What else do cecily's sell?
Hand cream,face mask and more check out the Sweet cecily shop

How can i contact with sweet cecily's?
Twitter  facebook website
Thank you for reading my review on Lip Balms from Sweet Cecily's.

Caroline xx

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Little Big Printing

Hey everyone today i am reviewing little big printing and their services.
I hope you enjoy reading please feel free to comment below with questions you may have.
Also make sure you check out little big printing and if you order from them
if you could mention my name so they know how you found them that would be fantastic.

first of all I will write about the company.
Little big printing are a reliable reputable printing company that print your photos onto canvas.
Canvas prints are lovely and always add that extra special touch to any home.
Canvas prints are also a lovely gift for friends or family may it be a photo of a pet,child,landscape
little big printing can put it onto a high quality canvas for you at a low price.

Little big printing also print flyer's, banners and business cards.
flyer's and banners are great for those of you who want to promote your companies,or events.
business cards are another must have thing for those who run a business as handing your business card to a fellow person can increase your clientele.
Little big printing print all of these things at a high quality but at a affordable price.
meaning you still get the best but don't have to pay out a lot of money.

Little Big Printing is a great and very friendly from the moment they got my photos they was already getting onto the job of putting my photos onto canvas.
Little big printing put all their efforts into making sure the customer is happy with their purchases.
They made sure i was happy with my canvases and that everything was OK i like this with companies purely because its great when companies put their customers first.
(they sure know how to please a customer)

So here's the part where i review the canvas, and phone case.

The first canvas is made from kiln dried pine ( £5 more)
This is one of my fave photos of my daughter as she was pointing at her daddy telling him he was fired ha ha.
The canvas is perfect and great quality and very sturdy this is far better than the Eco range in my eyes because its a little bit more sturdier, so it is definitely worth paying the extra £5 as the quality of the frame is a lot better.

The second canvas is made from MDF (Eco range)
This one i choose of my daughter is when she was younger.
This one is the Eco range still great quality but not as sturdy as the first canvas but the size is amazing for the price and the quality is fair. 

There are other sizes available.
To find out more about little big printing canvas sizes and prices etc please check little big printings website

Personalised Phone Case

I love the phone case the photo quality is great i choose the photo that was taken of me and my best friend in 2013.
The case fits my phone perfectly (samsung galaxy s3),little big printing also do personalised cases for other phones and tablets ie iphone,ipad etc You can find little big printing photo phone and tablet cases prices here


I am extremely pleased with the service i received from little big printing.
I would recommend them they got the order right and shipped quickly, 
The canvas was well packaged to ensure they arrived safely and in one piece.
little big printing also kept me updated on the process of my order to let me know when it was shipped and gave a tracking number so i could track my parcel whilst it was on its way to me via the couriers.

The staff was very polite when communicating with them regarding my order.

I am very pleased with my personalised phone case, and extremely happy with my canvases The dried pine framed canvas is my favourite canvas out of the two as it is far better frame quality than the Eco canvas frame which is made out of MDF but yeah they are both very great for the price. I cant wait to use this company again for Xmas pressies etc as the personalised prints really do make lovely gifts for your loved ones.

A few questions and answers!

Would i recommend this company?
Yes i would they are reliable and shipped quickly.

What else to little printing do?
canvas prints and other amazing services ie t shirt printing,personalised mugs,key rings, business cards.flyer's,banners etc.

How can i contact little big printing?
you can contact little big printing via Facebook and also via the website,Twitter.

How much are the canvas to buy?
Canvas prints start from £8 upwards.
Thank you for reading my review on Little Big Printing and their services.
Caroline xx

Friday, 18 July 2014


picture source: botanicals website


Today i am going to review a luxury revitalizing balm from Botanicals.summer is here and we all know how the weather can have a major impact on our skin leaving it dry cracked so i am reviewing this product for you all so you can get an insight to the product and a insight to how this revitalising balm can help you.

The Revitalising balm is made from natural ingredients it contains 89% organic ingredients which contains essential oils meaning you can rehydrate your skin when your skin is feeling dry or needs hydrating after been out in the sun.
Also the ingredients support your skins natural ability to heal and regenerate new skin cells these natural ingredients are very important with beauty products ie creams because our skin soaks up the products we place in our skin so it is very important to use natural ingredient products that are not harmful.
remember to always check the ingredients to check you are not allergic,
to any of the natural ingredients that products contain.

Well i have listed some questions you may have.

Does Botanicals revitalising balm work?

So far yes i have seen a improvement my skin feels much softer i use it on my hands after i wash up or do housework as my hands do get dry after im on one of my cleaning missions, this balm is a life saver my hands feel lovely soft and smoothe, and smell fresh and lovely.

What does it smell like?
The fragrance of the balm is lemongrass and mandarin it smells fresh and citrusy.

Where can i buy the product?
You can buy the revitalising balm from Botanicals website they also sell a wide range of other products.

How much is the revitalising balm to buy?
Regular size 50 grams is £15.99.
Salon size 150 grams is £31.95

Does botanicals sell other products?
Yes botanicals sell a wide range of products for hands,feet,body face that are for all different skin types.
please checkout the botanicals website here for more information.

 So what do i think about botanicals revitalising balm?

I really love the revitalising balm, it is luxurious i love the product as i suffer from dry skin quite frequently as i used to have eczema as a child,And the weather also makes my skin dry this product worked like a treat.
I absolutely adore the fragrance of the revitalising balm, lemongrass and mandarin it smells fresh.My hubby said the smell to him was a bit to citrusy but to me it was perfect i liked the fragrance 100%
I used this on my skin after my bath as i shaved my legs and they felt a bit dry i applied some of the revitalising balm and it made my legs feel silky smooth and smell fresh and clean. I also love the Fact the balm contains (100% natural. 89% organic ingredients) that are all natural and support your skin natural ability to heal and generate new skin cells.

Would i recommend this product?

Yes totally i love the fragrance and i love how the balm leaves you smelling fresh and how it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple  because its Made from natural ingredients so you can be assured that it is healthy and safe to use, and will re hydrate your skin putting back in the natural essential oils your skin needs.
Although the the price may be an issue for some people who are on a tight budget due to family commitments, or due to low income.
But i do think it is worth the price as it will last a while as a little bit of balm goes a long way and is made from 100% natural ingredients that support your skins natural ability to heal and regenerate new skin cells.

Pros and cons!


Natural ingredients
Leaves skin feeling soft
Leaves skin smelling fresh
Easy to use
Little bit of balm goes a long way
supports skins natural ability to heal
helps support skin's ability generate new skin cells


Some people may find the price abit expensive.

The con isn't really a con at all unless you're someone who has a tight budget at the moment but 
in the long run your skin will benefit better for paying a little bit extra as the ingredients are beneficial to you and your skin the product goes a long way you only need a little bit of balm and it does work.
so thats all for now everyone i hope you have enjoyed reading,
Thank you for reading my review on Botanicals revitalising balm hope to see you again soon.


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lipcote Lipstick Sealer

Hey everyone today i am reviewing lipcote lipstick sealer.
Yes Thats right girls a sealer for your lips which you apply after your lipstick.
Lets just face it ladies we have all been there when we have applied lipstick and gone out for the day or evening and within a few hours we have smudged lipstick, not a pretty site when our friends are taking selfies with us or photos of us Fear no more lipcote is here to save the day.

lipcote is an award winning lipstick sealer which every beauty addict should own.
lipcote is your lipsticks best friend you can't wear one without the other.

I applied my lipstick followed by lipcote at 9.15. am.
It felt really nice on the lips and was extremely easy to apply
i could feel the sealer working straight away which was a relive always good when you can feel it working.
I like the brush as it applies the product nice and evenly.
but you do have to be careful you don't knock over the product when the lid is off as it will spill everywhere.

so i will take another photo in a hour or so and post it below
and let you know how well it stayed on and if it does what it is suppose to do........

 So lets see how well it works.

Ok now its 11.30 am after drinking 2 coffees and talking to hubby etc this is how my lipstick looked.

Doesn't look to bad i did notice my lipstick came of slightly but only a small bit came off this is because i didn't blot my lipstick before applying the sealer but as you can see my lipstick still stayed in place and i didn't even apply anymore lipcote to my lips just done the one coat so im pretty impressed.

so did it work? ... yes it did only a small minute amount of my lipstick came off onto my coffee mug.



So guys and girls i would say it does work but you may have to reapply it if your out for the whole day, or night.
because the more you use your lips the more you may need to reapply lipcote lipstick sealer.

But hey you can't go wrong for the price of £3.99, you can buy lipcote from the lipcote website.
The price is really good for what you get lipcote gives you about 100 applications meaning you do really get a lot more for your money. 
it also comes in a very nice packaging too.
i like the packaging its kinda like retro mixed with modern very snazzy.

My overall verdict on lipcote

i would recommend this product to all beauty addicts it comes in a very nice packaging.
the brush feels nice and makes it easy to apply although you have to be careful not to spill the product. (be extra careful when the lid is off the product)
the fragrance is meant to be vanilla it does smell slightly of vanilla, but to me smells ever so slightly a bit like irish cream.

lipcote does work just that you may need to reapply it occasionally which is the slight downside.
but the great thing about lipcote is for £3.99 it doesn't break the bank i think i would pay slightly more for this product myself as i think the quality is alot better then some other thing on the market that cost is very easy to use so you wont need intrustions but your bf might.

Lipcote Pros

nice packaging
price £3.99
good value for money
seals lipstick
easy to apply

Lipcote Cons

you have to reapply it occasionally
you have to be careful not to spill the product if the lid is off
To find out more about lipcote please visit the lipcotes website.

Thank you for reading my review on lipcote lipstick sealer.
please feel free to share this review using the social links below.
I should be back real soon with another exciting review for you all

X caroline X

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cafe medi restaurant

image courtesy of cafe medi

Hey girls and guys today i am doing a review on cafe medi.
cafe medi is located in orpington kent.
2 of my good friends jude and kasia married each other and my other best friend amy just got engaged to her boyfriend dean,Also it was my hubby turned 31 on 11th july so we decided to go to cafe medi in orpington.
i am excited to share my views with you all has we all had a lovely time.
Hope you enjoy reading my review please feel free to comment below.

Cafe Medi in Orpington Review

first thoughts upon arrival

On arrival we was greeted and was shown to our table as we was going in a big group of 7
the table was nice and big the table layout was nice and simple but yet effective.
there was live music in the restaurant which also added a really nice atmosphere to the place.
The waitresses / waiters was very friendly and patient and said we can order from the drink menu whilst we all decided what we was all going to order from the menu.
So my hubby ordered a bottle of house champagne which was not to bad i liked it which says alot as i am not normally one for champagne so am very pleased.They then came back and took our orders and took great care to get the order right.
We didn't have to wait too long for our food either with approx 10-15min wait which i didn't mind because it gave us time to settle at the table and engage in each others conversation.


NO faults whatsoever everything was 100% spot on
The food was fresh and tasty and hot every single bite was enjoyable and delightful.
Heres what we ordered sorry if the pictures aint that great but there is some better photos,
on the cafe medi website that shows the restaurant and their food alot better

dean (pizza)
<-- I chose the margarita pizza the pizza was fresh and hot i thoroughly enjoyed it, it was very cheesy and i enjoyed every bite. it was quite filling as i couldn't eat it all so i gave 2 slices to my hubby, and a slice to our friend donny.

my friend dean choose the pepperoni pizza -->
which was very tasty he enjoyed it so much
that he had finished it all quickly i was still only half way on my pizza when he had finished his.

MY hubby choose roast lamb steak with a red wine rosemary sauce and roast potatoes.
He thoroughly enjoyed eating this dish, the lamb was quite tender and succulent the chef cooked it to perfection, the roast potatoes was rather tasty and went well with the lamb.
The sauce was reduced to the perfect consistency, the flavours were perfectly matched to the lamb and potatoes and brought the whole dish together, all the flavours worked and complimented each other.

My other friends choose the following below (pictures)

donny & kasia (carbonara)
amy (spag bol)
jude(seafood risotto)
All of my friends thoroughly enjoyed their dishes as well and were satisfied with the dishes they choose,
Not one of us had any complaints everything was right the dishes had lots of flavour the chef cooked everything to perfection, we was all very pleased with his cooking skills.
And the desert he made for my bf was yummy(Compliments to the chef)


The staff was very friendly, and helpful they went out their way to make sure we was happy with our food and made sure we was alright for drinks.
Also as it was my hubby’s birthday they gave him a tiramisu on the house with a candle lit.
Adrian the man who provides the live entertainment sung happy birthday and played happy birthday on his guitar this was a very nice gesture and really made the atmosphere extra special for my hubby on his birthday.

Live entertainment (sat only)

Adrian who is a guitarist and singer, makes the atmosphere in cafe medi very relaxed.
He plays the guitar and sings very well, a friendly guy who also will play and sing a song
if you request it and if its a song he can do, he played happy birthday for my hubby and sung, the whole restaurant joined it and sung happy birthday.
He also played and sung Thats a Amore

Overall verdict

we all had a very excellent evening and enjoyed the food thoroughly.
Adrian the man who sings and plays guitar added a very lovely atmosphere.
The staff at cafe medi was attentive and very friendly and polite.
cafe medi is 100% a great place to dine with friends,family,co-workers,
It is A lovely restaurant with a great atmosphere and fresh and tasty food.
The entertainment which they have on saturdays is very well suited to the restaurant,
It Adds a relaxed and happy environment to the place.
we couldn't fault the restaurant 1 bit and left feeling very happy and very full,
we will be going back again for sure as this is the best place we have been to so far.

Thank you for reading

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Schwarzkopf essence ultime diamond colour intensive hair mask

Hello everyone,
Today i am going to review a hair mask called essence ultime made by schwarzkopf.
This hair mask is the diamond colour intensive mask specially for coloured hair you can also use it on non coloured hair as well, i am quite impressed so far although its a 1 min treatment i tend to leave it on a tad longer is 30mins or over night purely because my hair is damaged and dry. after the first use of this product i did notice an improvement my hair felt really nice afterwards.Normally my hair is very dry and feels like straw,but after using this treatment and brushing my hair with my tangle teezer then leaving my hair to dry naturally i felt my hair and it was a lot smoother and less frizzy it felt really nice to touch and smelt nice.

If you suffer dry or damaged hair i recommend this product to you i was pleased with the result of mine but it would work better if used more often ie 1-2 times a week each and every month
so you hair gets a good conditioning which will help keep your hair smooth and soft.
This hair mask is great for those of you who have dry,damaged,hair also if you bleach or colour your hair because this product helps your hair as it contains kernel oil and a uv filter. 
The mask will also helps to seal colour in so your hair colour doesn't fade as much.
The kernel oil will help get the oils back in your hair because after we dye our hair or spend to long in the sunshine or cold weather we lose alot of the natural oils so thats why hairdressers recommend an hair mask 1-2 times a week but you done need to pay out money at the hairdressers as you can buy essence Ultime at all good retailers ie amazon,boots,superdrug.

The smell of the hair mask is very nice its more of a mild smell very natural if you have ever smelt e45 lotion it smells pretty similar to that which is nice because its a nice smell and not overpowering like some products on the market

The texture of the hair mask is not to bad it feels abit like the e45 cream as well so its thick but still creamy and soft i don't mind the texture to much because it really does make my hair feel lovely afterwards.

Essence ultime hair mask is around £5-£7 per tub 200ml which ain't to bad but not good if you are on a lower budget as a scrimper saver my self i always try to find the best deals but i guess £5 ain't too bad considering if you was to get a intensive mask at a salon it would cost alot more.

Massage gently into wet/damp hair leave for 1 minute then rinse thoroughly.
for best results use regularly 1-2 times a week every month. 
(you can leave on for longer ie 30 mins or over night if you wish) 

Aqua · Cetearyl Alcohol · Isopropyl Myristate · Behentrimonium Chloride · Distearoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate · Hydrolyzed Pearl · Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil · Benzophenone-4 · Panthenol · Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Keratin · Hydrolyzed Keratin · Maris Sal · Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine · Cetyl Palmitate · Dimethicone · Phenoxyethanol · Parfum ·Isopropyl Alcohol · Citric Acid · Methylparaben ·Cetrimonium Chloride · Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride · Glycerin · Hexyl Cinnamal · Linalool · Limonene

Overall verdict 

Overall i really like this hair mask it smells nice  and natural and feels nice too, it is a great product that not only conditions the hair and makes it feel smooth,it also helps to seal in hair colour to prevent it from fading.
Its its easy to use as its a 1 min treatment but you can leave on longer if you have time to wait around or don't mind sleeping with it in your hair overnight.
For best results use regularly ie 1-2 times a week every month.

The downside to this product would have to be the price £5-£7 because i know alot of people these days myself included like scrimping and saving money as much as they can. However it is worth the price because it did work on my hair and made it smoother and less frizzy.
I would recommend this product to those of you who have dry or damaged hair.
this hair mask is also good for those of you who spend alot of time in the sun or out in the cold weather,or those of you who use straighteners,curling tongs ect because these things can have a big impact on our hair making it dry,frizzy and damaged.

Thank you for reading my review on schwarzkopf essence ultime hair mask.
Id love to hear your thoughts on hair masks, and would love to know if ultime worked for you like it did for me and would love to hear about any other hair masks you have tried that have worked feel free to leave comments below i always love to hear from you all.
Have a lovely day speak to you all again very soon.