Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Ecoegg laundry egg

Eco Egg Review

Hi girls and guys, today I have a Ecoegg to review for you.
So I have come across this ecoegg and wanted to try it for you.
 I know a few of you have been asking for me to review a eco products
 so ecoegg company was kind enough to send me one to try and review for you all.

So First things first 
when it arrived my hubby was like oh you have a parcel 
He read the label and was like ecoegg 
It was a product hes seen before on Tv.
He got all excited wanting to open The parcel 
There was me like no not just yet I have the beauty reviews to do first.

So I hope your enjoy reading my review and I hope it was worth the wait.

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Little info about Eco Egg

Eco egg is not tested on animals meaning no animals was harmed.

I do not know how much you know about Eco egg,
but it all started due to there being few alternatives to washing detergents.
which are filled with chemicals and irritate sensitive skin. 
*Contain No Harsh Chemicals.
* Are kind To The Environment 
* Helps To Save You Money,
*Have Won A Few Awards
*Are Not Tested On animals

Ecoegg also work with the national eczema society and allergy UK 


   Eco By Name Eco By Nature

Another amazing thing about eco egg is that it is also great way to help save you cash.
 Lasting 210 washes Eco Eggs are great for those on a budget. 
Costing just £7.99 for the egg which works out as just 3p per wash.
(You will have more pennies and pounds for your savings jar)

No more carrying heavy washing powder back from the shops.
No more buying separate washing detergents for different family members.
Allergy Tested Meaning Eco Egg Is Perfect For All the family.

Handy travel size Fits in Handbag and Fits in suitcase.
 perfect for those little trips away.

Also If you Travel abroad You May Find its hard to

*Find products That won't irritate your skin,
* Find Products that are not tested on animals
* Find products that are cheap
* Find products that smell great.

But dont fear Ecoegg is Here to save the day.

( Please check guidelines before traveling )

Time To Wash My Clothes 

(This is where I Egg my clothes) with the laundry egg of course)

I popped some white clothes in the wash first then throw the egg inside too I decided to test on the whites first because we all know how quick our white clothes start looking dull after so many washes. The worst of all was the old towel we keep by our door that leaks water.

Lets Put It To The Test

old towel before wash
Anyway the cycle was on and i was eager checking the timer on the washing machine as well as looking through the door excited to see if it was working like a big kid thats never seen a washing machine in use before.

After the washing cycle had finished the washing machine beeped, me and hubby raced to the kitchen. I opened the washing machine door and pulled the washing out of the machine to check how well the ecoegg performed.

The first thing I noticed was how much whiter the white clothes looked they was almost as white as what they was when I first brought the clothes. Then I pulled out that old dirty towel.

Lets see how well it cleaned the towel 

Towel after using eco egg

Well as you can see its 100 times cleaner although there is some very faint stains left.
The Eco egg as really done well with this one as they was some proper stains.

Anyway lets see what hubbys reaction was.
Hubby smelt the clothes and said “ This is the best smelling washing we have ever had"
 He said that with big grin on his face like a kid at christmas.

Now trust me on this one my hubby is a fussy one when it comes to clothes smelling good and not even our branded fabric conditioner smells as good as the eco egg.

Although some of the stains on the whites was still there but were not as bad, the eco egg did fade the stains.

I do suggest anyone buying this product to also invest in the eco stain remover,
 Especially if you have kids or are a messy eater like myself.

Fabric conditioner is optional meaning it is only needed if you want your clothes to have a stronger scent after washing, although the egg left my clothes smelling great without using any.

So you can use fabric conditioner if desired for that added extra scented goodness and as well as added extra softness.

Overall review

 Performance 9/10
Fragrance 10/10
Eco score 10/10

The Eco Egg has really impressed me and I shall continue to use the Ecoegg because brightened my white clothes it made my clothes smell really fresh and amazing the smell reminds me of a daydream in summer.

I love how gentle it is on the skin due to it being allergy tested, I shall also be using this on my daughters school uniform so I know she will be getting the best for her skin.

The ecoegg is also very eco friendly not only can you reuse the egg the pellets inside last 210 washes, and are cheap to buy when you need to refill meaning you save money and get more for your money at the same time.

I love the fact it made my washing smell amazing no other laundry brand has ever come close to this.

But if you want an even stronger fresh smelling scent and that added touch of softness check out the ecoegg concentrated fabric conditioner.

The only thing as I said above is that if you are someone who is a messy eater or someone that has kids etc you may want to invest in the stain remover too as the stain remover will help get out any stubborn stains.

Questions and answers

What other products do ecoegg sell?
Ecoegg also sell concentrated fabric conditioner, stain remover, tumble dryer scented balls etc.
All of the Ecoegg products are allergy tested meaning you will get the best for your skin.

Does Ecoegg sell a fragrance free ecoegg?
Yes indeed there is fragrance free ecoegg laundry egg.

Are eco eggs easy to use?
Yes indeed pop the washing pellets in the egg close the egg.

How can I contact ecoegg?
You can contact them via the ecoegg website.

You can also find eco egg on social media.

Thank you for reading my review on Eco egg laundry egg.
 The only egg that washes your clothes.
I hope you have enjoyed reading


Here is a few Ecoegg products there is more on the ecoegg website.