Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Smoke free

guys and girls again as some of you may know I have gave up smoking a few months ago.
This time i have finally done it as last time i failed, so october 2014 i gave up smoking to try be more healthier I am not gonna lie it was hard, but i worked around it.

So you may be thinking why am i posting this?
I am posting this to help n support others going through the same thing.

How did i do it?

well first of all we smoked the rest of the tobacco we had so when it had run out that was the day to go smoke free, after the tobacco had run out we hid all the lighters, matches n ashtrays , we did not throw these away but you may do so. i only kept my lighters because I love candles, and the ash tray will be used outside by guests who smoke.

I was doing fine but because hubby was giving up smoking to he was finding it hard like last time.
So he went to the shop and came back with some ecigs this time liquid ones as some of you know i tried a ecig before, but this time the liquid ones worked better and are better value for money as the liquids last longer.

( to be honest i didn't even use it much i did to begin with but now I only have few puffs on the Ecig  every so many weeks if I am having a bad day)

What else did you do to help you?

well we used to buy tobacco weekly which was costing us around 15 a week, so for each week on the calendar i wrote £15 , then at the bottom of calender added up how much would be saved if i didn't smoke that month, i did this for every month left on the calendar. 

This can work well you can keep the money in your normal bank or even put it in a savings account to see how much you have saved not smoking, maybe even use it for next christmas or save for a family holiday.
You could even use the money to help a charity if you are wanting to do something good im sure the extra money will come in handy some how.

what else did you do when you had cravings?

cleaned you know me i love cleaning so went to kitchen and cleaned the work tops even if i cleaned them ten times a day it was a good distraction.
Another thing i did was ate toast i was keeping my hands and mouth busy although with this i put on a few pounds in weight i didn't mind as i needed to gain weight anyway.

if your worried about gaining weight dont worry, just think the money you save from smoking could even pay for a gym membership, or healthy food exercise equipment you get the picture.

Below I am gonna post some other ideas for you things you could do to pass the time if you have cravings or are bored because you are not smoking..

every time you crave cigarettes or are bored

  • knitting 
  • go for a walk the fresh air will help
  • baking cakes or bread
  • cleaning and housework
  • use mouthwash to rinse out mouth
  • phone a loved one or friend 
  • exercise  
  • spend ten mins playing snap or drawing with your children 
There are many things you can do to pass the time or satisfy needs you can try these or other things to find what works best for you. 

Benefits of giving up smoking?

  • More money- do spend on yourself and family
  • Better health- breathing better
  • Smell better- house and clothes dont smell of stale smoke
  • more time- time to clean or phone loved ones etc
  • whiter teeth- brighter smile 
  • better nails- no more nicotine stains

So how do i feel now i have given up smoking?

I feel amazing to start with it was abit crap to be fair but after time i could breath better now i can walk up flights of stairs in my flat without having to stop n struggle to breath.
I feel better in myself i dont feel run down all the time I have energy and more time to do things.

I feel proud of myself and hubby because he found it hard last time and this time and we both finally quit he used his E-cig more then me but now he dont really use it so the liquid ecigs are definitely alot better.

remember if you have a ecig never leave it on charge overnight or whilst you are out, be careful where you plug it in always follow the guidelines and most of all do not attempt to make your own ecig liquid.

There are many E-cigs you can buy all different prices i will post some below from amazon to help you if your looking to buy.

i hope i have helped you in some way please tell your friends to come read if they need support or advice. 

happy new year good luck if you are trying to quit.