Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tattoo Ecig Starter kit from smokefreeonline

Tattoo Ecig Starter kit

"so i have finally decided it is time for me to give up smoking, and this time succeed.with being a young mum i find it hard to keep up with her i am always out of breath"
So i was entering my competitions as normal and came across a competition to win a Ecig so decided to enter it. few days later i was checking my emails and had an email saying i was the lucky winner 

I won the tattoo Ecig Starter kit from smoke free online's Facebook page.
They shipped it out on the Monday and i received it on the Wednesday.
considering that it came from the U.S i was really impressed with how quick it arrived.
as i live in the United kingdom i found this very quick and was great for me soon as it arrived it was open and ready to use.(shipping times may vary depending on your location)

please note you still have to be the same age to use the Ecig as you would normally cigarettes.                                                                                                                                                                    

The starter kit i have contains the following
  •  1 Ecig/battery with cartomizer 
  •  1 USB charger
  •  1 wall adapter 
  •  5 extra Cartomizers 
  •  6 temporary tattoos

I really like my Ecig not only from day 1 have i cut down from 20 plus cigarettes  to about 5 or so cigarettes but now can still be satisfied and keeping the cravings at bay anywhere even indoors. because it doesn't  contain the harmful   ingredients that are in proper cigarettes i am really impressed i have tried other forms of nicotine replacement before such has patches tablets gum from other retailers but none have worked as good as this Ecig  here is a few points to why i like the Ecig.
  • Rechargeable so very friendly for the planet keeping our streets tidy 
  • Life time warranty on the battery and the charger 
  • No toxic ingredients or smoke just nicotine and vapor
  • Safe and legal to use indoors 
  • Easy to use
  • The refills come in different flavors
  • The refills last a long time (this depends on how long your puffing on it )
 So you must be thinking  how does the Ecig work??
 why not check the website and see for your self.
 I was amazed how clever it is i would explain it but i am not that good at explaining things.

you can get your Ecig from
you can find them on facebook
also follow them on twitter

I recommend this Ecig and the company as-well i think its great  how Fast they shipped it to me.
and also how the offer a free life time warranty to replace the battery or charger if it ever needed replacing.

Thank you for reading.

If you decide to ever try the Ecig this one or another style of Ecig to cut down smoking to eventually give up smoking, i would really love to hear your process and how your finding it.
remember you could be smoke free quicker then you think i will be happy to hear from you drop me an email and i be happy to give you some support to help you if you need it.