Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cupcakes ( The Cake Office )

The Cake Office

The cake office is an amazing company, The Company owner Robert who made my cupcakes is very talented The cakes was made to perfection. I won the two cupcakes via thecakeoffice Facebook page 
which was was hand delivered the very next day by the man himself
 who is a British sign language user due to being deaf and this doesn't stop him from succeeding in his cake business.
(Please note to Contact Robert you will need to message him on Facebook or via text message)
Here is my Verdict on the CupCakes

Here is a picture of the cupcakes sorry about the quality
and angle was taken on my phone.
the pink one is the strawberry and champagne
and the white one is the chocolate

Strawberry and champagne 

A sweet tasting cupcake perfect for those of you who have a sweet tooth me being one of them :)
the tasty soft moist sponge top with refreshing taste of strawberry icing and a fresh strawberry.
the cupcake was made to perfection & with care.
I really enjoyed this cake and would quite happily buy some from The cake office Because they tasted delightful i would recommend these if your having a summer tea party or birthday or wedding,
or even if you just fancy a sweet treat.


Another sweet tasting cupcake both flavors was amazing but this one was my favorite by far.
soft moist chocolate sponge topped with white chocolate icing from the very first bite i was in heaven.
With being a chocolate lover id recommend this cake when ever you crave chocolate.
also made with extra care and to perfection and a edible flower on top this was a very extra special cupcake.
i cant get over how amazing the taste was i has defiantly left me wanting more cupcakes.
another great cupcake for weddings,tea party's,birthdays or just a tasty treat for yourself.

I cant fault the cakes in any possible way they was just perfect !!

To see more of the cakes the Cake office bake see link below

To contact robert 
Text: 0785 0859215