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Bblonde Jerome Russell hair bleach

Bblonde Jerome Russell Hair bleach

After been blonde again since the start of jan 2013,
its been hard keeping up with my roots its very time consuming and costs money if you was to go to a salon you could be spending quite lots of money just to get blonde or to stay blonde,

I am no expert in hair colouring but always find with blonde you always end up strawberry blonde or orange at first. especially if your going blonde for the first time.

Anyway i was contacting company's about products to review and had a reply from Bblonde (Jerome Russell company)
asking if i would like to review a product for them and because i love doing reviews and i had blonde hair i thought why not i can do this.
Box contains 4 sachets of bleach
instructions &gloves
Then the peroxide was separate.
I used one sachet of bleach and one bottle of peroxide Here is the result ....

Before doing my roots ........ has you can see my roots are quite dark

After doing my roots .... as you can see its  gingery / strawberry blonde

you maybe thinking OMG ! 

but as i explained above getting the orange tones is pretty normal with box dyes especially if your hair is quite dark such as black or dark brown, also it depends on how long you leave it on and the amount of bleach you apply to one area. 

so i would suggest getting some expert advice before bleaching your hair and getting someone to help you.

i always end up missing spots with long hair and the bleach going sticky when applied its hard to see what your doing so maybe ask a friend or a family member to help. :)

i loved the bleach it was not to bad the smell wasn't to strong like most bleaches.

i didn't like getting orange tones even though that was expected. 
you will get this with most hair bleach but i also didnt like how sticky n dry hair is when bleach is on because it makes it hard moving hair to get to the other roots.
i did like the fact it was easy to use one sachet of bleach to one bottle of peroxide/hair developer.
i liked the straight forward developing times depending on your hair color how long to leave it on.

So whats my over all verdict

i would recommend this to anyone who is going blonde for first time or needs roots touching up

but would highly suggest Getting expert advice first, and also having someone to help to apply the product and keep track of time it is on your hair because if you leave it onto long your hair can fall out!
But if you stick to the time and get advice from an expert first to make sure your hair is in ok condition to use it then your be fine :)

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Where can you buy this product?

All good retailers will  sell this such as chemists ,beauty stores,supermarkets.

Please note the developer is sold separate

Thanks For Reading

Caroline :)