Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cola Rebell Maxx Chilli

Cola Rebell

Yes i know another caffeine product on my blog :)
But as you all know i cant live without it.
Hope you enjoy reading

I was the 400th follower in twitter and won a bottle of cola rebell maxx chilli.
A high caffeinated cola with hint of chilli it tasted refreshing and great reminded me of ginger bear the taste it refreshing and perfect for drinking with BBQ food.
Strongest cola in the world with its high caffeine content perfect as i said before if u love caffeine like i do. 
I must say it leaves a warm feeling at back of throat like whisky does this is a good and bad point it depends on if you like that feeling or not.

I was ill Before hand but gave this drink a try and i must say it made me feel better one the caffeine helped me because i was feeling tired but after this drink i felt much better and it helped my sore throat i had so in many ways the drink helped me feel better.

so the disadvantage to this drink is if you don't like that warm feeling in throat and don't drink caffeine your missing out big time on this drink is great.

What does it taste like?
Its a great sweet but yet satisfying cola taste with a hint of chilli it doesn't taste much like chili its more like a ginger bear but cola flavor. it is refreshing and oh so good so good its hard to describe the taste.

Where can you buy cola rebell ?

do they do different kinds of cola?
if you check their website you will be able to see or you could contact them maybe request a flavor and see what they say.

how can i contact Cola rebell?

twitter https://twitter.com/ColaRebellUK
facebook  https://www.facebook.com/colarebell.uk?fref=ts
through their website http://www.colarebell.co.uk/

Can i drink this if im sensitive to caffeine or pregnant?

No the caffiene content is high and not recommended for pregnant woman, or persons sensitive to caffeine.

Thank you for reading