Friday, 31 May 2013


Le volume DE Chanel

When received this mascara i was so excited to try i do tend to buy loads of mascaras,This has to be the best one i Have used so eyes are big anyway but after using this my eyes looked bigger and made my eyes stand out my friends  noticed how my eyes looked wider and how long my lashes looked.

i applied it and straight away noticed how long and full my lashes looked and also how nicely the product applied, even with one coat of this mascara i could notice how  my lashes looked longer fuller and felt amazing,
you can apply a few coats of it if you want to create a more dramatic look.

  • great value for money
  • instant volume 
  • intense curves
  • quick drying which is great if you want to build up the lashes
  • easy to use
  • plumper lashes with the first use

As you can see in my picture my lashes look more defined
longer fuller lashes in a matter of seconds/minutes
i used 1-2 coats of mascara to create my lash's

i would recommend this product to anyone seeking 
to have fuller lashes without the expense of getting eyelash extensions.

thank you for reading xxxx

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Apple Ipod Nano touch

Apple Ipod  Nano touch 8Gb

I love this Ipod i received mine from Apple after they recalled the old apple ipod nano's.
Has a replacement they sent me this shiny new ipod. i was very pleased i do enjoy music,
without fail i listen to music everyday when i am on the computer writing my emails,or updating my blog i am listening to my music it helps me think :)

its small but sleek it has a touch screen, it has a clip on the back so if you don't have pockets you can easily attach it to your belt shirt or where ever you may wish to clip it,
It Has many great features such has.

  • Fm radio ( you can rewind pause live radio,FM tuner shows the artist,song your listening to)
  •  pedometer (ideal exercise partner. It keeps track of your steps and helps you meet your fitness goals.You can create a daily step goal and check your progress when you upload all your data to the Nike+ website.
  • touch screen ( Multi-Touch--the same technology that makes iPhone, iPad)
  • shake it up (Give iPod nano a shake and it shuffles to a different song )
  •  built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (gives you up to 24 hours of non-stop music)

you can download many tracks from itunes to your ipod.

to do this you will need the following

once you have downloaded itunes

load itunes on your computer or laptop
plug in your ipod
you can drag music over from a cd
and you can download tracks or albums via itunes

Thank you for reading

Friday, 10 May 2013

Indesit CA55

After moving out of my parents home and into my own flat,
i had to start from scratch i was sitting in my empty flat and a broken fridge that i was given and thinking oh no what have i let my self in for,
looking at the cost of the things i needed i decided to do some research into company's and prices.

Appliances online (
and straight away felt relived they had a good choice of products,
the fridge freezer i liked was cheaper at another store online, but i still wanted to order from appliances online.

i was happy to read on their website that they will match the price from any other retailer,i picked up the phone and ordered it.
the customer service team was lovely and very nice.

when the delivery day came i was amazed not only did they install my fridge, they took the packaging away for me, i was impressed at the size off the fridge-freezer.

below i listed some points

  • A Rated energy
  • adjustable glass shelves inside the fridge (to ensure you can fit you food in)
  • pperfect for a small/medium size family
  • guideline times inside the freezer door to guild you on how long you can freeze certain foods for such as bread meat,ice cream ..
i did do a video review when i moved in but i was ever so nervous,
so i thought i do a blogg review insted :)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Costa coffee :)

Costa coffee

Bit of a different review this time,
on a large flat white coffee my friend brought for me
the morning after a night out on the town.

First off all i must say the coffee is much bigger then
it looks in the photo, i was shocked, it was a great size, although it did take a lot of sugars before i could taste sugar,other then that i cant complain.

      Good points for coffee

  • great value for money
  • great taste
  • helps to wake you up ( yep I'm bit of a caffeine addict)
   bad points
  • if you like your coffee sweet it can take alot of sugars to taste the sweetness i wouldn't really say its a bad point though ( i have a sweet tooth )

Costa sells lovely coffee and other hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks

But a nice coffee always goes down well great for morning after a night out or a coffee before work
or even a catch up with friends whatever plans you have for the day if you love coffee and haven't tried Costa coffee before give it a go . . . :)

That's all for now
Thank you for reading

Euro shopper original energy drink

I love this energy drink, not only is it a great price at 69p for 500ml 
it has a great tasting sweet flavour, i love this energy drink and will always grab one if I'm off out for the day,
i love the sugar boost it gives me, with being a mum and not having much time for my self i don't get much sleep, so every now and then i will grab one off these to keep me going through the day.

  • great taste sweet and satisfying 
  • great price helping you save the pennies
  • great product overall
 friendly for the planet its a aluminium can which means it can be recycled.

warning .... it has high caffeine content not to be drunken when pregnant,
not recommend for children,or people sensitive to caffeine.


Tangle Teezer is a special brush that  helps detangle your hair without pain
tangle teezer comes in a few different styles and colours
Great value for money
It was invented by shawn p who trained as a colour technician in swish london salons.

I got this brush for christmas from my mother inlaw.

 So am going to review for you all just a quick review.
I hope it helps you.

Overall review

I would recommend tangle Teezer! 
Tangle teezer is perfect not only for kids who hate their hair being brushed.
Great for adults too who want to get out knots and tangles fuss free
I loved how it glided through my hair and helped to detangle.
I really also love how soft my hair feels after brushing.
I love how I can brush my daughters hair without her crying.
It is not only used on tangled hair 
 you can use it on all types of hair
 I do not leave the house without mine,

it is much better for your hair than most other combs and brushes.

for more info go to their website to see what other styles are avaible and hair care advice from tangle teazer

it is sold across the world,
you can also buy tangle teezer in most salons/hair dressers

Thanks for reading


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

pure deep cleanse wipes


I first picked up these wipes in poundland
that had 2 or 3 packs for a pound which was a very good deal i thought why not i give it a try.

when i got home i couldnt resisit so i opened up the wipes,
and started to wipe the makeup i was currently wearing at that time
i was impressed the wipes have a nice smell, and really did remove my makeup really well
after my makeup was removed my skin felt really clean and fresh.
i noticed a big diffrence as these wipes did remove all make up i had on
where as prevous brands didnt


       More info

  • contains 25 wipes
  • unclogs pores
  • removes dirt and unwanted oils
  • protects against blackheads and impurities
  • removes makeup
  • leave your skin feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead


Great tasting liqure it is just like the famous brand but only i find this one slightly creamier and still light but really sweet
costing  around £4-£6 you cant really go wrong deffently worth buying if your having a party 

* great taste
* not to expensive considering its a big bottle
*great to share or to drink alone

On the rocks (ice) or just on its own
in a glass or from the bottle
froom the fridge or from the cubard

i can say how ever you choose to drink it you will throughly enjoy

I also like  irish medows in my coffee which is another way to drink it :)  

 Please note you have to be 18 or older to consume alcohole !!

if you think you have a problem with drink please seek help...

visit your nearest doctor
if your worried and find out about units and what you can do to drink moderatly
(nothing wrong with a drink as long as you know your limits)

never drink under the influrence

Gliss Asia straght ( schwarzkopf)


want straight hair?
want to get rid of frizz?

Gliss Asia straight shampoo and conditioner is just lovely
it does help it your hair to be straighter.


Here's what i think .....
over all i give it 10/10 all the way best shampoo Ive used for helping my hair be less frizzy and more straighter
i love the smell always leaves my hair smelling great
if i could have one shampoo on a desert island with me this would be it for sure :)

i do chop n change my shampoos every 6months as recommended though but I'm always picking the gliss i just love it <3 <3

no bad points to the product at all x 

where can i buy gliss ??

all good retailers will sell gliss

how much roughly is the price??

i pay between £1 - £2 for mine 

how long does it last?

it depends on how much you use and how often you wash your hair.
mine last about a month if i wash my hair once a week