Thursday, 9 May 2013


Tangle Teezer is a special brush that  helps detangle your hair without pain
tangle teezer comes in a few different styles and colours
Great value for money
It was invented by shawn p who trained as a colour technician in swish london salons.

I got this brush for christmas from my mother inlaw.

 So am going to review for you all just a quick review.
I hope it helps you.

Overall review

I would recommend tangle Teezer! 
Tangle teezer is perfect not only for kids who hate their hair being brushed.
Great for adults too who want to get out knots and tangles fuss free
I loved how it glided through my hair and helped to detangle.
I really also love how soft my hair feels after brushing.
I love how I can brush my daughters hair without her crying.
It is not only used on tangled hair 
 you can use it on all types of hair
 I do not leave the house without mine,

it is much better for your hair than most other combs and brushes.

for more info go to their website to see what other styles are avaible and hair care advice from tangle teazer

it is sold across the world,
you can also buy tangle teezer in most salons/hair dressers

Thanks for reading