Tuesday, 5 January 2016

MAKS Blow Dry Straightener Brush

Hello Boys, girls, friends I am back yay 2016 is here I do hope your all ok?
those of you who do celebrate hope you had a wonderful christmas,
and a fabulous new year, did you make any resolutions?
I didnt mine was more so planning and writing down all the things I am looking forward to in 2016 plans with friends, family, and looking for products to try for you all.

On that note just before christmas I was sent a straightener brush,
to try for you all Excited Much with my big frizzy 100 layers of hair on my head.
This was perfect for me to try to see just how well it worked.

Anyway new year is here and it is time for the bit where I ramble on about the product.
Hope you enjoy feel free to ask any questions you may have, or if you wanna share your new year resolutions.

The Company Who Sent.

Maks Blowdry

rrp £34.95 which let’s face it it is not too expensive compared to big brand name appliances, and it works just as well, although to some people it may be a lot of money which if thats the case maybe look at putting a few pennies away each week if you still would like one of these to do your hair with.

Before And After Photos

Easy to use perfect for reaching those hard to reach areas such as the back, i am one of those girls whose hair looks reasonably nice apart from the back yep i can't see the back of my hair with the brush it is far easy to reach meaning the back looks as good as the front.
Price is reasonable £34.95 which isn't too hefty meaning more money to spend on your family, or more hair and beauty products to make your hair even more lush than it already is.

Not so much a con but if you have 100 layers of thick frizzy hair like myself it does work but to a certain extent not the companies or products fault, but my genes and the way i always bleach my hair even ghds in the  graham and webb salon as in this picture 

didn't even straighten my hair well so I would say if you have extremely frizzy thick hair your might see results like mine depending on how thick it is, the thinner your hair the better the brush should work although you can use the brush first as mentioned then your straighteners or vice versa as the brush is good for smoothing hairs and adding shine too.

Overall Verdict

I really love how easy the brush is to use as easy as brushing your hair with us all having many years experience combing and brushing our hair it makes it easy to use, easily reaching hard to reach areas such as the roots or at the back of our hair, the bush not only saves time it helps with less burns because you're just brushing your hair rather than trying to hold straighteners as well as your hair at the back where you can't see.  

Love the fact it is not a bad price to buy this, unlike some products your find on the market.
this product is not only cheap enough to buy its every hair lovers dream to have a brush that straightens hair as you're brushing your beautiful locks.

The only thing that i didn't like is because my hair is so thick and frizzy it didn't straighten my hair as well as it would of if someone else used it as my hair is too thick every hairdresser i see says they have never seen anyone with as many layers as I hair and hair as thick as mine is but as mentioned not the products fault as not many things work on my hair.

saying that I do love the brush and will continue to use it as it cuts down my time straightening it with straighteners because the brush helps me reach the back where i struggle to reach and will help straighten the worst of my hair making it easier for the straightners to work.

So there it is my review on the straightening brush from maks blowdry.
you can follow them using the links below to find out more about the products they sell.

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You can also contact maks blowdry
phone 028 9267 2195

That is all for now I be back soon with another review

Happy new year to you all