Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You?

Hey boys and girls its me again this time some fashion for you.
not a review but instead it is something fun and easy to do just for you.

So what kind of fashion are you into are you a kate moss?
david beckham, miley cyrus, tom cruise?

no matter what you wear short skirts, long skirts, dresses, jeans, trousers,
I just want to remind you that you yes you are very beautiful.
you should always always be yourself and enjoy yourselfs.

You maybe asking what fashion Kind of fashion I am into.
Mix and match is what I like I don’t really stick to a certain style other than wearing what makes me happy may it be a long knit jumper or a sexy playsuit, or a glittery short clubbing dress I have always been a firm believer of  wear what you want to wear, not what others are wearing, I know many ppl who buy kayne west trainers or a kimk dress just because the celeb wears it, even though they don't like the style they wear it because of the name.

so less of my ramble Here is the short quiz just for you.
courtesy of Bedroom Storage who claim by the quiz they can tell what kind of dresser you are, can this be true? how does this work?

Let's find out shell we see below for the fun quiz.

What results did you get? was it spot on for you?

Here is my result :Madam mumsy.

pretty spot on to be fair, i love my skinny jeans and minimal things im yet to jump n be braver with colours although I am loving corel atm after all I am a mermaid.

Anyway I will love and leave you for now.
I be back soon got a few lovely posts lined up this month
stay tuned beautiful people

Love hugs and dresses