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Nano Queratina Haircare

Hey boys and girls, As always hope you are all well just so you know I have bleached my hair and then lightened it some more before using these products sent to me by Dominican hair care.
But I have still got a result from using them,which I will explain in my review for you.
here is the review feel free to ask any questions you may have at the end.

About The Company

Taken From Their Website
Welcome to Dominican Hair care, we are the haircare retail specialists and provide premium quality, high performance luxury products which come direct from the Dominican Republic.
Our business was founded in 2014, born out of our passion for beautiful, healthy hair.
We also realise the challenges you might face when trying to reach your dream of sensational looking, healthy locks and we can help you overcome them.
Unlike other hair product businesses, we really do understand that not all hair is the same and not everyone is born with the hair they dream of.
We have spent huge amounts of time carefully sourcing all our products so we know we will bring you the quality of hair you want, whether it’s longer, stronger or thicker hair, amazing condition or damage prevention.
It might be you are looking for something to restore your hair back to its former glory or you want something to revitalise it and fortify it with vitamins, minerals and goodness – we can help! We have a fabulous combination of innovative and professional haircare products and we can help hair that is is chemically processed, relaxed or coloured as well as delivering volume, softness and unbeatable shine. Our collection of Dominican Hair care products will deliver your hair outstanding, genuine results.
It’s no surprise that all of our products have reached cult status in the USA and the Caribbean – it’s time you share the experience and make the hair you dream of into a reality.
Our products are suitable for all hair types and are especially formulated to work on hair of different ethnicities. They are particularly beneficial for dry, damaged and chemically processed hair.
We would also like to tell you that all our products contain a combination of essential vitamins and minerals designed to fortify and nourish every single strand on your head. There are an abundance of other elements involved in the ingredient combinations each bringing its own special benefits so your hair will reap the reward and look breathtaking!
All of our products are not widely available in the UK; in fact many are impossible to buy here so you know you have stumbled across something extra-special!
Hair should be your crowning glory, using Dominican Hair care ensures it is.

Nano Queratina Protein Hair Shampoo 12 oz

Taken From The Website
For superb all-over haircare, the Nano Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner will keep hair healthy, thoroughly conditioned and protected from harmful factors such as excessive straightening, relaxing, hair colouring and blow drying.  Hair is replenished and left in tip-top condition, strong and vital with exquisite shine and full of body & bounce.

MY Thoughts
Well it doesn't smell like your normal shampoo but even though I love my nice scented things the scent wasn't too bad in fact it was really nice smelling,

the thing that was little weird was the texture of the shampoo which was a bit like petroleum jelly but  I was more into testing how nice my hair felt during washing it and after washing it,
the scent was really nice although It is hard to describe what it smelt like
washing my hair felt like normal only a bit more luxury maybe because the scent was dif to my usual high street shampoos like lee stafford, vo5 etc, this shampoo may smell different to what you are used too but it is nice to try new things.
my hair after felt so nice and smoothe was really impressed from the first use although I have a long way to go until I use all the shampoo as it lathers up quite nicely which is a bonus because I have lots of hair lots and lots of thick frizzy hair..

Nano Queratina Protein Hair Conditioner Balsam Rinse 12 oz

The Nano Queratina Balsam Rinse will give all hair types a new lease of life bringing intense lustre and vitality to every strand of hair. With a unique formula and being Keratin rich, it will repair and further protect damaged hair, restoring healthy, fabulous locks to be proud of.

My Thoughts
Again same sort of scent reminded me being in a salon that's really pricey
the texture was really smooth like normal conditioner but more better if makes sense it felt as good as it smelt so I was freaking out about using too much as I wanna make it last.
my hair felt nice after use I did use more conditioner than shampoo though because of my hair's length and thickness, again my hair felt nice and soft afterwards although again I have a long way to go until i see the real results due to my hair been thick and frizzy.

Nano Queratina Protein Hair Mask Treatment 16 oz

Taken From The Website
For all-over amazing condition, the Nano Queratina Hair Conditioning Treatment will give hair everything it needs to look, feel and stay beautiful.  Hair has never looked or felt better.  Following just one use of this protein hair mask will give dramatically improved texture and condition so the hair people dream of is within easy reach!

My Thoughts
Wow what can I say I do love a Hair mask, not only does a hair mask make you feel pampered and makes your hair feel smooth like you just walked out of a hair advert, or a top salon in london It feels nice and soft and not harsh on the hair like the day to day products we normally put on our hair like hair gels  hair sprays etc.
Again the scent was really nice my hair feels refreshed.

Nano Queratina Protein Leave-in Conditioner 4 oz

Taken From The Website
The texture of dry hair and in fact most hair types will appreciate this being the best in leave-in conditioners.  The Nano Queratina leave in conditioner is full of vital nutrients designed to enhance and improve dry, brittle hair so that it always looks shiny, sleek and radiant.  Hair is left unbelievably soft, elasticity restored and guaranteed to turn heads.

My Thoughts

Again like the hair mask but this one you leave in your hair.
so you are walking around hoping someone notices your hair smells or looks better.
must admit I didn't blow dry my hair after even tho the leave in treatment can be used for blow drying because my hair is bleaches etc i am staying away from blowdrying at the moment has  have since my last post I have bleached my hair.

Overall Verdict

First of all the scent Is one of my fave parts about the shampoo etc because it felt like I just walked out of a top london salon and onto a catwalk my hair as never really smelt this great n a very long time, the products don't smell like any others i have come across on the market.

My hair felt smooth afterwards which is nice because my hair is so thick and and rough feeling normally. although my hair isn't 100% soft yet as I have a long way to go before it looks like salon sleek hair, im impressed with how well the shampoo conditioner hair mask etc has worked so far, I can't wait to carry on using it and hope it improves my hair much more then it has already Because not many products have good impact on my hair.

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