Saturday, 23 January 2016

My Smear Test Results

Hey guys and girls, here is an update on my smear test.
I thought i would share with you all the result because i know how important smear tests are.
Sharing also reminds that not everyone has abnormal results some have normal but it is still important to go, anyway here is the update.

Letter came through the post and I notice it said nhs, releasing this was my results my heart started to beat 100 times a minute i felt a little worried scared to what I was about to read.
Then I took a deep breath and ripped open the letter like my life depended on it.

Started to read and then with relief see it said my results was normal and I am not sure my next smear until 2019 which is only 3 years away. However it does say if you have any symptoms discharge or irregular periods to contact the doctors again so they can do a test early etc as some people may need to be tested before they are due to make sure their cells are still all ok.
Bare in mind some people do get discharge etc even with normal cells but it is always important to go anyway to make sure you are safe and well.

So anyway that is my short update.

Have you had a smear?
Worried about smears?

comment below and I happy help in anyway I can.
Also feel free to join my support group if you are a woman.

Thanks for reading