Thursday, 17 September 2015

My New Mascara

Hey girls guys mermaids I am back as promised with a review.
We all know the latest craze with fibre lashes I wasn't convinced with owning over 15 mascaras myself a few which just mascara and a few others that make my lashes long and lovely.

Well I wanted to see what the fuss was about with the fibre lash mascara so The lovely lady at facepaint live sent me one to test and try so i could see what it was about and show you too.

I waited for it to arrive and when it did gave it a go which I loved the result but took pictures and was like my eyebrows are so damn bushy i can't do nice after photos till i get these waxed.
Anyway now that my eyebrows are looking less like slugs and more like eyebrows I have taken some after shots to show you. so here is the review and photos.

My Review on 3d fibre lash mascara From facepaint live.
check out  to buy yours 
Before photo of my lashes

First use

I was skeptical at first thinking mascara is just mascara I thought there's no way this is gonna work on my lashes, But gave it a go first applying the gel mascara then the fibres then some more gel mascara to seal and give it that extra coat.

My thoughts I like it i am not over the moon as such as I did see similar results with some other mascaras I owned but can say This worked well added a bit more length to my lashes but did find even though my lashes was longer they didn't look as great as what other people have got with theirs so maybe I need to apply more.

Then I needed my brows waxing urgently but had to wait for my new eyebrow lady to be available to get her hands on my slugbrows to make them look pretty so I didn't scare you all.
so now they are nice and shaped I will show you some after photos.

so again I used the mascara and Got a better result as i applied extra probably what I needed as my lashes are not as long as other people's naturally but was even more happy with the result.
so I do think if you want even longer you need to apply a little extra etc depending on your natural lash length to how much you need.

So here's The after photos.


Overall verdict

I love the 3d mascara the gel is like a normal mascara but the fibres are what make your lashes look longer, I did like the product but i am not jumping for joy so to speak I do feel I need to get to know the product abit more to fully understand it.

Id say this product is for those of you who are like me and can't get to grips with false lashes and don't want the risk of glue on your lashes etc who want that added length without the added stress and time of getting ready.

This product is simple to use just how you would apply normal mascara it as a very natural feel so to speak well naturally as in it looks like what it is aka makeup, doesn't look like you're wearing false horrid glue lashes.

I give this product a 7/10 on my own opinion but that may change as I get more used to using it.

Well keeping this short and sweet I hope you liked the review.
Remember you can buy you fibre lash mascara from facepaint live if you wish.
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Buy your 3d mascara at Facepaint live.

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Qs and As
How much is it to buy?
It is £23 great british pounds to buy.

Where can I buy it?
You can buy it here at facepaint live.

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Have you tried 3d mascara?
What did you think of the 3d mascara when you tried it?
Have you been thinking of investing in 3d mascara?

Monday, 14 September 2015

I Love Peachy Passion Fruit

Hey guys and girls hope you are well?
So I am back to tell you about the new range of I love products hope you enjoy.
So I was checking my emails and had an email asking me if I would love to try the i love peachy passion fruit to tell my readers about it and to give honest feedback.
As a lover of trying new things I snapped up the chance so here I am typing to you all.

Here is what I thought about peachy passion fruit I love range.
Hope you enjoy.

About I love cosmetics?
taken from the website.

I Love is a bath, body and beauty brand that lovingly creates the most gorgeous, 
deliciously scented products in the World.

All our products are bursting full of ideas, inspiration and happiness. 
They are fun and sensuous and all encapsulate the most memorable, delicious and delectable scents that magically transport the user to a different place, evoking powerful memories and injecting a little piece of happiness into our customers lives.

Peach and passionfruit I love range.

Body Butter
I really Loved the body butter creamy and luxurious it made my skin feel soft and lovely.
It also smells like peach and passionfruit which hubby smelt and said it smelt a bit vanillery also which he loved too, as someone whose skin drys out rather quick this worked nicely for me.
This rich and creamy body butter soaked up my dry hands leaving them soft and silky.

Bubble Bath/Shower Cream

I really adored the bubblebath it smelt of peach passion fruit which smells sweet and divine.
My hubby smelt it too and loved the smell he said it smelt vanillary to him.
I love the bubble bath it made my skin feel nice and didn't dry it out like some other bubble Baths do.

Body Mist

I really loved this product it smells amazing and made my skin feel clean and soft.
Although I loved the smell of this I wasn't to impressed the scent didn't last long on me.
I am not sure if other people have found this but it was a huge factor that made me think i wouldn't buy the mist again even though it smelt divine of peach and passionfruit.

Additional Information

Exclusively available from Superdrug
The Collection Includes: Peachy Passion fruit Bubble Bath & Shower Crème (500ml) RRP £2.99 Peachy Passion fruit Nourishing Body Butter (200ml) RRP £2.99
Peachy Passion fruit Refreshing Body Spritzer (100ml) RRP £2.99

Overall Verdict
I really loved these products they smell lovely and made my skin feel lovely too.
the downside to me was the body mist scent didn't last long on me not sure if all mists do that but it was something that made me disappointed. however the products smelled great and made my skin feel smooth and moisturised.

The price they are to buy are very reasonable and make me want to go buy some.
I feel price pays a big factor these days epessily with the cost of living rising.
I think this is worth well the price if not more I can't wait to try more of their range.

Where can I buy these products?
You can buy from superdrug stores.

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What's your favorite product from The I love ... range?
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Monday, 7 September 2015

Travalo Milano Attomizer

Hey girls and guys im back with another review!
sorry I don't get to blog as much as I would like.
Anyway Hope you like this review 
feel free to ask any questions you may have.


I was contacted by email to see if I was interested in trying this product for Travalo.
So I thought why not as I have reviewed one before for another company.
So was good to see how different it was to my other one.

Launching in September, the elegant and exclusive Milano is the perfect accessory to keep you smelling wonderful on the go; whether it is the daily 9-5 on shopping trips, or when you are at work, or even when going on a date or even trips to theme parks. 

The Packaging

The packaging was very simple but elegant.
There was not to much packaging like alot of products your find.
The packing for me was spot on from the design to the size.
Luxurious colours not overpowering very easy on the eye.

The Atomizer 

As soon as I picked it up from its packaging I could feel how sturdy and well made it is.
Looking at the design it is a unisex product that works great as a gift.
 May it be christmas birthday,Thank you gift or even a leaving present.
You could even buy it for yourself to use on a daily basis.

The way you fill it up is much different from the atomizer I already own.
which I will explain further down to help anyone who might be thinking of buying one.

Using the product?

It is very nice to use the added weight makes the product feel more luxurious.
 it is very well made and sturdy compared to most other atomizers makes you proud to use.
It sprays well just the right amount needed but if you're mad like me your keep spraying till you smell like the perfume shop at christmas when everyone is spraying the testers. 

How do you refill the atomizer? 

Take the  spray cap of your perfume bottle.
take the bottom of your atomizer and pop it on your perfume bottle

The picture below might explain it better.

Like all Travalo atomizers,
Milano refills in seconds directly from a standard perfume bottle. 
Through the patented Genie-S pump-fill system. 
This ensures that the fragrance is never contaminated by exposure to the air.

Overall Verdict

I really love it its very well made and has a nice bit of weight on it.
I absolutely love how easy it is to refill which is great.
 Although I have got to say 
Refilling it is a no no if you don't own the kind of perfume with the spray top on.
 I myself also have a perfume without a spray top which can't be put into this atomizer.
But I do have another Atomiser at home that can take normal perfumes.

So for me it is a wonderful product would be nice to have different ways of refilling,
depending on what kind of perfume you own ie open top or spray top.
But other then that I can't really fault it it is a lovely little product.

Really love the size it is nice compact fits into jacket pocket or clutch bag.
suit jacket pocket or even a compartment in your laptop bag.
very handy for men and women who want to stay smelling lovely.


Where can I buy this product?

It can be brought from travalo website launching in september.

How much is it to buy?

 RRP £35/ US$ 49/ 49Euros.

Can I take this on holiday on a plane?

Yes it is approved but please check before travelling.

What colours do they come in?

The Milano is offered in a range of eight elegant and timeless colours.
(black,white,pink,orange,blue,mint etc)

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