Thursday, 17 September 2015

My New Mascara

Hey girls guys mermaids I am back as promised with a review.
We all know the latest craze with fibre lashes I wasn't convinced with owning over 15 mascaras myself a few which just mascara and a few others that make my lashes long and lovely.

Well I wanted to see what the fuss was about with the fibre lash mascara so The lovely lady at facepaint live sent me one to test and try so i could see what it was about and show you too.

I waited for it to arrive and when it did gave it a go which I loved the result but took pictures and was like my eyebrows are so damn bushy i can't do nice after photos till i get these waxed.
Anyway now that my eyebrows are looking less like slugs and more like eyebrows I have taken some after shots to show you. so here is the review and photos.

My Review on 3d fibre lash mascara From facepaint live.
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Before photo of my lashes

First use

I was skeptical at first thinking mascara is just mascara I thought there's no way this is gonna work on my lashes, But gave it a go first applying the gel mascara then the fibres then some more gel mascara to seal and give it that extra coat.

My thoughts I like it i am not over the moon as such as I did see similar results with some other mascaras I owned but can say This worked well added a bit more length to my lashes but did find even though my lashes was longer they didn't look as great as what other people have got with theirs so maybe I need to apply more.

Then I needed my brows waxing urgently but had to wait for my new eyebrow lady to be available to get her hands on my slugbrows to make them look pretty so I didn't scare you all.
so now they are nice and shaped I will show you some after photos.

so again I used the mascara and Got a better result as i applied extra probably what I needed as my lashes are not as long as other people's naturally but was even more happy with the result.
so I do think if you want even longer you need to apply a little extra etc depending on your natural lash length to how much you need.

So here's The after photos.


Overall verdict

I love the 3d mascara the gel is like a normal mascara but the fibres are what make your lashes look longer, I did like the product but i am not jumping for joy so to speak I do feel I need to get to know the product abit more to fully understand it.

Id say this product is for those of you who are like me and can't get to grips with false lashes and don't want the risk of glue on your lashes etc who want that added length without the added stress and time of getting ready.

This product is simple to use just how you would apply normal mascara it as a very natural feel so to speak well naturally as in it looks like what it is aka makeup, doesn't look like you're wearing false horrid glue lashes.

I give this product a 7/10 on my own opinion but that may change as I get more used to using it.

Well keeping this short and sweet I hope you liked the review.
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Qs and As
How much is it to buy?
It is £23 great british pounds to buy.

Where can I buy it?
You can buy it here at facepaint live.

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