Thursday, 19 February 2015

Show liss pro curler

Hey girls and guys today I am going to review the showliss pro curler,which is a great product for those of you who like to curl your hair, I dont know about you but I never have patience to curl my hair not only does it take hours because my hair is thick and I have so much hair even hairdressers dont bother styling my hair properly because of the time involved.

So I was excited to try this product which I got from Amazon was sent to me and arrived quicker than expected too, it only costs around £69 first thing first as soon as I took it out the box I was so excited I almost dropped it on the floor, anyway hubby was like oh what is it I am like a curler so he plugged it in for me, do have a phobia of plugging in new items incase they go bang I know I am weird but hey I wouldn't be me if I wasnt..

Anyway hubby plugged in the show liss curler and got a piece of my hair clamped it on the device my hair went in we waited for the beeps, opened the device there it was a perfect curl with no burnt fingers.

Hubby and myself was pretty impressed how this device works and I am sure I have no excuse now to try wear a few curls in my hair now and then after all its good to try different looks.

Anyway I am trying keep this review short and sweet.

I really think this product is idea for those who also struggle with curling hair which the bod standard curling tongs which can be great at curling, but also can be a pain when it comes to burnt fingers I struggle myself with curling tongs.

These ones are different though I found them easy to use,
Hubby did too he spent 30 minutes curling my hair with no issues
He is pretty impressed with how well he curled my hair with the showliss pro curl check out pictures, let me know what you think.

What I love about showliss pro curler?

It is easy to use clamp a thin piece of hair, let it take the hair , wait for the beeps let go and there you have perfect curl then you repeat this until you have the desired amount of curls in your hair.
You can either rock a few curls here and there, or rock a full head of curls like I have chosen to do.

either way you will feel proud of your curls that did not take hours to do prob took me 35 Min's maximum  as I have thick hair and lots off it hair I ain't even joking.

What I do not like about showliss curler?

There is not many dislikes about this product other than 
one of the buttons was a bit stiff, to press meaning sometimes you cant use one button but still works fine.

Also there no way of knowing what to do if hair happened to get tangled inside my hair was fine though and didn't tangle.

Overall verdict 

Overall I am pretty impressed With the pro curler by show liss, 
I love the fact its much cheaper then other curlers of the same kind,But is still very well made.

I also love the fact no more burnt fingers with its nifty design of curling the hair for you at ease without the need of you to worry about curling it right for the right amount of time.

I am abit concerned what would happened if your hair got caught inside and how you would get it out,because if not used correctly  if you use it on knotty hair you face the risk of it tangling up inside the device maybe one of you know answer to that one.

Overall thou I am pleased with my new device and am pleased to be able to share with you my thoughts on the product, i have been sceptical on this for a while after hearing mixed views on the babyliss one.

Anyway thanks for reading