Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Vita coco kids drinks

Hey girls and guys I am back with a small review on vita coco.
I hope you enjoy reading I know its an small review but know a few of you have been asking for me to find kids drinks other then some of the ones you already know about.

so thought id share with you today about the brand and drinks incase any of you haven't heard of them also you don't have to have kids to drink these they suitable for adults too.

Vita drinks make great tasting healthy juices 
that most kids love and enjoy.
The juices are not made with just any old water
 the water used is coconut water.
Coconut water is healthy and tastes great.
(free from preservatives and colourings)

The two flavours we got from vita coco.

  • Apple and blackcurrant
  • Mango and pineapple

Both of these are mixed with coconut water. 
Today Chloe as agreed to be my second tester of the drinks as a child herself thought I would ask her and what she thinks after all she is a child who does indeed speak her mind.

Apple And Blackcurrant 

First of all Chloe tried the blackcurrant flavour which is apple and blackcurrant which is mixed with coconut water. After taking a big sip Chloe firsts words were I like it !
she says its very delicious and I asked her if it was better than normal black currant and she nodded her head and said yes mummy it is scrumptious.

Mango And Pineapple

Now for Chloe to try the mango one, Well I am pretty shocked for Chloe who is 5 to say she likes this one too was pretty shocking because Chloe normally only drinks blackcurrant,orange or summer fruits, so she was pretty impressed by the mango one.
Chloe said she would love drink vita coco everyday
 with lunch and dinner.

Now time for me to try the drinks and see what I think.

Blackcurrant And Apple

What I think of the black current one well with being a fussy 24 year old I dont normally like blackcurrant drinks i am more of a strawberry person but I can say this black current is not to bad I think the balance of flavours is pretty spot on not to much apple and not to much blackcurrant

Also think the coconut water just adds that extra special touch to the flavour helping to give it a great taste i would for sure buy the blackcurrant flavour one again as it went down a treat and was very refreshing and tasted great.

Mango And Pineapple

what I think of the mango one I am sorry but its not for me whatsoever the flavours are not for me. the pineapple for me is too overpowering and does not go to well with the mango,the coconut water with these too flavours just didn't seem right.
Thats just my opinion though we all like different things.
it left a dry taste in my mouth,I would not drink the mango one again.

Overall verdict

Overall I am Impressed that my daughter enjoyed both flavours.
I was more so impressed that she liked the mango one as normally she does not like fruits etc and is fussy like me i am impressed that the drinks tasted so nice to her that she said she could and would drink these every day.

I am pleased I liked the blackcurrant as I am not normally one for black currant drinks I have not really ever liked them.
I loved the flavour of this one and how refreshing it was for me and made my feel hydrated and the flavours all worked well.

I was not happy with the taste of the mango and pineapple.
 For me the flavours didn't work and didn't seem like they should be together,I think its something as simple as the balance aint right or it might need something to break up the taste it left my mouth feeling dry and made me more thirsty.

Questions and answers

Where can I buy vita coco drinks?

You can buy Vita Coco Kids at AMAZON
 Wait-rose, Sainsburys, Tesco, Ocaco,
 Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods, 
Planet Organic, 

Thank you for reading 

my review on vita coco