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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder 
Hey girls and guys Today i am gonna Talk you about S.A.D's
Which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Not to be confused with the other sads which is a different disorder altogether .
So you may be thinking what is Seasonal Affective Disorder or,
Know someone living with it or just want to find out about it.
Whatever brings you to this post Thank you for coming over and welcome.

Seasonal Affective disorder is quite common especially in the winter months.
Many people are living with Sads and may not even know they are as the symptoms are very common to depression, Any type of depression you may think you have should always be checked by a doctor to get the right treatment needed to help you feel better.

Causes of seasonal affective disorder.

Medical experts are not sure what causes SAD, But research suggests it is caused by a lack of Sunlight Which is common in winter months when the days are shorter which can upset your body clock (biological clock) which controls your sleep patterns.

What is the difference between 
depression and sads? 
Although it is not the same thing both can be very similar epessily with the symptoms which i will list further down, because they are similar and there are other disorders that can have the same symptoms it is advised you see your doctor and not self diagnose from reading this or anything on the internet, but insted use it as a guild  for when you speak to your doctor about your symptoms.

A few little tips to help you get on road to recovery

Book a doctors appointment !!

Tell your doctor Everything Tell him or her how you are feeling.
Do not be worried or scared, your doctor is there to help you so may ask a few questions.
The questions will help your doctor to find the right treatment for you.
Take the treatment that is required for you to get better

Do not be afraid  !!

Tell A Trusted friend or family member how you are feeling.
If you find yourself alone with your problem please call a support line.
Dont be afraid to ask people for help!
Dont be afraid of feeling sad or crying.

Remember !!

You are not alone
You are loved by your friends and family.
You are special and life is a special gift.

My saying which as helped me through dark times.
Live for now because now is here 
Say this loud or in your head every time you are feeling sad.

Symptoms Of Depression:

You may be experiencing some of these or all of them everyone is different 

Feeling hopeless or useless.
Feeling Sad and/or upset.
Sleeping more often.
Sleeping less often.
Loss of energy.
Appetite changes.
Lack of concentration
Not wanting to go to school/work
Not wanting to live

Those are just a few of the symptoms you may experience as mentioned your symptoms may vary or de different to this so do please speak to a doctor.

 Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

 You may be experiencing some of these.

Feeling sad and/or upset 
Feeling anxious 
Loss of interest sleep more often even when not tired
Sleep pattern changes
Loss of concentration 
Loss of energy
Appetite changes

These are just a few the list can go on and vary person to person.

Treatment and care.

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Both are very common and both can be treated But are Treated Differently depending on the scale of how bad your depression might be, or if you have allergies to certain medication etc.
But below should give you an idea how you might be treated for your sads or depression.

First of all you need to book your self a doctors appointment.
 Talk to your doctor about what is happening and how you are feeling.
It is very common for you to feel scared or worried about going but it is very important to go to the doctor to get the right help needed not only for your sake but for your friends and family sake.

Some of The Treatments for depression 
Help and support groups 

Some of the Treatments for SADs
Light treatment
Support groups (if needed)
counseling (if needed )

Sads is normally treated by light therapy aka LED Technology to simulate natural daylight you can get this in light bulb form so you can be treated at home in your room, also a product which is called Light pad can be used at work,home or anywhere with a plug socket which can even fit in your suitcase or handbag

Find out more about the LIGHT PAD 

Which I Am going to write about in a separate post.

You can read about 
the product and how it works here

Thats all for now I will be back very soon

I hope my post has helped you understand A bit more about Seasonal Affective Disorder.
I also hope it helps you seek help to recover from Sads or depression.

 I am always here for you all if you need a chat pop a comment below this post 
 you can even email me if you want to talk about anything worrying you.
I am not gonna judge you i am am a open mind willing to be your shoulder to cry on.

Urgent Note 

If you are feeling suicidal!
feeling like you can't cope!
Worried about someone who has depression?

You are not alone please seek support
Click HERE for a list of contacts that can help

Do not Forget to check out my post about the Light for sads.
I will post a link here once the post is ready.
light i am using for sads

Sending you lots of strength and love.

Thank you for reading