Monday, 9 February 2015

A Pretty Princess Dress Pendant Ceiling Shade

Hey girls and guys I am back.
Some of you may have read my post about
value lights where I spoke about the light pad for sads.
Also in that post I mentioned that they sell other lights as well.
The other lights and light/lampshades they sell are pretty cool.

so today I have a very special item from value lights to show you.
It is very pretty and pink so please look away if you're offended by the colour pink or if you have any allergies to pink things.

So if you are still reading I am guessing either you love pink, or that you love me, I will go with the first and that you love pink,

Anyway lets continue.

I really want to show you this pendant ceiling light shade because it is truly something special and I think it is unique and special.
I know a few of my readers Have children or nieces or nephews so this might be something for you to read about to see what other cool lampshades there are on the market.

Some people say pink is for girls but hey boys can like pink too.
I will be showing you the pink one because it is the one Chloe has got in her room now and really loves how pretty it is.
There is other styles too which I will show you further down they are unique and pretty cool.

Anyway this is the very special lampshade Chloe now owns.
As you can see it is quite something and not your average lampshade.
I really love the bottom of the lamp shade so pretty and lacy and pink.

I wish i could have one like this with diamonds and pearls on.
I do think these have added a lovely touch to Chloe's room.

     I really love the fact It is affordable. 
it only costs £19.99 to buy from value lights which is a great price.
     A great price for such a pretty lampshade.

please note !!
(This lampshade can only be used with lights up to 40 watt)
Always Check with value lights if unsure
They will be happy to advise you.

Other lights at value lights

Teddy ceiling light shade £29.99
From Value lights
This is the other design which is a teddy 
which I also love I think it looks very cute.
 At this rate I will probably run out of room in my home.
 I have seen so many great lights on value lights.

I also have my eye on a few little lamps
Especially the led bonsai trees  

there are so many wonder lights to choose from I now know why so many people move house so often to find room for all the things they own as well as more room for more.

Overall Verdict

Myself and Chloe really love this light shade
hubby was impressed to and thinks the design is amazing
Chloe really loves her bedroom even more and loves feeling more of a princess she loves how amazing the shade looks on her light.

I love the fact it was not expensive just £19.99.
meaning you can add the extra touch to a bedroom for a small price.
I love the other designs value lights too i think i have a new addiction fancy lights and lamp shades yeah i know i am weird.

well not sure what else to say
just wanted to show you Chloe's new light shade.
And to show you some of the other kids designs like this they do which are very unique and special.

which are your favourite products from value lights?

my collage I put together with pics of the light shades.

Thank you for reading