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Cocoa Brown Tanning Tips

Cocoa Browns Tanning tips

Hey girls and girls well its the end of jan now meaning valentines is just a tan away.
Cocoa brown contacted me and asked if I wanted to post these tanning tips.
 They know how many of you love my beauty product reviews and post.
Please note Even tho this is an infographic I was not paid for this post.
So Feel free to enjoy these tanning tips courtesy of cocoa brown.
Also would love to know what you think of cocoa brown?

I am hoping to try it at some point as my current fave is Laurens way glam tan.
But really eager to buy cocoa brown at some point to try and review.
 for anyone who is not a fan of tanning please feel free to share link to this post 
so your friends who may be a fan of tanning can have a cheeky read ;)

Step 1

When it comes to tanning, preparation is key. 
Remove rough, dry,flaky skin and any uneven bumps 
(also known as keratin plugs)on the skin by exfoliating using 
Cocoa Brown TOUGH STUFF Body Scrub, €4.99/£4.99

The multi award-winning body scrub from the Cocoa Brown 
tanning range. 

Start at your toes and work your way towards your heart to get your blood flowing and increase your circulation which brings oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, making it appear more healthy and radiant.

TOUGH STUFF contains finely ground pumice which will do a far better job of exfoliating than your typical apricot or walnut kernel body scrubs. Don’t be fooled by the pretty pink colour of the tube or scrub – this body scrub means business and will leave your skin feeling smoother than it ever has. Pay particular attention to areas such as your hands, feet, elbows and knees which can be particularly prone to dryness.

Step 2

Now that your body is exfoliated 
your skin will be at its most absorbent and will drink up 
any moisturiser you put on. The award winning body moisturiser 

Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser, €3.99/£3.99,
hydrates and plumps skin so that it appears 
luminous and radiant and helps prepare skin for Cocoa Brown Tan. 
Rich in vitamin E, it nourishes dry skin. Its other star ingredient, Panthenol, leaves skin feeling silky. 

The chocolate scent ensures your skin smells good enough to eat! Chocolate Whip won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or oily and you can dress within minutes of application. Because its oil-free formula makes it absorb quickly and easily into the skin. Apply everyday in the lead up to your Valentines Day tanning application and a small amount to knees, elbows and feet on the day you are applying tan.

Step 3

You are now ready to apply your Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN DARK, €7.99/£7.99

Apply using our pink tanning mitt, sweeping back and forth with the product to ensure a streak-free result. 1 HOUR TAN DARK is a brown mousse formulation so you can see where you are applying it and it’s fast drying too. 

It has no fake tan pong, only a beautiful floral Tahitian Gardenia scent and leaves deeply bronzed skin without the risk of an orange tint. Leave it to develop for 1, 2 or 3 hours, depending on how dark you’d like your tan to look.

Once you rinse your 1 HOUR TAN DARK, you can add an additional layer of Chocolate Whip everyday to lock in moisture and extend the life of your Cocoa Brown glow. Of course, Chocolate Whip has the added benefit of making you smell irresistible for that special someone too making it, along with the scented TOUGH STUFF Body Scrub and 1 HOUR TAN DARK, a Valentines Day beauty essential!

thank you for reading 
Thank you for reading this infographic post 
Please note i wasnt paid for this post and it was posted of my own free wall.
I hope you enjoy these tanning tips feel free to share link to this post on twitter and facebook instragram etc
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Lots of love hugs and kisses
Caroline aka cazziieglamour


Cocoa Brown TOUGH STUFF Body Scrub, €4.99/£4.99
Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser, €3.99/£3.99 
 Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN DARK,  €7.99/£7.99

Are all available at Superdrug, Primark/Penneys, Dunnes, Tesco Ireland, Llyods Pharmacy UK, Boots Ireland, Heatons, online at and Please visit for more stockist information.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Truth Body sizes

The Truth about Body Size

Image courtesy of Jeanne claire maarbes

Hi Girls and Guys Im back with Article!
as some of you know I wrote a post called The Truth and Dangers Behind diets.
In That post I spoke to you about dangerous pills causing health problems.
And I gave you tips on how to stay Healthy without having to do fad celeb diets or drinking dieting juice.

The tips I was given by the Expert nutritionists and fitness experts as well
Victoria pendleton olympic athlete Dr christian jessen from embarrassing bodies.

 If you have not all already read it please take a look.

Lets continue . . . . .

Anyway you all know I love a good rant with subjects close to my heart.
So Today I am going to talk to you about body shape and sizes,
 we live in a world where we are judged for being too skinny or too fat.
 And I really hate these labels because it is very judgemental,
These words really hurt The body shaming needs to stop today!

Why can't we love ourselves?

As a slim woman myself who has struggled to put on weight been called skinny sometimes really affects me.
I have friends who are more curvy than me who get called fat by society purely down to media.
The media in this day and age paint a unrealistic picture of celebs models actors etc, showing them with perfect skin, slim or toned bodies and big boobs sick packs and more which 90% of the time is photoshopped.

Unrealistic Images Does not only have a impact on our mental health but it also affects our children as well.
With Kids bullying other kids because they look different to what they are used to seeing.
 As adults we all need to wake up and start making an impact showing the world who we are.
More and more people are now wanting plastic surgery to look slimmer or to gain more curves or to get bigger boobs or fuller lips, and with alot of people not having money they are risking their lives with backstreet places most of which are unhygienic and not licenced to be performing such surgery.

Not only are they showing unrealistic images of photoshopped celebs.
They are showing celebs who are advertising plastic surgery,
The average magazine these days is like an argos catalogue for our bodies.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles
The worst part is they are advising and promoting unhealthy and dangerous diets.
Recently there was a diet pill been shown all over the web which one of my friends was taking,
Well now she is not taking the pill after everyone has warned her after someone died from taking it.

I have told you before and i will tell you again
You can get healthy and fit without the need of dangerous pills!!
Please dont take the risk if in doubt ask your doctor or healthcare provider.

Image courtesy of marin

We need to be showing we all may look different but we are all human so what if the girl next door is more curvy than you, or if the man across the street as more muscles than you.
We need to wake up and see its not About looking like a celeb in a magazine who is photoshopped and about embracing what we are born with and loving each other for what we are.

Health should come first so as long as you are not taking dangerous diet pills which are very dangerous and can cause serious health effects as well as death, and as long as you are not eating lard every day.
I would rather be healthy then look like kate moss not only because health is more important but because i dont want a label i dont wanna be someone else I want to be me I love being unique and my own person.

I was doing my research and my voucher codes was kind enough provide some results on a survey they held here are the findings.

Research from an online voucher websites show that the ideal figure most Brits want isn’t the tiny sizes shown in magazines, adverts and on TV but in fact a more realistic and attainable size. In the UK the average body size for a woman is a size 14, however retailers, designers and fashion magazines have always considered this larger or a plus size. But according to the stats, for many people a size 14 is the most desirable body size.
Online voucher website MyVoucherCodes surveyed men and women in the UK to see what they thought the ideal female body was. The results showed both men and women favoured a size 14, the UK national average, over smaller sizes often favoured by designers and retailers. Asking respondents which body type from images featuring sizes from 8 to 16 they thought was their ideal size, the majority of women – 36% – and the majority of men – 42% – chose size 14.  
At a time when many people are looking at their health, including their weight, and millions starting diets, MyVoucherCodes asked 500 men and 500 women to choose their ideal body type, the results showed both sexes preferred curvy or plus sized figures, in the UK that is a size 14.
  • When asked, 23% of men also thought a size 10 was the ideal size for a woman however only 16% of women feel the same.
  • Twenty-seven percent of women thought that a size 8 was the ideal size along with 22% of men surveyed.
  • Only 9% of women and 5% of men considered a size 12 to be the ideal size, while just 11% of women and 7% of men opted for size 16.

Speaking about the results Mark Pearson from MyVoucherCodes said:
“The press continuously bombard men and women with images of what they consider to be the ideal female body size, however our survey shows that the majority of men and women actually prefer bigger sizes. At a time when many women are feeling self-conscious, it’s good to see many people have realistic views about body images. “
He added:

“It seems although we are told one thing by the media, people actually trust their own instincts and go with body types which they prefer, not what is forced upon people and paraded by the fashion designers, clothing brands and magazines. “

So that was the findings as a blogger who reviews products which a great readership I feel I need to help get this post out there abit more we need to wake up and love ourselves slim or curvey tall or short. you are beautiful Please dont let the media or anyone else tell you different.

As long as you are happy and healthy that is all that matters i hope you have enjoyed reading this post even though it was abit of a rant but its subject close to my heart i want the body shaming to end and this includes songs in the charts that are body shaming its needs to end.
With a balanced diet and exercise you can stay healthy !
Thanks for reading my beautiful reader.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Win Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz DVD

Hi girls and guys.

So january's been one hectic month so far and as a thank you for your support so far I am holding a comp with it been january as well and everyone wanting to get fit the prize is perfect for those who want to work out at home and not have to find time and money to join a gym.

So this competition is perfect for you all who want to stay healthy get active and keep fit, and epessily to those of you who read one of my most read fitness blog posts about the truths and dangers behind diets.

As mentioned in the fitness post of mine, you can burn calories at home without having to join the gym and take dangerous pills so feel free to enter this competition to win a copy of Charlotte Crosby's 3 minute belly blitz Courtesy of cash generator.

Whoever wins will have the charlotte crosby's 3 minute belly blitz dvd sent out to them via cash generator.
Feel free to share the link with friends so they can enter too.
There can only be one winner so make sure you only enter if you are gonna use the prize.

Thank you and good luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you dont wanna enter, and want to know where to buy the dvd.
amazon sell it and other good retailers.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Ecoegg laundry egg

Eco Egg Review

Hi girls and guys, today I have a Ecoegg to review for you.
So I have come across this ecoegg and wanted to try it for you.
 I know a few of you have been asking for me to review a eco products
 so ecoegg company was kind enough to send me one to try and review for you all.

So First things first 
when it arrived my hubby was like oh you have a parcel 
He read the label and was like ecoegg 
It was a product hes seen before on Tv.
He got all excited wanting to open The parcel 
There was me like no not just yet I have the beauty reviews to do first.

So I hope your enjoy reading my review and I hope it was worth the wait.

Read more 

Little info about Eco Egg

Eco egg is not tested on animals meaning no animals was harmed.

I do not know how much you know about Eco egg,
but it all started due to there being few alternatives to washing detergents.
which are filled with chemicals and irritate sensitive skin. 
*Contain No Harsh Chemicals.
* Are kind To The Environment 
* Helps To Save You Money,
*Have Won A Few Awards
*Are Not Tested On animals

Ecoegg also work with the national eczema society and allergy UK 


   Eco By Name Eco By Nature

Another amazing thing about eco egg is that it is also great way to help save you cash.
 Lasting 210 washes Eco Eggs are great for those on a budget. 
Costing just £7.99 for the egg which works out as just 3p per wash.
(You will have more pennies and pounds for your savings jar)

No more carrying heavy washing powder back from the shops.
No more buying separate washing detergents for different family members.
Allergy Tested Meaning Eco Egg Is Perfect For All the family.

Handy travel size Fits in Handbag and Fits in suitcase.
 perfect for those little trips away.

Also If you Travel abroad You May Find its hard to

*Find products That won't irritate your skin,
* Find Products that are not tested on animals
* Find products that are cheap
* Find products that smell great.

But dont fear Ecoegg is Here to save the day.

( Please check guidelines before traveling )

Time To Wash My Clothes 

(This is where I Egg my clothes) with the laundry egg of course)

I popped some white clothes in the wash first then throw the egg inside too I decided to test on the whites first because we all know how quick our white clothes start looking dull after so many washes. The worst of all was the old towel we keep by our door that leaks water.

Lets Put It To The Test

old towel before wash
Anyway the cycle was on and i was eager checking the timer on the washing machine as well as looking through the door excited to see if it was working like a big kid thats never seen a washing machine in use before.

After the washing cycle had finished the washing machine beeped, me and hubby raced to the kitchen. I opened the washing machine door and pulled the washing out of the machine to check how well the ecoegg performed.

The first thing I noticed was how much whiter the white clothes looked they was almost as white as what they was when I first brought the clothes. Then I pulled out that old dirty towel.

Lets see how well it cleaned the towel 

Towel after using eco egg

Well as you can see its 100 times cleaner although there is some very faint stains left.
The Eco egg as really done well with this one as they was some proper stains.

Anyway lets see what hubbys reaction was.
Hubby smelt the clothes and said “ This is the best smelling washing we have ever had"
 He said that with big grin on his face like a kid at christmas.

Now trust me on this one my hubby is a fussy one when it comes to clothes smelling good and not even our branded fabric conditioner smells as good as the eco egg.

Although some of the stains on the whites was still there but were not as bad, the eco egg did fade the stains.

I do suggest anyone buying this product to also invest in the eco stain remover,
 Especially if you have kids or are a messy eater like myself.

Fabric conditioner is optional meaning it is only needed if you want your clothes to have a stronger scent after washing, although the egg left my clothes smelling great without using any.

So you can use fabric conditioner if desired for that added extra scented goodness and as well as added extra softness.

Overall review

 Performance 9/10
Fragrance 10/10
Eco score 10/10

The Eco Egg has really impressed me and I shall continue to use the Ecoegg because brightened my white clothes it made my clothes smell really fresh and amazing the smell reminds me of a daydream in summer.

I love how gentle it is on the skin due to it being allergy tested, I shall also be using this on my daughters school uniform so I know she will be getting the best for her skin.

The ecoegg is also very eco friendly not only can you reuse the egg the pellets inside last 210 washes, and are cheap to buy when you need to refill meaning you save money and get more for your money at the same time.

I love the fact it made my washing smell amazing no other laundry brand has ever come close to this.

But if you want an even stronger fresh smelling scent and that added touch of softness check out the ecoegg concentrated fabric conditioner.

The only thing as I said above is that if you are someone who is a messy eater or someone that has kids etc you may want to invest in the stain remover too as the stain remover will help get out any stubborn stains.

Questions and answers

What other products do ecoegg sell?
Ecoegg also sell concentrated fabric conditioner, stain remover, tumble dryer scented balls etc.
All of the Ecoegg products are allergy tested meaning you will get the best for your skin.

Does Ecoegg sell a fragrance free ecoegg?
Yes indeed there is fragrance free ecoegg laundry egg.

Are eco eggs easy to use?
Yes indeed pop the washing pellets in the egg close the egg.

How can I contact ecoegg?
You can contact them via the ecoegg website.

You can also find eco egg on social media.

Thank you for reading my review on Eco egg laundry egg.
 The only egg that washes your clothes.
I hope you have enjoyed reading


Here is a few Ecoegg products there is more on the ecoegg website.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Oz Naturals serums

Oz naturals serums

Hey girls and guys I have another oz naturals product to review for you.
As some of you know i was sent three products from a company called oz naturals.
The oz naturals toner that I reviewed just the other day was the first of the three of the products.
So anyway today I am going to review the other two products which are anti aging serums.

Both of these serums are very much alike they both are great for helping the skin become more youthful again, the ingredients in both serums are different.
I was confused at first where both products contained the hyaluronic acid as well as vitamin c.
But it is the other ingredients inside that make these to wonderful products separate from each other so they do different things I will put the info which shows the benefits of each serum a bit further down the post.


I applied a few drops of the serums to my face and first thoughts was how light the product was.
The product felt so gentle on my face and neck almost like applying water, I love how my dry skin felt a lot more moisturised almost like my skin as been in the desert and finally got some water it needed.

I only have used this a few days so far and am loving it i don't have many wrinkles so hard to test that side of things but can say my skin does in fact feel soft,toned and a lot firmer I feel like I have new skin and that its fresh and new which as left me feeling really confident and happy about my skin i can not stop touching my face and feeling how nice my skin feels not only inside but outside as well.

I am pretty impressed as It didn't sting my face I have used creams before designed for dry skin on barbies and they have stung my face,But this product did not sting one bit in fact it felt more gentle as a product.

The Benefits Of The Oz Naturals Serums.

photo source oz naturals 
Vitamin C Serum 

- Proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen which makes your skin appear younger and more vibrant.
- Antioxidant properties that will reduce skin damage caused by the sun, pollution & cigarette smoke.
- Our Vitamin C helps to stimulate your skin's rate of exfoliation for a brighter, smoother complexion.
- Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Boosts Collagen Production For An Instant Youthful Appearance

photo source oz naturals

Hyaluronic Acid serum

- Delivers a youthful and vibrant appearance to your skin
- Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness
- Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Formulated with the highest concentration of pharmaceutical HA
- Contains the same HA used in the world's most expensive serums
- Boosts Collagen Production For An Instant Youthful Appearance
- Made in the USA

Overall review

scores for both products 8/10

I like these serums when I started using them My skin felt like it was getting the moisture it needed when i used these serums along with the oz naturals toner it had a much better effect.
My skin also felt tighter and just more healthy I was thinking maybe the placebo effect at first.
But i do not think this is the case at all with this product I am going to keep on using it.
These smelt so much better than the toner by far, the smell is very subtle but its a nicer smell.

The thing that made me a bit scared to use them was the words hyaluronic acid reminded me of being in a science class at school hearing such a word that makes you start thinking is it safe?
I liked the dropper applicator but still makes it very scientific in a way.

I like this range now and I love the fact it comes at a really affordable price,compared to other anti-aging serums on the market and is alot safer than any cheaper ones on the market.
You have to be careful with products these days so make sure you are buying from a company that you can 100% trust. 

I have not really had a skincare routine that I have stuck to before, But I am going to try my best to stick to this one if I can which is using the toner I reviewed along with these two serums.
I am tempted to get the whole range of oz naturals as I am very much impressed.

Questions and answers.

Q:What didnt you like about the product?
A: i liked everything pretty much apart from the serum not been fragranced enough.

Q:How did the serums feel on the skin?
A: The serums felt very light and gentle to the skin.

Q: Did you have a reaction to any of the serums?
A: Not at all no reactions it felt like putting water on my skin.

Q: What other products from oz naturals are you dying to try?
A: I am very much wanting to try them all at some point.

So thats all for now i will be back soon .
I have another product here which is not a beauty one but a product that will save you money and be very helpful not only in the home but on your travels too.
So make sure your following me on twitter,bloglovin etc so you dont miss out on the post. 

Thank you for reading

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Valentines Day Wishlist 2015 (toxicfox)

Valentines day wishlist

Hi girls and guys I know we are only in january but valentines is not far away, so I thought I would do a post on wish list ideas for everyone.

If your single do not fear valentines day does not only have to be for couples its for everyone.
Why not treat your self to a gift after all you deserve something special too, or you could even buy a gift for a friend or family member to show them how much you love them or even better if you have kids why not treat your kids to a little something.

You could even buy your neighbour a gift to say thank you for been a good neighbour.
The website sells so many lovely things so maybe theres a birthday coming up too or a friend is getting married? there are so many gifts to choose from for all occasions.

So I am going to write a wishlist but it is more of an gift idea list as well so here goes there is something for everyone.

For Coffee lovers

I probably need rehab seeing as this is first on my list As some of you know my addiction with coffee I choose these two gifts because as a coffee lover myself these two stood out the most when i searched for coffee.

These gifts below are perfect for coffee drinkers and coffee addicts as a novelty gift that perfectly suits me I would use this at home and even away from home but i am a little crazy.

There are more coffee gifts on the toxic fox website feel free to have a look.

Special gifts

For those who like the finer things in life not only are these extra special gifts they are a good price perfect for those on a budget who want something nice to buy themselves or for someone special.

As you can see above these are great value for lovely gifts that are a little bit extra special.

For adventure lovers (experience days)

For those who like to live a little and have some fun,and those who want to relax and unwind with a day out at a spa, whatever you may like there is something for everyone.
These are my top picks.

These was my favorites although there is more to choose from on the website.
What will you next adventure be?

Gifts For the adults (over 18s only please )

Like to experiment like to be naughty these gifts are perfect for you.
From the spine tingling to the toe curling these gifts will be sure to spice up your life.
single or in a relationship these are naughty but very fun gifts.

Please visit  toxic fox website for these.
Please note over 18s only due to nature of the gifts.

Please do not click if you are under 18 or are offended by adult material/gifts.

Thats the few items that stood out to me, I Think this is a nice mixture of gift ideas, to help you choose the perfect gift for your loved one, please note there is a more on the toxic fox website. 

Little bit of a ramble 

As some of you may know from my christmas wishlist article I do not like this whole thing of gift for boys gifts for girls as I do belive gifts should be for all and not aimed at one gender.
So for me the whole gifts for her, and gifts for him thing is more of a guild then a rule.
If you want to buy a bottle of whisky for a woman why not if she likes whisky go for it.
And if you want to buy a man a pink mug why not I sound like a total freak right now but i do have a point when I say live a little lets stop making up these rules.

But saying that above I do feel sometimes having it categorised does help for those of you who disagree with what i believe or those of you who are looking for something in particular if you are in a rush by knowing where to find it.

Anyway I Hope this has helped you with some ideas for valentine's day.
Toxicfox do sell many other items so please do have a look what else they have to offer.

Thats all for now thank you for reading.
like to offer a 10% off voucher code – TFLove