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The Truth Body sizes

The Truth about Body Size

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Hi Girls and Guys Im back with Article!
as some of you know I wrote a post called The Truth and Dangers Behind diets.
In That post I spoke to you about dangerous pills causing health problems.
And I gave you tips on how to stay Healthy without having to do fad celeb diets or drinking dieting juice.

The tips I was given by the Expert nutritionists and fitness experts as well
Victoria pendleton olympic athlete Dr christian jessen from embarrassing bodies.

 If you have not all already read it please take a look.

Lets continue . . . . .

Anyway you all know I love a good rant with subjects close to my heart.
So Today I am going to talk to you about body shape and sizes,
 we live in a world where we are judged for being too skinny or too fat.
 And I really hate these labels because it is very judgemental,
These words really hurt The body shaming needs to stop today!

Why can't we love ourselves?

As a slim woman myself who has struggled to put on weight been called skinny sometimes really affects me.
I have friends who are more curvy than me who get called fat by society purely down to media.
The media in this day and age paint a unrealistic picture of celebs models actors etc, showing them with perfect skin, slim or toned bodies and big boobs sick packs and more which 90% of the time is photoshopped.

Unrealistic Images Does not only have a impact on our mental health but it also affects our children as well.
With Kids bullying other kids because they look different to what they are used to seeing.
 As adults we all need to wake up and start making an impact showing the world who we are.
More and more people are now wanting plastic surgery to look slimmer or to gain more curves or to get bigger boobs or fuller lips, and with alot of people not having money they are risking their lives with backstreet places most of which are unhygienic and not licenced to be performing such surgery.

Not only are they showing unrealistic images of photoshopped celebs.
They are showing celebs who are advertising plastic surgery,
The average magazine these days is like an argos catalogue for our bodies.

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The worst part is they are advising and promoting unhealthy and dangerous diets.
Recently there was a diet pill been shown all over the web which one of my friends was taking,
Well now she is not taking the pill after everyone has warned her after someone died from taking it.

I have told you before and i will tell you again
You can get healthy and fit without the need of dangerous pills!!
Please dont take the risk if in doubt ask your doctor or healthcare provider.

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We need to be showing we all may look different but we are all human so what if the girl next door is more curvy than you, or if the man across the street as more muscles than you.
We need to wake up and see its not About looking like a celeb in a magazine who is photoshopped and about embracing what we are born with and loving each other for what we are.

Health should come first so as long as you are not taking dangerous diet pills which are very dangerous and can cause serious health effects as well as death, and as long as you are not eating lard every day.
I would rather be healthy then look like kate moss not only because health is more important but because i dont want a label i dont wanna be someone else I want to be me I love being unique and my own person.

I was doing my research and my voucher codes was kind enough provide some results on a survey they held here are the findings.

Research from an online voucher websites show that the ideal figure most Brits want isn’t the tiny sizes shown in magazines, adverts and on TV but in fact a more realistic and attainable size. In the UK the average body size for a woman is a size 14, however retailers, designers and fashion magazines have always considered this larger or a plus size. But according to the stats, for many people a size 14 is the most desirable body size.
Online voucher website MyVoucherCodes surveyed men and women in the UK to see what they thought the ideal female body was. The results showed both men and women favoured a size 14, the UK national average, over smaller sizes often favoured by designers and retailers. Asking respondents which body type from images featuring sizes from 8 to 16 they thought was their ideal size, the majority of women – 36% – and the majority of men – 42% – chose size 14.  
At a time when many people are looking at their health, including their weight, and millions starting diets, MyVoucherCodes asked 500 men and 500 women to choose their ideal body type, the results showed both sexes preferred curvy or plus sized figures, in the UK that is a size 14.
  • When asked, 23% of men also thought a size 10 was the ideal size for a woman however only 16% of women feel the same.
  • Twenty-seven percent of women thought that a size 8 was the ideal size along with 22% of men surveyed.
  • Only 9% of women and 5% of men considered a size 12 to be the ideal size, while just 11% of women and 7% of men opted for size 16.

Speaking about the results Mark Pearson from MyVoucherCodes said:
“The press continuously bombard men and women with images of what they consider to be the ideal female body size, however our survey shows that the majority of men and women actually prefer bigger sizes. At a time when many women are feeling self-conscious, it’s good to see many people have realistic views about body images. “
He added:

“It seems although we are told one thing by the media, people actually trust their own instincts and go with body types which they prefer, not what is forced upon people and paraded by the fashion designers, clothing brands and magazines. “

So that was the findings as a blogger who reviews products which a great readership I feel I need to help get this post out there abit more we need to wake up and love ourselves slim or curvey tall or short. you are beautiful Please dont let the media or anyone else tell you different.

As long as you are happy and healthy that is all that matters i hope you have enjoyed reading this post even though it was abit of a rant but its subject close to my heart i want the body shaming to end and this includes songs in the charts that are body shaming its needs to end.
With a balanced diet and exercise you can stay healthy !
Thanks for reading my beautiful reader.