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Sony Xperia Z2 Review

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Sony Xperia Z2

Hi everyone today i am going to review my Hubby’s Sony Xperia Z2 phone
He is pleased to work with me on this review on the Sony xperia Z2 and I am excited to share our thoughts with you all as it is a very impressive phone that is even more impressive and far superior than most phones on the current market carry on reading to find out why we find this phone impressive and great.
(review on this phone and 100% honest opinion of myself and my Hubby)
From the moment my Hubby took the Sony Z2 out of the box he fell in love with the phone.
Like a kid at Christmas he was excited to test it out and even i was excited to see what the Z2
could do and if it was as impressive as other phones on the current market.


Sleek and Attractive and well designed with its impressive 5.2 inch display your sure to enjoy watching movies,reading emails,reading websites and playing games and whatever you normally do.

The 5.2 inch screen/display is also full Hd 1920x1080 with 423 pixels per inch, Also ips which gives you a excellent viewing angle and accurate colours from edge to edge and sharp images,

Ips also gives you a fabulous viewing angle no matter what angle you're looking at it from.


The xperia z2 being waterproof, you can take pictures whilst swimming in fresh water for up to 30 minutes,you can take photos whilst swimming or even dive up to 1.5 metres of water as long as you remember to close the covers for the micro usb port,the micro Sim slot and the memory card slot.

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I really like this feature because dropping our phones down the toilet or toddlers spilling drinks on our phones seems to be very common as accidents do happen even the not so accidental like when your by the pool with your friends and you get pushed in, or even in the summer and your friends decide to have a water fight and throw water over you.

With the z2 this will give you just that little piece of mind as long as the usb port,memory card slot and the Sim slot are closed and that you haven't gone in water deeper than 1.5 metres.
no more drying your phone out for a week as you would have to do with most other phones if they get wet with the z2 if it gets wet just wipe the phone dry and you're ready to go again.
The xperia Z2 is also dust-resistant to even the tiniest dust particles which is pretty handy.
Dust resistant and Waterproof is pretty impressive when it comes to phones as we all dislike dust as it can make us sneeze and Dust doesn't look very attractive.



It performs excellently as far as phones go with its Quad Core Processor,2.3 GHz and 3GB ram which is pretty impressive.You can run multiple apps simultaneously surf the web with little loading time,stream videos without a break. The asynchronous processor makes sure each core is powered independently.
So you can get the precise amount of power when you need it most,Without wasting power when you don't really need it.

The graphics are very extremely brilliant Delivering up to 20% increased graphic performance.
The updated Adreno 330 GPU (graphics processing unit) gives you by far the most advance and visually
stunning 3D games, and lets you browse the web quickly whilst using the lowest power consumption.
Significantly improve your battery life with Battery STAMINA mode As we all know Smart phones use a lot of power, even when you're not actively using hubby says his z2 lasts on average around 2 days without charge if you don't use it a lot it may even last 3 days without charge but it is a power hungry phone so the more you use it the quicker the battery will drain.
Because of the large Battery and the charger that comes with it the phone takes around 3 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.

All of the apps you have on your android smart phone that are running in the background are draining your battery But with the z2 it has Battery STAMINA Mode which minimises battery drain.
It will recognise when you are not using your z2 display and automatically turns off the functions you do not need, whilst keeping the notifications you want.
As soon as your fingers press the power button it will wake up your screen and everything is up and running again pretty impressive aye.


Ever remember when phones didn't have Internet and how different life was years ago yes I'm pretty old. but technology has moved on over the years from the first Internet enabled phone to the first ever wifi phone. we just can't live without the Internet i am one to hold my hands up to this without the Internet i wouldn't be writing this now.

The Z2 has wifi meaning when you're in a wifi spot may it be at home or in a cafe or at a friends house your never too far away from the Internet which can be a good thing if you're a social media addict like myself or even if you're one who loves reading the latest fashion or celeb news or sending work emails. Also the Z2 has NFC which means (near field communication) is another useful thing in London where i live the bus stops have NFC where you turn your NFC on on your phone and place it on the NFC bit on side of the bus stop and it lets you know how long the buses that stop there are going to be. Also with NFC you can send files to other NFC devices and receive files from other NFC devices.NFC is also useful for many other things like playing music on your android smart phone by connecting through a wireless NFC-enabled Sony speaker or headphones.


The 4k camcorder and 20,7 MP camera is brilliant for all those summer holiday snaps and family portraits and videos of your treasured moments may it be your child's first steps or your family holiday etc.

You will have razor sharp images and super quality videos to share with your loved ones and treasure forever,Also it has a Time Shift feature which means you can capture your videos in slow motion 120 frames per second (120 fps) great for those you've been framed moments IE capturing your friend getting a water balloon thrown at them time shift allows you to watch in slow motion which is fantastic it is one of the best features which myself and my hubby love.
check out this video Xperia Z2 Time shift there are also a few good camera apps check out the Sony website here for more info


Clear and loud with Sony's audio technology you will experience the best sound.
Digital noise cancelling earphones which blocks out unwanted sound when you're listening to music or on that important call.
With three digital noise cancelling settings to choose from your have the perfect listening experience delivered by Sony Please take precautions if you're crossing roads etc because safety comes first !!
Noise cancellation however is great if you're on a noisy bus and want to listen to your music without all the background noise on the bus as we all enjoy peaceful bus journeys.

Sony Xperia Specs


163 grams


20.7 mega pixel camera


146.8 x 8.2 mm


Waterproof: IP55*** and IP58****
Dust resistant: IP55****

Xperia Z2 Battery

Talk time: up to 19 hours ***
Standby time: up to 740 hours ***
Music listening time: up to 120 hours ***
Video playback time up to 10 hours ***
Battery:3200 mAh minimum

Inside the z2

Google android 4.4 (kitkat) ← not the chocolate type!
2.3 GHz Qualcomm MSM8974AB Quad-core

Xperia Z2 Display:

5.2 inch Full HD TRILUMINOS Display with X-Reality for mobile picture engine
16,777,216 colours Full HD 1920x1080 pixels

To Read full specs and info on the Sony xperia Z2 check out Sony website here

Overall verdict

The Sony Xperia Z2 is a great phone with many excellent features from the 4k camcorder to the 20.7 mp camera to the sound, and the waterproof technology. The Z2 is a wonderful phone with the latest technology making sure that you can do all those important things you need to do from sending emails to capturing your best friends wedding or capturing your child's first steps. The Z2 is great for everyone and your be sure to enjoy using it and feel proud owning it. My Hubby really loves the z2 and even takes it in the bath to watch films or listen to music whilst soaking in the bath without the fear or water damaging his beloved phone.

However there is a slight downside which Sony are working on to fix is that sometimes the phone can get quite warm when playing games for long periods of time as i mentioned Sony are working on it, so be sure to check out their website to find out more about the phone. You can also test drive phones at all great phone stores before purchasing a phone. Many phone stores allow you to do this so you can get an idea if a phone is right for you and your needs.

That's pretty much it for now i hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it.
Please feel free to comment below ask any questions you may have and me or my hubby will try answer the best way we can. Also feel free to share link to this review to your friends and family after all sharing is caring also if you have a blog or website feel free to post a link to it along with your comment below this post.
Thanks for reading


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Thursday, 26 June 2014

The truth and dangers behind diets

How to get fit and healthy and lose weight the healthy way.
And the Dangers of celebrity diets and how they can have an impact on our health

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Today i am going to cover the topic about the dangers of diets and juice diets
summer is officially here in the uk and i know so many of you tend to go on diets in the summer just before your holidays,weddings to fit into a bikini or wedding dress.

We all try to copy the latest trends of fashion and diets that we see in magazines,newspapers and on tv and on the internet.
The problem with this is there are so many false claims from companies
that are promoting unhealthy diets that can have a impact on our health.

There are some companies that claim to help you lose weight by just drinking their juices or taking thier diet pills and there is also diets that claim to help you lose weight too.
There is also alot of magazines printing celebs on diets most of which are fad diets.
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Fad diets can be risky and dangerous causing many health problems like weakening of the bones from the lack of calcium and vitamins, 

So please read through my article because you could be in danger.
I have also seen that some of diet drinks that people are selling via social media which a few people i know have tried and have suffered bad side effects such as throwing up having bad migraines extreme tiredness,hair falling out,depression and feeling faint.

As some of you may already know i recently went to the simply great launch party in london where i met Dr Christian Jessen who is best known for presenting on the tv shows
supersize vs superskinny and Embasering bodies.
I also met victoria pendleton a world wide champion, and a few other health experts.
We was talking about how to stay healthy, keep fit and lose weight.And about balanced diets.

Dr christian jessen first of all said "do not do any of the celeb diets or fad diets you read about These can be Harmful to your health and some people end up with flakey skin,
and even their hair falling out and other side effects that may vary person to person
Even if they do make you lose weight you don't wanna go down this road because it can have a major impact on your health and cause many health problems"

Which i knew was 100% true because One of my friends jennifer was on a fruit and veg smoothie diet and said this

“ I was on a fruit and veg smoothie diet which was recommend to me by someone who claimed it would help me lose weight, but it made me physically sick and ill and it made me feel as if i was starving myself i will never be doing that again!
I now understand the importance of a healthy balanced diet and will be making sure
i have a balanced diet and getting exercise as it is the safer way to staying healthy”

So If you want to lose weight or improve your fitness there is a better easier and far cheaper option.
you dont have to join a gym or starve yourself and don't have to give up chocolate.
thats right folks you can still have chocolate!
(Its all about moderation so a little chocolate won't harm you)

so whats a healthy diet?
A healthy diet is a balanced diet basically a mixture of different essentials your body needs.
This includes carbohydrates,protein,fibre etc.
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you can find these essentials in foods such as.

wholemeal bread,
fresh fish,
fresh fruit
fresh vegetables
(if you have allergies you can find alternatives)
you can still have the naughty treats such as chocolate cake because we all deserve a treat now and again even Dr christian even said he is a lover of chocolate cake.

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Also along with your balanced diet make sure you are getting exercise this can be things such as

  • walking your dog ( you both can get exercise together)
  • walking to the local shop (walking never hurt anyone)
  • swimming (great for relaxing and keeping fit)
  • dancing (you don't need to be a great dancer to dance)
  • housework - (yes this can burn calories too)
  • exercise dvds ( you can work out in your own home)
  • lifting weights (you can use tins if you don't have weights)
  • playing in park with your children or grandchildren is another good one.

There is no need to join a gym either but you can join one if you find working out at the gym works
better for you then thats fine, as you can meet other people at the gym too which can also help.
it all depends on what you are comfortable with and happy with each person is different.
There are many other ways to get exercise as well it all depends on what you can manage and what works best for you and what fits around your daily/weekly plans.
(moral support along with willpower is also good to help you get on track to keeping fit)

My best friend Amy who has been on many different diets including the 9-5 diet
some of the diets made her feel unwell and get headaches tiredness feeling sick etc.
But she is now on a food plan which contains a healthy balance of food along with going to the gym and getting exercise from walking her dog,and dancing in her front room.
I have been supporting her through out giving her the praise she deserves,
i also give her advice or just chatting away about stuff we normally talk about.
since being on a balanced diet amy as not only lost weight she feels great too
she used to suffer ibs and she's noticed a big improvement and doesn't suffer as much.
Also she is more confident and still can eat out at restaurants with me without looking
at how many calories are in a meal she can now order what she fancies and enjoy the food
knowing that the food she is eating is healthy and nutritious.

So guys and girls i hope you have been able to gain some knowledge from this post.
And i hope it helps you on your journey of getting fit and eating healthy and having a balanced diet.
our health is the most important thing and should be our number one priority.
As a society i feel we all need to work together and stop judging each other for our body shapes and sizes.
we need to focus on ourselves a bit more and take great care of ourselves.

source simply great 
before you go please check out my simply great launch post here…where there will be link to the 8 week challenge which is approved by health experts which includes healthy eating and exercise.
Also on the blog post you'll find links to the experts websites which will help you get fit and healthy the right way and the safe way.

That is all for now guys and girls I hope you have enjoyed reading And that this post has helped you understand more about healthy eating.
please always seek medical advice before going on a diet or fitness plan.
don't forget to check out the 8 week challenge <-click here to read
I wish you all the best if you're on a weight loss or fitness journey.

Feel free to comment your experiences with fad diets,juice diets etc.
Also if you would like please share this post via social media so your friends can read.

Stay safe and healthy
Caroline xxx

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Juice burst

Juice burst drinks

Today i am reviewing juice burst blood orange flavour.
first of all i can say the flavour blood orange may put you off but let me stop you there.
from the first mouthful straight away i could taste how lovely and sweet the drink was.
i really like the taste its sweet but tasty at the same time the flavours seem to work well for me.
it is 1 of your 5 a day which is a plus when choosing food and drink because fruit and veg is good for you not so much the sugar but its all about moderation.

typical values per 100ml
energy 40.9kcal
protein 0.2g
carbohydrates 9.5g
fat <0.1g
of which saturates <0.1g
fibre <0.1g
sodium 0.02g


blood orange,
black carrot juice,
citric acid,
ascorbic acid,
locust bean gum,

Although we all may like sweet things and need a little bit of sugar in our diets,
i wouldn't recommend drinking to many of these because too much sugar can be bad.
but they are ok in moderation as with anything we have in our diets its about balance diet.
i don't really care how many calories i consume as i don't worry too much about that myself.
but do know some of you may be calorie conscious and check them before you drink and eat.
so i have put how many calories are in there incase you check calories before buying a product.

Overall verdict

Overall this is a great healthy product that is 1 of your 5 a day of fruit and vegetables
i would suggest drinking in moderation as with all food and drink of the market.
juice burst do a range of many other flavours as well which i am yet to try.
i would recommend this product and i would most definitely buy it again purely because
it tastes great and is 1 of my 5 a day which is great because i normally drink a lot of coffee.

that all for now thank you for reading my review on juice burst blood orange flavour.
as always id love to hear your thoughts and views and any questions or feedback you may have.
have you tried juice burst?
which flavours have you tried?



If you haven't read my last post about the 8 week challenge to getting fit and healthy,
please check it out here
The 8 week challenge is awesome and helps you make small changes,
to help you get fit and healthy again it is approved by dr christian jessen and other health experts.

Also for anyone who suffers anxiety a friend of mine who also suffers
from anxiety has a blog.
Read my guest post on her blog which is a poem i wrote
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