Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Essie nail polish (lilacism)

Hey girls and guys 

I am back with a review on essie nail polish,
 this one is more for the ladies but men are welcome to have a read as well.
and if you're a bloke who does wear nail polish big thumbs up and welcome. 
I hope you are all well ..

So far i have about 5 essie nail polishes and tons of other brands ect, 
But thought id review my fave one first which is Essie nail polish lilacism.
which is a very nice colour it reminds me of springtime, flowers,parties bbqs.
With the fashion trends that are out there at the moment with denims and the bold colours neons ect this colour nail polish makes me feel trendy.

colour/ texture

A glamourous lilac that is sure to look good with denim, and other fashion trends.
the colour is very simple but effective.
I really like how my nails look a bit reflective close up and the texture of the polish when its dry is very smooth to touch which is a great texture as most other nail polishes don't have that.

Drying time

I like how quick they dried which was about 5 mins which was impressive as i could get to my chromebook to write this review for all you lovelies. 
(but that will depend on how much you put on as if ur putting it on thick it may take longer to dry)
With the polish drying quickly is really good especially if you're redoing your nails whilst out and about or even if your off out with friends in a bit quick two coats wait around 5 mins, 
Then you're ready to go


The price wont break the bank you can buy this essie nail polish for around £7.99
but you maybe able to find it cheaper online if you look around.
I love a great bargain too i just love bargains and deals. 

..overall verdict .. 

Over all i am very pleased with this nail polish its my fave one of all my essies 
and is the only nail polish i have been using for a while now. 
i love the colour texture and love the design on the polish bottle as well.
the price is another reason why i love Essie around £7.99 in superdrugs.
but you can get them cheaper at some places online. 

The only down side would be like most nail polishes is chipping which i am afraid will happen
efficiently especially if you're not careful with your hands like when you are hunting through your handbag for your phone and come across bobby pins and keys and all the other things we have in our handbags i am the worst for having random things in my bag including a usb computer mouse but having said about chipping its easy to apply the polish and it drys quick
so you can easily sort out your nails if that was to happen.

Thank you for reading my essie nail polish review.
All your support is very much appreciated

If you have tried essie before or have any questions,
or if you feel i have left any important info out of the review 
please feel free to comment below.
Id love to hear what colours you love and have tried.
and what nail polishes you use stay beautiful my lovelies

xx caroline xx