Monday, 23 June 2014

Simply Great

Simply Great campaign launch party

Simply great drinks launch their new campaign i was one of the lucky people to attend the launch.
on the morning of the 17th june 2014 i headed to the me hotel in strand london.

I was invited by the company simply great as they was launching a new campaign.
And introducing victoria pendleton 

On arrival i greeted by a photographer and the company and was told to help my self to a drink and yes you guessed i had a coffee, after that i socialized for a bit and had some mocktails
and some canopies which tasted delicious and then i had some more mocktails.
I also took some photos of the view as it was amazing the hotel overlooks london,
i will post a few photos so you all can see the view from the rooftop bar in the hotel.

Anyway back to the mocktails ....
for those of you who may not know what mocktails are they are ( non alcoholic cocktails)
The mocktails was made from the simply great drinks which i reviewed previously when i said they wasn't to my taste.. anyway my views have changed as the mocktails tasted great.
And now i am wanting to drink simply great alot as i really love the flavours
i am wanting to get back to being healthy and fit so will be drinking more simply great
there is no sugar in these which is amazing for keeping you healthy as we all know
too much sugar is bad for you and your teeth and can cause many problems later in life.
the sweetness of these drinks is all natural there is no artificial sugars in simply great.
with it being natural sweetness this means its more healthier for you.

The founder of simply great drinks Adam Pritchard  made a speech welcoming us.
Adam pritchard then introduced us to dr christian jessen known for embarrassing bodies.
dr jessen then gave a speech about diets and how they can be bad for us.
from skipping meals to celeb diets and how they can be more harmful.

Dr christian jessen also mentioned you don't need to give up chocolate cake
As a lover of chocolate cake himself he says you can still eat it and be healthy.
its all about a balance diet so a little bit of chocolate cake wont harm.
dr christian jessen also stands by simply great drinks as they are really healthy,
as simply great drinks only contain natural sugars and contain fruit.
Dr christian then introduced us to the panel.

Once the speeches was over we then socialised some more.
And got to meet the panel and ask them their advice and tips.
i found out alot from healthy meals and nutrition to fitness tips about how posture can help with fitness.
And the psychology behind why people fail on celeb diets.  

At the simply great campaign panel

Dr christian jessen 
best known for his expert health advice On supersize vs superskinny and embarrassing bodies.

jo hemmings  
behavioral and celebrity psychologist also specialises in the media as well as relationship and dating coach.

victoria pendleton 
best known for being an world and olympic champion.

charlene hutsebaut 
best known for being a personal trainer and a fitness entrepreneur,
brand ambassador,author,speaker, and consultant.

Charlotte stirling-reed 
best known for being a Consultant Nutritionist Media expert & writer,
as featured on Channel 4's 'Food Unwrapped'. Specialist in paediatrics and weight loss.

Overall it was a fantastic launch campaign i had lots of fun 
i learnt so much from all the experts.And will always remember the advice given 
i will be using the advice to help myself and my family stay healthy
I recommend these experts to you all as they really do know their stuff.
feel free to check out their websites to find out more about fitness,health and nutrition.
Also make sure you check out Simply Great drinks as they are amazing and healthy.
there is an 8 week challenge to get healthy find out more simply great 8 week challenge
the 8 week plan helps you to make small improvements to make a big difference.
And the challenge is a free challenge so there is no need for gym membership fees.

i had a great time socializing with other bloggers and the experts.
And i feel healthy and great after drinking lots of healthy mocktails and eating lovely canapes.

find out more about simply great
simply great <find out more
Will you be taking the simply great 8-week challenge?
Find out more about the diets and fitness here

I hope you enjoyed this update of simply great drinks
And are excited to find out more about the 8-week simply great challenge.

Thank you for reading