Friday, 19 September 2014

PicStick Photo Magnets

image courtesy of PicStick

PicStick Review

Hello everyone Today I am going to review photo magnets from PicStick.
PicStick is a website where you can buy magnets you select the photos you want and upload them and select them to add to the magnets you can rotate the images as well depending on if You want landscape or portrait.
You can upload images from facebook,drop box or from your computer which is brilliant because there is always that image we have on facebook that we may have deleted from our phone which we really wanted it also makes it easier.
 Payment options are really easy to use as well which is fantastic because means stress free shopping,  


As a loyal reader of my blog, Myself and PicStick are offering you an Exclusive discount code with 25% Discount please enter FRIZZY25 at the checkout. 

You can order your magnets on the PicStick Website where at the checkout don't forget to add the discount code above for your discount on your picstick magnets.
The magnets are normally £9.50 with free postage with your discount works out to be about £7.12.

Overall verdict

PicStick is a wonderful company they sent my magnets out very quickly and was a good quality despite using low res images,If you want better quality use medium-high res images as the results will be even better.
PicStick magnets make a great gift for friends and family and because you add more then one photo you could even split the magnets up and gift them to a few friends or family, or gift all of them to one person. or keep them for yourself what ever you decide to use the magnets one things for sure they are a great product and because they are personalised with your photos it makes the magnets that extra bit special.

Questions and answers!

Q: Are PicStick on Social media?
A: yes they are on facebook and twitter.

Q:How do i upload photos on Picstick?
A: you can upload from facebook,your computer and drop box.

Q: how much do the magnets cost?
A: £9.50 which is equivalent to $14.99 (shipping is free)

Q:What are the delivery times?

A:Typical delivery times are: 
UK 1-2 days
EU 3-5 days
USA 5-10 days
Rest of the world 5-10 days
Thank you for reading Caroline

As a loyal reader of my blog, Myself and PicStick are offering you an Exclusive discount code with 25% Discount please enter FRIZZY25 at the checkout. 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Serenity Skin Care Dead Sea Salt

Hi everyone serenity skin sent me a sample pack of bath salts and asked me to review bath salts from the dead sea in jordan.
I received them in the post today (13th september 2014) and tried them straight away as i was feeling stressed from a few personal problems i had last night stressful situation long story.

Anyway my hubby run me a nice hot bath and popped in the salts for me.
i got in the bath and laid back and relaxed and just closed my eyes and daydreamed. starting to feel relaxed decided time to wash my self before the water gets to cold I am bad for that constantly adding more hot water to bath, I love warm baths slightly addicted if I am honest.
I was most certainly feeling more relaxed I actually felt really tired and almost fell asleep kept telling myself don't fall asleep.

By the time it was time to come out the bath i was feeling really sleepy to the point i could of just jumped into bed and slept.
Anyway i jumped out the bath and as I am getting dried noticed how lovely and soft my skin was I was shocked as I haven't had soft skin like this in a very long time.
after admiring my baby soft skin I got dressed in my pjs and went downstairs to drink a coffee.

image source

1 - Skin allergies

The high magnesium and bromide content in dead sea salt is beneficial as an anti allergic due to its cleansing and detoxifying of the skin.

2 - Slows down skin ageing

Your skin shows the first signs of ageing. Dead sea minerals help nourish and restore your skin to appear healthier.

3 - Relaxation and circulation

Bathing in dead sea salt increases blood circulation and detoxifies your body by removing by-products that are formed during stress.

4 - Reduces joint inflammation

Serenity Salts contain Calcium, Potassium, Boron and Strontium; all of which are essential for the body to prevent joint inflammation.
image source
Overall verdict

I would recommend these bath salts because not only did they make me feel nice and relaxed and sleepy they also left my skin feeling clean soft and wonderful.
I personally think these will be suited to everyone purely because they are natural.

the price is quite reasonable because 1kg its only £7.50 which ain't bad for salts that have come from the dead sea in jordan which have so many benefits to help your skin.
Also where the bath salts help you relax might be good for people who struggle to fall asleep to give them a try as they may help, As i haven't been that tired in long time even when its bedtime I am not ever that sleepy but these bath salts have worked wonders for me.

Questions and answers.

Q:where can i buy this product?
A: you can buy them from their website

Q: how much do the bath salts cost?
A: £7.50 for a 1kg bottle.

Q: what are the benefits?
A: the bath salts help skin allergies, they also slow down skin aging,help relax you. and even reduces joint inflammation.

How to Contact Serenity Skin care?

Who needs to go to the dead sea? when you can bring the dead sea to you!

Feel free to comment below always love reading your comments and feedback.
Have you tried these bath salts?
I would love to hear your thoughts questions and if you will be trying these bath salts.

Thank you for reading


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bluewater blogger meetup

Blog Meet up in Bluewater 6th sept 2014
Hey girls n guys thought id share with you all about a blog meet up i attended.
So the bus journey took me about an hour and a bit to get there abit of a way but was all good apart from feeling anxious but one blogger ive had as facebook friend for a few years now lulu met me at the bus stop at bluewater shopping centre in kent and we walked to browns restaurant together where we met up with the fellow bloggers.

You can read lulu's blog here

raffle table
bluewater shopping centre is the 4th largest shopping centre in the in the uk, it has a wide selection
of shops from fashion to beauty and more it is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a new place to shop as it is the best shopping centre i have been to so far.

Browns restaurant is very spectacular the atmosphere is nice and relaxed.
As well as being relaxed the place is also very well suited to those who have abit of money to spend as it is quite classy, anyone and everyone is welcome and the waiter was friendly and the food looked delicious.

On arrival was greeted by julie our wonderful host who organised the event and had a glass of wine and chatted for hours with the other bloggers. 
The atmosphere was very relaxed but yet amazing it was great to get out the house and meet up with everyone.

One of the Bloggers me and lulu was talking to was helen as seen in the photo here helen was looking rather lovely with the fifties look, helen made me and lulu feel very welcome and we got on really well as us 3 all have kids of our own so made us click well and gave us something else to talk about and also we all live near each other so hopefully we all meet up again soon.

if you like to read helens blog you can read it here

A few of the bloggers ordered food but i didn't eat as i was still feeling a bit unwell from the bus journey anxiety isn't very nice and not to mention having travel sickness which doesn't help.
our goody bags on table.

we all chatted some more about things such as our children or where we are from. and other random things which made me feel at ease because i love talking its what i do best.

After chatting for a few hours we decided to call it a day and julie done a little raffle and then julie got the waiter to take a group photo of us all which was nice, then we was all given a goody bag to take home with us all.

Elf nail polish - Elf cosmetics
Nails topshop- Topshop
Blusher & brush- Beauty Uk
Perfect kiss lippy- Playboy

A few small samples from nourish skin care,elemis,argan dew,metique.

Eye shadow Makeup revolution
Foundation W7 cosmetics
Eyeliner Makeup revolution
Blender brush -nanshy
Eye crease brush elf cosmetics

I would like to personally thank julie for setting up the event, and letting me help contact brands to get involved. if you would like to check out julie's blog you can read it here

The wonderful brands that got involved and would like to thank are.

Elf cosmetics
Makeup revolution
Nourish skin care

I would also like to personally thank dave lackie
who couldn't make it as he lives in canada who was kind enough to give me and julie a lancome star bronzer for our efforts organising the event. thank you david maybe see you at the next meet up if you are in england when the next meetup is organised.

Afterwards me and lulu headed to look around the shops i didn't buy anything though although i was tempted too but was great to look around the amazing shops with lulu and we went to the management suit to pick up my £1000 gift card.
( two £500 gift cards) i won in a competition bluewater recently had on which was a nice ending to the day.

Then we headed for the bus stop as it was getting late like almost 6 oclock.
i finally got home around 7 so it was a pretty long day for me.
took me around an hour to get home aswell so didn't get home till around 7 oclock.
but was surprised by hubby with a chicken stir fry, then wrote this post ready to be published once i finish tweaking it.

Anyways sorry for rambling on just thought id share my post about my lovely day out at bluewater as its an amazing shopping centre and i had a fab day.

Heres link to all the girls blogs who attended if you would like some more blogs to read.

Julie- Just Julie
Lulu - A Mummas Time Out Sian - Sian Marie Beauty Blog Belle - Mascara and MaltesersCharlotte - The Good OwlLaura - LeloreHelen - HelsbelsSarah - Mundane SundaysYaya - My DreamalityChelsey - Gold She WearsLaura - Lolly LovesMarina - Marina Petrou (YouTube)

Thank you for reading

Feel free to comment below

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Asda grocery review

Hey girls and guys, a company review for you all, first of all i must say asda my favourite place to do my food shop as their own brand is cheap and tastes good unlike a few other places.
However i come to write my review today about the bad experiences i have with asdas online grocery shopping.

pretty much every time i order online and get my food delivered i put it all away i don't have time to sit there and check each and every date on the items as i am a busy mum,housewife and blogger.
anyway i normally go to grab something to eat the next day to find it expired the day it was delivered or goes off the next day which is shocking because when you do an online shop you expect to have long dates on fresh food not food that goes mouldy before you have even eaten it.
anyway i have bitten my tongue a few times and kept hush other times rung up to get a refund.

however i had a food shop delivered on 3rd September and a few items was best before the 4th.
and i had to pay full price i wasn't happy because i don't want short date on stir fry veg, rolls, and fruit totally not on. anyway on 5th of September i rang customer services first of all the woman spoke quite i had to ask her to speak up. i explain to her the fresh food said best before and had a short date on some of which had already expired to which she said to me is fine and its fine to eat out of date fruit and other food.

She did not want to refund and basically was saying just to eat the out of date food and no food has long date when its fresh she also asked me why didn't i ring on the 3rd when it was delivered to which i had told her i put food away i don't have time to check everything that's what asdas staff are meant to be paid for when they pick the items anyway i passed the phone to hubby and he said i would be reporting to trading standards to which then she said she will refund it.

fair enough they finally refunded it but it took forever to do and having to keep telling her you can't eat mouldy fruit or out of date fresh food.
enough is enough though its happened to many times now and a refund somehow does not make up for me having lost so much money over the years having to throw out food that has gone off just because their staff cant be bothered to pick fresh items for their customers who order online.

Also in the past i have had items missing from my order, cleaning products from my order been packed in bags with food and have leaked all over them. substitute items been wrong for instance one time i ordered cupcake cases, they gave me big loaf cases my daughter wasn't best pleased as i promised to make cupcakes with her.pasta bake sauce being replaced with something silly like a tin of curry.

so there you have it guys and girls below i have posted pros and cons.

their own brand is cheap
own brand taste nice
cheaper than other supermarkets

rude customer service people
staff don’t check dates
out of date or short date food being delivered
sometimes hard to get a refund

sorry for the rant but yeah that's my bad experience with asda. and them picking out of date items has been happening for some time now.
as much as i love asdas food has it tastes much better than other stores and is normally always cheaper in price i am really thinking if i should give them my custom or if i should just pay double the price and shop somewhere else who will deliver fresh items.

Would love to hear your feedback and experiences you have had with asda.

thank you for reading



Friday, 15 August 2014

Benecos BB Cream

Honest review on the Benecos BB Cream...

Hi my lovelies, hope you are enjoying the summer holidays, I am back with a BB Cream review for you all.
First of all i cant stress enough about how my skin gets me down my skintone is kinda uneven and i suffer really bad with dark circles under my eyes i have done since i was younger so kinda think its genetic as my mum and siblings also suffer with dark circles.

Benecos sent me this product to review for you all after i had loads of requests from you lovely readers to 
review a bb cream so i got onto emailing companies to find one to review for you all.
The BB cream is from pravera website (Benecos) The bb cream colour is (Fair)

So here is my review on the Benecos BB Cream... (Fair)

Before applying benecos bb cream

No make up selfie eeek kinda embarrassing for me
As you can see my dark circles are quite bad they are even worse than this the camera does make them look better than they already are.

Also you can see my skin is not flawless at all with my imperfections freckles a few spots and redness.

But hey imperfections are beauty -marilyn monroe
However i do like looking flawless even though i hardly wear makeup unless i am taking photos for my blog reviews, or going out with friends for the night.

After I applied Benecos BB Cream (Fair)

Has you can see my dark circles look alot better
although you can still see my dark circles they are not as bad.
also my skin tone looks more even than it did before hand.
i wouldnt say its full coverage as you still can see a few imperfections. But i would say this is the best bb cream i have used as other ones i have tried haven't come close to this.

About Benecos BB Cream

The benecos Natural BB Cream 8 in 1 is a tinted face balm that implements eight advantages for your skin.

  • Smooths complexion (reflecting pigments)
  • Evens out teint   (reflecting pigments  
  • Skin smoothing (pomegranate seed extract)
  • Mattifying (absorbing powder)
  • Cares for skin (jojoba oil,shea butter)
  • Contains Antioxidants (acai oil,hyaluronic acid)
  • pleasant skin feeling  (acai oil)
  • locks in moisture ( hyaluronic acid)

Overall Verdict 

I really find this product great not only did it help even out my skintone, it also helped fade the appearance of my dark circles i have under my eyes. i would recommend this product to anyone who is suffering with bad skin, dark circles, blemishes etc. I think the price is not to bad for £9.95 for 30ml considering i have had bb creams before that didn't work and ended up wasting time and money we have all done this before But with benecos BB Cream I am happy paying this price because i know it works better than others i have tried.

The only downside i had with this product it felt a bit sticky on my face after i applied it not sure why that was But after it had dried it felt much better it felt like i was wearing nothing on my face with is a great feeling when your going for the natural look when you don't want to go out with a full face of makeup on.


Evens out skin tone

Helps the appearance of dark circles

Contains antioxidants 

Smooths complexion

I found the BB Cream a bit sticky on the face at first.
(but after it had dried it felt ok)

Questions and answers

Q: Where Can I Buy Benecos BB Cream?

A: You can buy the bb cream from the pravera website here

Q: What Else Do They Sell?
A:  benecos A wide range of products makeup,nails,skincare,gifts.

Q:How Much Is The Benecos BB Cream to buy?
A: Benecos BB Cream is £9.95 for 30ml.

Q: Would you recommend this product?
A: Yes i would recommend this as it made a difference to my skin tone.

Q: Is it worth £9.95?
A: i would say yes as its the best bb cream i have used.

Q: How can i connect with benecos on social media?
A: you can follow them on Twitter and facebook.

Thank you for reading my review on Benecos BB Cream.
Caroline Bartholomew

Caroline Bartholomew

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Photo made the paper

Hi guys and girls not a review today but thought id share something with you all.
I entered a competition (embarrassing terrifying photo) to win £50.
Well i didn't win the prize but my photo still made the paper I am not sure if i should hide behind a rock, or should just be very proud that i got some sort of publicity even though it is slightly embarrassing.
a few people shared it on social media including orpington gossip which is a page for my local area on facebook.

However i do hope the photo brings you some joy and laughter because if others are happy then I'm happy
Also kinda makes me happy is this photo has memories of a good night out with my friends, and the same photo which won me my chromebook with google which i used to write my blog posts for you all.

here is the newspaper i am in is the newshopper < click to read>

So thought id ask you all a question and get you all involved.
Have you ever experienced anything like this, have you been embarrassed about a photo put online?
maybe you have done something silly for a competition or dare id love to hear your stories
and comments.

Thank you for reading


Ps : taking autographs now if anyone wants one lol.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Chatterbox walls

Chatterbox walls print!

Chatterbox Walls sent me a personalised print to review,
I choose the words on the print myself choose to do house rules.
( The size I ordered was 297mm x 210mm and it was £14.99 )
Chatterbox walls is a company that sells personalised prints to brighten up your walls,Their prints make lovely little gifts for friends or family as they are the kind of gift most people like.
chatterbox walls do many different designs of prints you can change the wording on most of them.
you can even Change the colour of the background or the colour of the text, Please visit chatterbox website to see designs.

When it arrived I was abit Disappointed how small the small print was and did find it a little expensive for what it was as most people can print these sort of things themselves at home.
However the quality of the print was to an high standard and the wording is crisp and easy to read so thats probably why its a little extra as well as the templates they use to make the prints are nicely designed.
Also there was a choice on the website to add a frame but it costs a bit extra which brings the total to a lot more But because I love budgeting and saving money I don't like how expensive these prints are and how it costs even more to have a frame.
But we are all different and have different views so im guessing there are people out there that wouldn't mind spending more money to add a frame, or spending extra to get a bigger size print.

However the Print is very lovely design and they got the wording i choose spot on.
I didn't take long to arrive at all which was good as i am not one for being patient.
Also their customer service is wonderful they are happy to help with anything you need.

  • Good customer service
  • Prints make good gifts
  • Prints are great quality
  • Company shipped item quickly
  • Wording is crisp and clear
  • printed on high quality paper

  • Frame costs extra
  • Prints are a little expensive for the size you get

So Thats My Review On Chatterbox Walls and Their Prints, I Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading.
All Views Are My Own Please Feel Free To Check Out Chatterbox Walls To See What Kind Of Prints They Sell.
You can also follow chatterbox walls on social media.

Thank you for reading