Sunday 13 December 2020

Get fit for summer 2021

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

Do you want to get fit?

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Do you want to feel your best, get active and love your body again.
May it be wanting to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle or just overall improve your health continue reading to find out more.

Our overall fitness and diet plays a big part not only with our general health but our mental health as well. As someone who has and still suffers with mental health and anxiety I can personally tell you my experiences with how working out, staying active and eating well has improved my mental health as well as my general health and you can improve yours too.

Towards the end of 2019 i was suffering with depression due to personal reasons and had to give up my job at Nuffield's health which I loved, but then I met my new boyfriend who is vegan, and we began dating in December 2019 things started to get better, then in January 2020 I decided to go vegan with him which improved my health Massively.

photo of me and my boyfriend jack

I am not as active as I would like to be but since getting more active and eating better I have gained more energy. I no longer suffer with extreme low iron levels, my body looks better, I feel more confident. I don't feel sluggish after eating and no longer get bloating. 

Fitness and diet and lifestyle choices really do play a huge part in health, and we have all been there with addictions, binge eating, skipping meals, being a couch potato putting off going to the gym. Going on weird diets, trying out magic weight loss pills which can do more harm than good.


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

So anyway I am keeping this blog post short but hoping to post more about my vegan lifestyle in 2021 as well as reviews on vegan foods and products and other things about health. 

But if you want to get fit, And need some motivation and inspiration to be your best.
Email my boyfriend who is an experienced personal trainer who can help assist you with fitness plans, workout plans, tips and useful information on nutrition and more.

Contact My Personal Trainer Boyfriend !

Email Jack on

Thank you for reading

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a healthy new year.
Speak soon lovelies

all my love Caz xx

Saturday 7 March 2020

I Am back! Whats New?

Hey girls and guys, I am back, sorry I have been away for so long.
I hope 2020 is treating you all well and that you are all healthy and happy.
I am sorry I was away for so long. I am really finding it hard to blog regular due to bringing up my daughter and looking for a new job as I had to leave my job at the gym due to lack of childcare as me and my daughter's dad split up.

So i'm dating someone new and eating more plant based foods and trying loads of new exciting things, so there should be some exciting reviews coming as and when I find time to blog and when i have products worth blogging about.

Thanks for reading
Love cazziie

Thursday 26 September 2019

Skin Academy Zero

Hello guys and girls I am back, a long story short I am now a single mum and working for a gym. I Have been very busy with life and my health and work, but today i bring you a new post. I hope you are all doing well and enjoy reading my new post, feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have, I try to respond to as many people as I can.

Skin Academy Launch

So the lovely people at Skin Academy invited me to their launch party on the 19th of September, me being me a social butterfly despite having anxiety went along.they was launching their new product Zero! which is 100% vegan.

Skin Academy Launch party

Upon arrival I was greeted by the director of skin academy Anthony wagman and his son. I was also greeted by some very beautiful ladies who work for skin academy and was handed my journalist pass. the lovely ladies were so helpful with talking about the products and answering any questions I had.

I had a walk around and also grabbed a glass of bubbly whilst checking out the products which were on display. i also got talking to a few guests who were also had the launch who work for some well known websites and magazines and we also got to share a freshly made vegan pizza, the pizza was very tasty and you wouldn't of guessed it was vegan.

We also got to hear about skin academy and their wonderful products during the evening, where antony wagman and his family who also work along side him at skin academy explained to us about the products and their wonderful company who care about our planet.

About Skin Academy Company

Skin Academy offers a variety of products for all skin types, ages and genders. From sheet masks and gel eye patches to exfoliating and moisturising foot socks, Skin Academy provides high quality products that are kind to your skin and planet at competitive prices.
Skin Academy ranges are specifically developed with the customer’s needs in mind, to produce effective solutions for a variety of skin types. Skin academy's skincare technicians ensure that each Skin Academy product is enriched with active ingredients to provide effective results at an affordable price.

About Skin Academy Products 

Skin Academy products are vegan and natural they are not only great for your skin they are also great for your planet, with packaging that is recyclable and ingredients that are natural you are looking after your skin and planet at the same time pretty cool huh.

Skin Academy products are as listed below

Day cream
Face scrub
Face wash
Hand and nail cream
Night cream
eye cream

Questions and Answers

What do I think About Skin academy?

Well so far I am impressed not only with how wonderful the people behind skin academy are, but also with how soft and clean my skin felt after first using the face scrub and face wash and knowing that the ingredients are all natural and that they are not going to upset my skin or effect the environment and our wonderful planet.

Are Skin academy on social media?

Skin academy are with the times you can follow them below!

Where can I buy skin academy products?

You can buy yours from Skin academy website.

Who are the people behind skin academy?

Antony Wagman - director of the company
Holly wagman marketing manager

Thank you for reading

Wednesday 12 September 2018

I Am So Sorry

Hey guys and girls, sorry its been awhile since I last posted,
long story short I wasn't well when I last posted the head pains finally went away after cutting aspartame out of my diet , but did find out I had brain aneurysms that aside not long after all that I was still very poorly and kept being fobbed off by my doctors then eventually found out I had high blood pressure and was put on meds for ages and they wasn't working some time after i was sent for a scan and they had found a tumor on my right adrenal gland which was called pheochromocytoma which is very rare thing to have.

I was put on meds to stop the high amounts of adrenaline which was causing a lot of symptoms such as high blood pressure and always being hot and having hot flashes and had to go for check ups few times a month that brings me to january 2018 when they finally removed my adrenal gland and tumor. 

Anyway After been ill for so long and losing my motivation to blog, im slowly going to come back and do more reviews for you on products I am trying and loving. I rarely do a review if i don't like a product partly cos i don't come across ones I don't like often as i read reviews before buying, but on the off chance when i don't like a product i try be constructive rather than been full on negative because i understand that something i don't like someone else will.

Anyway I am rambling again thought I would touch base let you all know I am alive.I hope you are all well, can't wait to share loads more reviews with you all.

Lots of love hugs and kisses

Sunday 30 July 2017

Freds Box Subscription Box

Hi girls and guys i am back with a review on a subscription box for kids.
My daughter was lucky enough to be send a freds box for her youtube channel.
So she did her first video of an unboxing of the box which will be uploaded at a later date,
so i thought i would do a longer review on here for the adults to read and find out more.

What is fred's box?
Freds box is a monthly subscription box for All children aged 3-12 years.
Although a lot of adults also subscribe to it too because the contents are cool.
They are pretty much boxes everyone can in enjoy especially if you collect mini figures etc.

What boxes are there?

Mystery box

A mystery box full of lovely things, mixture of things you're children will love.
From collectable cards to fidget spinners, or collectable figures and more mystery box will contain a bundle of things you're child will enjoy including a lovely book to read,

Ooshie box

Ooshie box contains Ooshies, this box is great for those who collect Ooshies.
Ooshies are Squishy mini figures, which also double up as pencil toppers.

Twin box

You do not have to have twins to buy this box, you can buy it if you have two kids you want to buy boxes for, which means you save a little money so they both can get a box each,
which works out cheaper than buying 2 separate boxes, cool huh.

What kind of things are in the mystery box?

Mystery boxes are a mystery but you can expect to find things like collectable cards, Ooshies, pencils, books and other cool little things that you will find really awesome.
it is really a mystery which makes opening fred's box that extra bit exciting.  
(Some boxes have included a fidget spinner before)

My thoughts on fred's box

I think the idea is really cool, it is nice for children to have something to look forward to. which means when freds box arrives at your door your children can open their boxes and play with the cool things inside whilst you get on with what you need to do.

Chloes thoughts

I really liked my box it was very cool I was really excited to open it.
I did my first box opening video on youtube with my box, which was also fun.
I loved the cool things inside and would love to get more boxes.

Come find out what was inside chloe's box.
Link to unboxing of Fred's Box
(coming soon) !!!

Overall Review

I really love the idea of kids subscription boxes, it gives them something to look forward to.
A box containing cool things just for them which come in the post very exciting.
I love the fact you can request what sort of contents ie unsex, girl or boy.
This works well because it means you're child will have a box of things to suit them.

I think it is reasonable value too because some of the collectible items.
Collectable figures and Cards can be worth more if they are rare.
Figures someone needs to complete their collection can also be worth more.
Which also could be a great investment for children if they collect a whole collection of something so when they're older they could be worth a lot of money.

I would recommend this box to parents who have a little money spare each month to be able to get this wonderful subscription box for their kids to enjoy each month.
So overall myself my hubby and daughter are very impressed with fred's box.

Freds Box Social

Photos Of Some Freds Box's
(photos from fred's box website)

Thanks for reading
Caroline and chloe

Dont forget to share my blogpost with your friends.
I really do love my hobby and reviewing things for you.
chloe really loved helping me on this one as it was for her.
thank you for your continued support your all amazing.

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Crossing Over Film Review And Exclusive Interview


Hey guys and girls, I’m back with an exclusive blog post which I have been eager to share with you all about a movie premiering In London - Not to be missed!

I also have an exclusive interview with Mark Haldor, the man behind ’Crossing Over’, so grab your popcorn and take a seat the show is about to start.
No under 18s please.


(Taken from the ‘Crossing Over’ website)
A frustrated Agent submits eight London based actors to audition for the next big Hollywood Movie. Potential career breaks for them and a large payday for her. How will they fair against two LA Casting Directors and the movie's unusual premise?

About Crossing Over In My Words.

Without giving too much away ‘Crossing Over’ is not your average comedy.
It has lots of personality and is the kind of film you wish would go on forever because you want to see what happens next in the lives of these wonderful characters.

Whilst watching the sneak peeks from the fun and quirky comedy, I could see how much passion, love and hard work has been put into the movie by Mark and the cast.


Ever Wondered What Your Life Could Be Like If It Was A Movie?

This is the kind of movie you can relate to in one way or another… i.e. The characters lives and personalities will remind you of everyday people from your own life. Friends, family and people you may see on your commute to work.

From the weird to the wonderful, to the oh so crazy these people will remind you of your mothers, brothers, sisters and friends.

Interview With Mark Haldor 


At A Top Secret Location In The Heart Of London.
I Had The Pleasure Of Interviewing The Talented Mark Haldor - The Man behind ‘Crossing Over’ - So Let's Find Out What He Had To Say In Answer To My Questions. 

Describe ‘Crossing Over’ In 5 Words?

What Was The Hardest Part Of Making ‘Crossing Over’?
Competing the film on such a minimal budget was a challenge, though challenges are good and it definitely kept me and everyone involved on our toes to make sure everything was completed to the best standard possible.

How Did The Storyline Of The Film Come About?
I went to L.A. in 2014 and was initially inspired to make a short film, which then evolved into a feature and brought together the talents of everyone involved. I came up with the premise by writing about what I know and picked on traditional British humour as a way to mesh the different characters and stories together within the film.

What Did You Enjoy More… Directing ‘Crossing Over’ Or Starring As Jason?
I enjoyed doing both, but as much as I enjoyed acting in the film, it was a real challenge to direct myself as an actor too. So on this occasion I would have say my preference was directing the film as opposed to acting in it.

How Many Hours / Days Etc Went Into Making ‘Crossing Over’ ?
I could not even begin to tell you how many hours went into making ‘Crossing Over’, but given I conceived, co-wrote, directed, produced, cast, edited, marketed and acted in the film, I can tell you it has taken the best part of 3 years on a part - full time basis to complete it.

Which Films Have Been The Most Influential To You?
Primarily TV programs such as; ‘Spaced’, ‘Not Going Out’, ‘The Office’, ‘Extras’, ‘Episodes’ and ’Toast of London’, along with Films including ‘Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels’, ‘Kuffs', ‘Four Rooms’ and ‘El Mariachi’ have all influenced ‘Crossing Over’.

Who Is Your Favourite Film Director ?
Robert Rodriguez, because of his creative approach and can do attitude regardless of budget. His book ‘Rebel Without a Crew’ and director commentary tracks from his El Mariachi trilogy were a massive influence in giving ‘Crossing Over’ life and me not giving up.
Which Film Director in The Industry Do You Aspire To Be As Big As?
James Gunn (Guardians of The Galaxy) -  Funnily enough I have just been to see his new film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2’ right before this interview.

Also Robert Rodriguez - as discussed (‘The Faculty’, ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’), Tarantino (‘Jackie Brown’, ‘Pulp Fiction’) and Tony Scott (‘Last Boy Scout’, ‘Beverly Hills Copy 2’) are all Directors I personally respect and would love to follow in the footsteps of.

If You Could Pick An Actor To Play You In a Film About Your Life,
Who Would Play You And Why?
I would like someone like Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth or most likely Chris Pratt to play me in a story of my life. Ironically my parents almost named me Chris too!

What Are A Few Of Your All Time Favourite Movies?
Armageddon, Blow, Clockwork Orange, Scent of A Woman, Point Break, Enemy of The State, Jackie Brown, Phenomenon, Robocop.

What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?
Scarlett Johansson films and Doctor Who.

Which Other Character Apart From Jason in ‘Crossing Over’ Can You Most Relate To?
Jonny - because of his dry humour and his awkwardness when he fancies someone…

Can You Speak Any Other Languages.
I did briefly try learn some Japanese last year and I would absolutely love to try and learn German again now I’m older.

What is Your Favourite Charity?
I have previously raised funds for ‘Mind’ mental health and ‘Save The Children’.
I’m now focusing on ‘Orangutan Foundation’, who I am happy to announce the profits from ticket sales for the upcoming Premiere will be donated to.

Have You Got A Date For The Premiere?
I wanted it to be Scarlett Johansson but settled for August 6th instead.
- But the invite stands if Scarlett would like to attend? lol
So that is all for now, hope you enjoyed finding out more about ‘Crossing Over’ and the exclusive little interview with the talented Mark Haldor.

Don't forget to share this blog post with your friends so they can laugh , smile and enjoy crossing over too.


Want To Attend The Premiere?

All Profits From Ticket Sales Will Go To ‘Orangutan Foundation’.

Find out more about the ‘Orangutan Foundation’

You can follow ‘Crossing Over’ on social media to keep up with the latest.

Remember You Can Come To The Premiere Too If You Wish!
Book Tickets And Find Out More About Crossing Over Premiere!

Thanks for reading
Caroline Bartholomew

(Canary Wharf, London, West India Quay)