Thursday, 26 May 2016

Snoopy And Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie

Hiya guys and girls Today I am reviewing a dvd which was sent to me a few days ago from mumsnet as I am one of their mummy bloggers myself and my family are very excited to review it for you with half term coming up we would like to see if it gets the half term factor.

The dvd is snoopy and it is due to be released on dvd and blu ray 30th may.

First Impressions Before watching

Me and my family are a big lover of movies, I am more of a chick flick girl but do enjoy the odd children's and family films, my little girl and hubby are a big lover of ice age and other movies. So we was all excited to watch this and find out what the movie was like and if it was one we all could watch and enjoy without me falling asleep or getting distracted by facebook, which i normally do when a film is boring or not to my taste, stay tuned to find out what we think of Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Movie and if we recommend it as a half term movie.

About Snoopy And Charlie Brown The Movie.

In Snoopy and charlie brown: the peanuts movie, good ol’ charlie brown, Snoopy, lucy and linus and the rest of the much loved peanuts gang appear as you have never seen them before in a brand new feature film from the wonderful imagination of charles m. schulz and the creators of ice age. Join everyone's favourite eternal optimist, charlie brown, as he embarks on a heroic quest, while his beagle pal snoopy takes to the skies to pursue his arch nemesis, the red baron. It is a hilarious and heart-warming adventure not to be missed.

What Me and My Family Think Of The Movie.

Chloe loved it right from the start where the children had a snow day which made the start of the film fun and happy, Charlie brown is so sweet and adorable we love him.
We loved the part where charlie goes all shy and red when the red haired girl walks into the classroom. We also loved the part where charlie helps out his sister which shows his really caring loving personality which reminded me of myself.

halfway through chloe got tired so didn't end up watching rest of the film but says from what she saw she really enjoyed it, hubby on the other end lost interest really quick although he was a big lover of charlie brown and snoopy as a child.

I really enjoyed watching it and loved the part where charlie goes all red when the lovely red haired girl walks into the classroom, it is a lovable moment in the film which kinda made my heart melt, I also loved how shy charlie brown is and how innocent he is which makes you love him and want him to pick up the courage to talk to the girl with the red hair.
When watching it lucy reminded me of chloe because she is really confident but really bossy at the same time, even though chloe says she's not bossy, kids aye.
Anyway as you can tell I kind of enjoyed it more then my hubby and daughter.

Overall Verdict

Wow what Can I say I am impressed considering I am fussy when it comes to family and children's movies I was suitably Impressed, Not only did I not fall asleep I watched it without logging onto facebook and replying to all my emails. I didn't even wanna leave my seat to go toilet I was so engrossed and got right into it from the word go chloe also really enjoyed  some of it then got bit distracted and wouldn't sit still as she was tired so she went to bed, hubby also lost interest halfway through so went to bed.

I really enjoyed watching it and loved when charlie brown went all red when the red haired girl walks into the classroom, I really love how innocent charlie brown is he is a very lovable character who reminds me of me, very loving and kind and honest.

I felt the film was at a great pace and easy to follow with lots of lovely characters with all different personalities, from the bossy to the innocent each character has got their own little personality. I also loved some of the soundtracks in the movie which make the movie more fun to watch especially when charlie brown shows of his lovable dance moves.

I do feel the film is aimed more to children, or families who enjoy this kind of film.
Also adults who may have been big snoopy and charlie brown fans when they was younger like my hubby saying that he didn't 100% enjoy it himself but everyone is different.

I would give the movie 8/10 purely for the fact I watched it all the way through and loved the storyline it was really engrossing and I really wanted to see if charlie would pick up the courage to talk to the red haired girl who he as been trying to impress throughout the film.

Questions And Answers.

My Favorite Character Is?
Charlie brown because he is so sweet and innocent.

Which Character Is Like Me?
Tough question I would say I am a bit like charlie brown I have two left feet.

My Favourite Part Of The Movie?
The part where charlie goes all red when the red haired girl walks into classroom.

Would I Recommend This Movie?
Yes and no, id recommend this to families and young children but would say it is aimed more at the children although everyone is different so some adults may like it more then the kids.

Did My hubby And Daughter LIke The Movie ?
Chloe enjoyed it although she got tired and lost interest and so did hubby.

When Is  Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Movie  Available To Buy?
Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Movie Is Out On Dvd And Blu-Ray From 30th May.

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Monday, 9 May 2016

The Black Farmer Sausages

Hey guys and girls, I am back again hope you're all well. As some of you may or may not know it is celiac awareness month. I myself was recently sent for blood tests because they found out I had anemia from another blood test I had done previously because of knee pain I have had for 7 years. Anyway the recent bloods testing for celiac have come back negative although the nurse is sending me for further tests to see what Is wrong with me, Anyway fitting in with the theme of celiac awareness month I am reviewing some sausages from the black farmer which are gluten free.

Find out about the black farmer by clicking the link above.

My thoughts on the sausages.
I wasn't to sure what they would taste like at first with been gluten free sausages i was thinking they may taste bland, because most people say gluten free stuff can taste bland.
But i thought id give them a try anyway as it is good to try new things.

The price of the sausages are not too bad at 3.50 a pack not too bad but more than I am currently paying for sausages as I normally buy supermarkets own for a pound a pack due to having to budget to make sure my money covers all my bills etc.

The taste of the sausages were pretty nice full of flavour and tasted better than any sausage I have tried so far, I loved the taste as did my hubby and my daughter. My daughter asked if we can eat these more often as they are really yummy.
Overall Verdict
Overall I am impressed with the sausages that tasted great not to sure on the price though with the sausages being £3.50 a pack due to I normally buy food in bulk.
Saying that for the great taste, and the amount you get in a pack as well as being gluten free the price is reasonable to a certain extent, as other places would probably charge a lot more for gluten free sausages.

Me and my family really loved how the sausages were very flavoursome and tasty.
For a child who is fussy with taste and a hubby who can be picky with certain foods as well as me miss fussy food critic We really loved every bite of the sausages.

The only thing I found with them even though they was lovely tasty and juicy  felt a bit chewy in some parts but hubby said it was not chewy so probably me nitpicking to be fair I am a fussy person when it comes to food.

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Did you know black farmer have also brought out gluten free burgers?
See the full range here on the black farmers website.

Recipe Ideas For your black farmer sausages
Sausages Mash and gravy
Posh toad in the hole
Chips sausage and beans
Sausage and egg sandwich

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Have you tried any products by the black farmer?

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Bandzee The only hairband your ever Need

copyright bandzee

Hey guys n girls sorry the delay this should of been posted a week ago but i have not been well I have had a bad cold more like flu I felt so rough and couldn't bring myself to writing so apologies to everyone, hope you are all well, Today I am reviewing bandzee sent to me by bandzee. Before we start, I have been sent this product as a gift in exchange for a honest review. As always views and thoughts on the product are my own and I will always state any good and bad I find in a product where I can, as I believe there is good and bad in everything.

What Is Bandzee?

So bandzee sent me a few packs of their super cool design bandzees to anyone who doesn't know what bandzee are, they are a super cool hair tie that not only looks pretty on your wrist. We all know how frustrating it is when you can only find one hair band you do to tie your hair up tighter and tighter then all of a sudden snap, well with bandzee kiss goodbye to getting your heart broken by your hairbands, who are disloyal to your hair leaving kinks every time you tie it up, bandzee is your new best friend and very loyal to you and your hair. It won't break up on you, it won't damage your hair or your feelings.

First Impression?

Upon arrival I opened the envelope and was really surprised to see the lovely designs inside,
Even my little girl was like I want them, I want to wear one on my wrist, When I opened the pack and removed a bandzee I stumbled across some wording on the cardboard packaging, and then looked to see if my other two packs had it which they did but different words, which I really loved because they are quite inspiring words and thought that was one of the great things with packaging, for the amount of young girls or guys who will be using banzee nice to see such inspirational quotes on there too inspire them. So when I first tried using a bandzee on my little girl I was abit skeptical as she sometimes moans when I try tie her hair as normal hair bands can be tight and uncomfy, but with bandzee she didn't seem to make as much of a fuss when i was tying her hair In fact I could tie her hair quite well, and it wasn't to tight like some new hairbands are.

Did You Know?

Bandzee also do subscriptions, which means you can get a pack of bandzee sent to your door each month, for 4.95 each month which means you save £1 per pack as bandzee retail at 5.95 this might be idea for someone you know wanting a subscription that’s different.
Might be good for a gift for a friend who always loses their hairbands?

Overall Verdict!

Overall I am impressed with bandzee they tie your hair and also look good on the wrist, they are not too tight to wear in your hair or on wrist, they easy to use and made doing my daughters hair much easier without all the moaning it hurts and it is too tight, bandzee gets the thumbs up from my little girl and me and my partner, we really love the designs and how each pack as a lovely inspirational quote on which is a good thing for anyone reading, positive messages and quotes have great impact on young people, the only thing I am not sure on is the price purely because I am used to buying big bulk hair bands and getting loads but putting the quantity aside and judging price on how well bandzee worked I think the price isn't too bad. even though I am impressed with bandzee I will continue to use normal hair bands as well until every last hairband I own snaps and breaks, then may think about investing in bandzees because they do not break easily like hair bands do.

Not sure what else to say other than why not buy a pack and see if you like bandzee and if they meet all your hair needs, one thing for sure I am hoping bandzee will bring out different sizes like bigger ones for people who may have loads of hair or loads of dreadlocks and wants to tie them all up together.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016


(Amazing Magazine review and giveaway)
Hi guys and girls I am back with a review and giveaway for you all.
Hope you enjoy this review feel free to get your kids to come read with you.
To see if they like the sound of this fun educational magazine.

The world's most AMAZING children's educational magazine is not only fun to read for children but is full of really cool educational stuff that will help them learn and have fun at the same time. The magazines are also good to keep for any school work they may have on the topics listed in the magazines which is a bonus, as kids homework can be pretty tough even for us adults.

Amazing! is a monthly 36 page publication packed with articles, facts,stories And an annual subscription is just £49 for 12 issues (a whole year)
Teachers and schools receive discounts!

Some of the topics your find with this super cool magazine are the following.





As you can see many great subjects and what better way to get your kids interested in learning then a cool magazine that makes learning fun for all kids aged 7+ although you could get them for young kids who may be advanced for their age with their learning progress.

Here is a few sneak peaks from the 2 magazines I have

Chloe says the magazine is brilliant, she says she really likes the funny boogy recipe which involves popcorn and Tasty gungy green stuff, She also really loved the cool word searches in the book and said they are not only fun to do but have cool words.

She said some of the words in magazine are tricky to read but she loves when mummy and daddy sit down with her to read it and laugh at silly bits and have fun talking about the wonderful things and playing the little quizzes Guessing the answer right before mummy and daddy makes me feel very clever.

My thoughts overall

I really enjoyed reading the magazines with chloe, normally with books i struggle and lose interest rather quick and reading hurts my eyes, but with magazines I can enjoy reading alot more so not only did it help me be able to sit down and read with chloe, it made her happy that we could sit down and learn cool things together.

I love how there is many different things in each magazine making it fun for adults and children so rather then been on one thing as you turn the pages there is always something new to find out the cartoons in the magazine along with the info makes learning fun.

I recommend these magazines  to anyone who has children who love magazines and comics and want to use that as a great advantage for their child to learn new things.
These magazines are a great way to get kids interested in history maths etc so would also be helpful for homework times especially if there is something in the magazine that they can write about for a history project, or science etc with the things to make in the book that also comes in handy too if you're stuck for ideas what to do on a rainy day.

As you can tell overall I am impressed with the magazine and its price.
the only downside to the magazine is there is no free gifts on the front, which is a shame even if it was little bits n bobs that is needed for the make and do things that would come in handy or even fact cards with science facts to keep or something to that effect.


I have a copy of the magazine to give away for 10 lucky readers.
At the end of the giveaway your details will be passed on to the amazing team and they will ship you a copy out for been a loyal reader of mine how cool is that.

To enter you must Like facebook page  And comment on the competition post.
            Also if you are on twitter give me a follow on my twitter @cazziieglamour
You and also follow me on instagram @cazziieglamour

10 lucky winners will be picked by the end of april so be quick as winners may be drawn sooner, from when entries roll in, so be quick and enter after reading this post.

For anyone who wishes to go buy one now directly from Amazing
Here's a cheeky 10% off code wow10 ltd time only.

Questions and answers

Where can I buy Amazing magazine?
You can buy it from amazing website although some retailers are stocking it for more info please check the amazing website to see a list of other stores that stock it.

How much is a year subscription?
£49 for a whole year which is 12 issues, although if you are a school,teacher you may receive a discount please speak to someone at amazing for more info.

How old do I have to be to read Amazing?
The suggested age is 7 and up although if you are younger and are wanting to learn and your parent agrees then there is no harm in you reading these.

How can I contact amazing?
You can contact them here on their amazing website.

Thank You For Reading Our Amazing Review

Caroline And Chloe