Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Australian bodycare Facial cleansing gel

Excuse the low image my lightbox is in storage

Australian bodycare
Facial cleansing gel

Hi guys and girls as some of you know I was at the pro beauty event.
Which I wrote about you can read that post here if you havent already.
At the event i came across Australian bodycare a brand that was new to me to try.
But I had heard of them before via the internet when i have conversations with other people.
Anyway today I am going to show you one of australian body care products for you.

About Australian Bodycare

Taken from their website

Australian Bodycare UK Ltd are the UK Distributors of the highly acclaimed Professional and Retail Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil ranges.

Tea Tree Oil is a natural essential oil steam extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree grown in Australia. It is well known for its natural antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral properties.

Australian Bodycare only use Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) which out of the 110 different varieties of Tea Tree Oil has been proven to contain the most beneficial natural properties for healthy skin and hair. We produce a range of skin and hair care products for personal and professional use to help with skin problems and to maintain healthy skin.

You can use Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil products for the following; acne, after sun, anhidrosis, Athlete's Foot, blisters, bruises, burns, cold sores, cracked heels, cuts and grazes, dandruff, dermatitis, dry skin, eczema, foot odour, fresh breath, gingivitis, head lice, ingrown hairs, insect bites, insect repellent, mouth ulcers, muscular aches, nail fungus, nasal congestion, psoriasis, scalp, shaving rash, sore throat, spots, clean teeth, thrush, toothache, verrucae and warts, pre-waxing, after-waxing and also generally to keep home and salon surfaces free from germs.

We have a network of Australian Body Care Distributors from whom you can order and purchase our products. They will also provide information and training on all our products and the HY-Wax system.

Continue reading to find out about the product I am testing.

The product I want to show you is the Tea tree oil Facial cleansing serum.
So hope you enjoy reading about the product feel free to ask any questions.


About The Product

abc_facial clensing gel-250.jpg

Very gentle facial wash with mild surfactants.
Especially designed to cleanse the delicate skin on the face.
Doesn't leave skin with a dry feeling. 
Effectively removes bacteria and dirt. 

Great for anyone suffering with breakouts, spots, 
blackheads excessive oiliness or acne.

Skin friendly PH, colour and added fragrance free.
Suitable for all ages

How to use the facial cleanser

Apply with water and lather
Rinse thoroughly.

Texture of the product

cleanser on a piece of brown card
First of all the feel of the product a wet and cold gel 
It feels alright to touch unless you are abit funny about gel like products, Reminds me abit like hand sanitiser gel.
Which is a good thing by the way.

When applied to the skin it feels really nice and cool i tried this in the morning and it instantly made me feel as if i had a caffeine hit or something not sure if thats the placebo effect but I felt instantly refreshed also impressed how well it works at taking of makeup which is great.

The Scent

The scent of the product is tea tree oil to me its not to bad I guess other than the fact tea tree oil can be overpowering for some people for example my hubby hates tea tree oil and the smell.

So the scent for me is not to bad its something i can live with as i feel the scent does make me feel refreshed too and its a nice clean hygienic smell

Pros and cons


Great value
great for taking of makeup
great for acne
suitable for all skin types
leaves skin feeling fresh


Tea Tree Scent 
(only if you don't like the scent)

Overall verdict

Overall I am very impressed with the great range australian bodycare sell on their website and on their amazon shop which I also love.
There is a wide range to choose from and I am really pleased with the facial cleanser and really wanna try rest of range as well now.

The cleansing facial gel really helped me feel refreshed 
it also made my skin feel extra clean.
I really adore the feel of the product it feels nice to touch
it is easy to apply to the skin just lather with water and rinse.

The thing I need to get used to which I am not too keen on
is the scent of the facial cleanser which tea tree.
But as mentioned in the post its something I can live with 
I can put up with it will grow on me I am sure.

Although I may need to buy clothes pegs 
because my hubby dislikes the smell of tea tree altogether.

But on a really good note its perfect for taking off makeup 
it works well apart from eye area which you should avoid using near.
So it is also great for those of you who sometimes fall asleep,
with makeup on we all do it we just dont like to admit it
use this product to take of makeup if you want to feel fresh faced the next day

(Please note please avoid the eye area)

Overall so far i am impressed with the product but will keep an open mind and will update anyone, on my blog if anything changes from now onwards because I am still new to the product I am going to continue using it and if i should find anything else to mention I will let you know.

you can contact australian bodycare below.


I hope you have enjoyed reading please feel free to email me any questions you may have.

You can even pop a comment below
I will try get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Professional Beauty 2015

image source professional beauty website

Professional beauty event excel london 2015

HI guys and girls Today i wanted to share with you my experience this is a kind of a personal post as well as it been a post to inform you what happens at the event etc what I experienced.
February 23rd 2015 I attended professional beauty excel london which was my first time.

First of all i had tickets in the post which was visitor tickets and behind them was my neighbours tickets which I popped down to hers for her as they was meant to arrive in her letterbox and ended up in my pack in my letter box which was brilliant because i suffer panic moments travelling through london etc and i only knew her from the school run it gave us a chance to get to know each other and travel up together.

Anyway because I do my blog here I upgraded my Tickets to the press tickets.
which are basically the same as visitors tickets apart from been able to sit in the press office to make notes etc like things at the event and so on not much difference really to any other ticket.

Anyway the journey up wasn't to bad I travelled up with my neighbour who showed me the way,
after getting one bus, one train, one tube and one dlr we was finally at the event, she had to meet her colleagues so I went on in to explore….

First impressions…

Oh my its so big where do i start there is so many stalls to look at so many brands so many products every shopaholic's dream, I was not so much there to shop though more to get some knowledge what other brands are out there, what upcoming products are there are.
If i had more time i would of probley ended up with no money in my account because there was so many lovely things to buy Also was tempted with a spray tan which was free when you spend ten pounds also included in that was a free bikini although I did not have time to strip off and get a tan.
Maybe next time if I will be able to fit in a lovely spray tan.

I managed to talk to a few brands and have a look what's on the market and what's to come from moisturisers to body scrubs, lashes,make-up teeth whitening tanning and much much more.

Press Office 

I was so overwhelmed by it all i went for a tea break at the press office 
I put my feet up and my bags down and enjoyed my sweet cup of tea,
whilst jotting down notes and replying to emails on my phone.

In the press office its literary right in between the stalls 
so you can still sit in there whilst jotting notes.
which is nice in the sense of seeing everyone happy and shopping.
It is for sure a really nice vibe it was a nice experience for me.

Then continued to have a wander around the event and came across a photographer See Li.
Who was very welcoming and friendly and took a couple of photos of me you can see those photos here if you would like as well as other photos he took at the event.

See Li is a friendly photographer who made time for me and was very welcoming.
it was a great pleasure to meet him and see his great work his photography is fab and i love his photography he is a very bright talented man.

After speaking to see li i had a wander again omg this place is so big i aint even joking even i kept getting lost and couldn't find my way back to press area so just kept on walking around to explore and look at all the great beauty products then i come across a very busy part.

photo source http://www.professionalbeauty.co.uk/
I then saw Amy child's on her stall I tried to get a quick 2 Min chat with Her to see if there was any upcoming products i could talk to you about etc but she was busy, she was only be able to talk to people who was buying her products there.

so i am afraid i am not sure if she has any upcoming products or not for some of you who was asking who knew I was going to the event I am ever so sorry I couldn't find out.
I try keep my eyes peeled and if i do see a new upcoming one of amys
those that asked me I will email you if i come across any upcoming products.

Anyway I continued walking and came across loads more including some very bright,
funky coloured sunbeds which caught my eye I adore these they remind me of nightclubs,
with the bright beautiful colours that stand out a mile, seeing these made me smile.
I haven't used a sunbed before but I like the look of these compared to the normal ones.

                   Anyway Having to leave some bits out of this post as its already longer than it should be.
                   keeping in the bits that really had an impact on my day things i really liked etc.
Not to be missed !!

Oh my so excited to share with you one in particular thing I almost fainted when i saw what it could do if i told you and didn't have pics to prove it I am sure you would not believe me my hubby did not even believe me when I told him over phone when i was at the event.

if you like getting your nails done this is something you will want to use on yourself or even invest in one for your home or salon etc I aint even joking this part comes with a warning.

please make sure you're sitting down to see this !!

Nail art pro is a printer machine that can put any design onto your nails.
ready made designs, photographs, drawings you name it if you want it on your nails the nail art pro printer can do it, at the event they showed me the machine and because the machine has its very own camera I was able to take a selfie and have it put onto a false nail.

See pictures below

To find out more about this product and brand please have a look at the artpro website
let me know what you think of the printer and what designs you would print if you owned the machine, I would have my daughters drawings on my nails if it was me.

Coffee for skin?

I also want to talk to you about an amazing coffee scrub that i tried whilst at the event.
you all know i adore coffee but this is not edible you can not eat or drink it.
But you can use it on skin which the lovely people at grounded scrub
let me try some it left my hands so soft to find out more feel free to check out their website
Also give them a like/add on Facebook and let them know I sent you over.
they are very wonderful people and very helpful with any questions I had about the scrub.

All good things come to an end.

So that was pretty much my day i had to cut so much out of this post because #pbbeauty is a large event.
There was so much to look at even though I pretty much stayed all day I still didn't have time to see everything it is so big and does get busy early in the day so had a few breaks at press office.
I didn't manage to get many photos but hope the stuff I have included is helpful.
There was also little shows on the stages which i walked past and had a quick look.
I highly recommend going to professional beauty its a great experience.

There was so many lovely brands that attended fitting them all onto this post we would be here all year quite literally so apologies again if there is not much in this post for you.
but over the next few months gonna try find some more products to show you.

Small list of Some of the brands at the event.

I will try review a product I got at the event.
what could it be? your have to wait to find out.
Clue is Blue.

Thats all for now Maybe see you soon at professional beauty next year?
If i go next year and you see me come say hello don't be shy.

Speak to you all very soon

Thank you for reading my experience at the event.


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Vita coco kids drinks

Hey girls and guys I am back with a small review on vita coco.
I hope you enjoy reading I know its an small review but know a few of you have been asking for me to find kids drinks other then some of the ones you already know about.

so thought id share with you today about the brand and drinks incase any of you haven't heard of them also you don't have to have kids to drink these they suitable for adults too.

Vita drinks make great tasting healthy juices 
that most kids love and enjoy.
The juices are not made with just any old water
 the water used is coconut water.
Coconut water is healthy and tastes great.
(free from preservatives and colourings)

The two flavours we got from vita coco.

  • Apple and blackcurrant
  • Mango and pineapple

Both of these are mixed with coconut water. 
Today Chloe as agreed to be my second tester of the drinks as a child herself thought I would ask her and what she thinks after all she is a child who does indeed speak her mind.

Apple And Blackcurrant 

First of all Chloe tried the blackcurrant flavour which is apple and blackcurrant which is mixed with coconut water. After taking a big sip Chloe firsts words were I like it !
she says its very delicious and I asked her if it was better than normal black currant and she nodded her head and said yes mummy it is scrumptious.

Mango And Pineapple

Now for Chloe to try the mango one, Well I am pretty shocked for Chloe who is 5 to say she likes this one too was pretty shocking because Chloe normally only drinks blackcurrant,orange or summer fruits, so she was pretty impressed by the mango one.
Chloe said she would love drink vita coco everyday
 with lunch and dinner.

Now time for me to try the drinks and see what I think.

Blackcurrant And Apple

What I think of the black current one well with being a fussy 24 year old I dont normally like blackcurrant drinks i am more of a strawberry person but I can say this black current is not to bad I think the balance of flavours is pretty spot on not to much apple and not to much blackcurrant

Also think the coconut water just adds that extra special touch to the flavour helping to give it a great taste i would for sure buy the blackcurrant flavour one again as it went down a treat and was very refreshing and tasted great.

Mango And Pineapple

what I think of the mango one I am sorry but its not for me whatsoever the flavours are not for me. the pineapple for me is too overpowering and does not go to well with the mango,the coconut water with these too flavours just didn't seem right.
Thats just my opinion though we all like different things.
it left a dry taste in my mouth,I would not drink the mango one again.

Overall verdict

Overall I am Impressed that my daughter enjoyed both flavours.
I was more so impressed that she liked the mango one as normally she does not like fruits etc and is fussy like me i am impressed that the drinks tasted so nice to her that she said she could and would drink these every day.

I am pleased I liked the blackcurrant as I am not normally one for black currant drinks I have not really ever liked them.
I loved the flavour of this one and how refreshing it was for me and made my feel hydrated and the flavours all worked well.

I was not happy with the taste of the mango and pineapple.
 For me the flavours didn't work and didn't seem like they should be together,I think its something as simple as the balance aint right or it might need something to break up the taste it left my mouth feeling dry and made me more thirsty.

Questions and answers

Where can I buy vita coco drinks?

You can buy Vita Coco Kids at AMAZON
 Wait-rose, Sainsburys, Tesco, Ocaco,
 Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods, 
Planet Organic, 

Thank you for reading 

my review on vita coco