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CandyLipz Review

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Hey guys and girls hope you are all well and looking after yourselves.
so it is october and getting up to the season where sads kicks in.
so trying to keep my mind busy was delighted to be sent a product from candylipz to review.
hope you enjoy feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Well we all know the fads of fashion and beauty where people look up to role models then seem to take to their style and it all seems to follow through most people, well I am not normally one of these people who does it just because a celeb does I do it for the reason that i want to.
this is because I like to have my own mind and style I like to be different.

But anyway we all know kylie jenner and a few other celebs who have plump lips that seem to make a lot of us want them too, which is scary that media affects us in this way as i have seen so many beautiful girls and guys get surgery, injections and end up ruining their natural beauty.

so I am going to add a little disclaimer here  I have small lips and they are cute loads of people love them and so do I so please don't feel that you need to plump yours just because you have read this review, as this is purely a review to show you the product and show you how it is an alternative to surgery should you wish to buy it if this is the case Please only buy it on your terms not because I own it or that celebs have plump lips, or because media says to buy it.

Remember you are your own person and you are beautiful just the way you are.

So candylipz have sent me this product free of charge to show readers the product and talk about the dangers of using things that are not designed to plump lips, and to show you their product which is claimed to be more safe to use to plump lips.

Anyway moving on to the more interesting part of this post, the review of candylipz.


Before Getting The Product Thoughts

omg i was abit nervous as I had watched so many videos of ppl doing with shot glasses and their lips exploding due to their lips getting stuck in the glass, please do not try it with a glass it is dangerous and you have no way of getting the glass of quick if needed.

First Thoughts On Candy Lips When It Arrived.
Omg it arrived i was even more nervous knowing I was going to be trying it.
Just call me your guinea pig because if anything went wrong it would've saved you a lot of pain.
I was also excited to see if the rumours was true if you could plump your lips in minutes.
So mixture of feelings really from happy to excited to been nervous to what i had myself into.


The packaging for me was really cute, simple but effective, it added that special touch.
really loved how pretty it looked taking photos of it on my white cushion.
really like how well the candylipz apple looks really stunning in the simple packaging.

Using The Product

How It Feels to use it?
It feels really weird hurts a little on your first few goes i didn't use it for the full length right away as I am scared to get the bruising and lip hickeys which can occur when first using the product ie the conditioning period but did It in smaller goes and didn't get lip hickeys.

what I did was put it on for a few seconds so I knew what it felt like kept doing this over the day for a few seconds to get grips to how it will feel on lips, then the next day i tried it for 20 seconds had a 10 min break then tried 30 seconds, then had break then tried a minute.
I am still very new to product I haven't yet built my self up to go the full length but everyone is different i will say do what you're comfy with but do read the instructions, also the whole of this review and other people's blog reviews and youtube videos just so you can get a better idea from more than one person as what I experience may be different to someone else.

How To Use

There is a conditioning period which I have put below from the website.

Conditioning period

Please note there is a 10 day conditioning period with Candylipz and some temporary hickey marks or bruising can occur. It varies from person to person. Please read instructions fully before use & build up use starting from 30 second increments.

You can read the candylipz conditioning period on candylipz website

Before and After Photos



Overall Review

Well where do I start, I was skeptical to begin with as i had seen so many people damage their lips plumping them with silly objects like glasses, so was abit scared to use this, but when I finally did i was glad i did because it felt safe and was easy to take off if I felt I didn't want it on.

So I do really love candylipz and the packaging it comes in which is elegant simple but effective.
The candylipz itself  im impressed with i havent even used it the whole length yet and just getting to grips with it even the short amount of time i tested it on lips to get used to the feeling I saw results.

Even tho it says you can get hickeys I didn't experience that which is good but that is prob because I haven't left it on the whole length yet and i used the lip cushion which it came with.
everyone is different though some will experience bruising or hickeys and some won't.

As much as I love this product already and its results with are temporary which I love as can have small lips or big lips without needing expensive painful  lip fillers which can go wrong and is long term.

Even though it states it is safe I do always wonder what long term effects could be and what
will happen if someone is using this everyday for 10 years as obviously I do not know the answer to that, so I will say please be reasonable read information online, ask the company any questions you may have, and if you experience anything like bleeding or extreme pain,
please stop using and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

I will add I did not read the faqs till writing this post and did not know candylipz wasn't suitable for people with some illnesses so can say it was not good that the website doesn't ask you before you buy if you have any of the following illnesses, so that was pretty bad in my eyes because,
Someone may assume they can use it, because everyone else is using it.

Side Effects
Lip hickeys or bruising can occur when using the product.

Warning !!

Do not use things like glasses or other objects that people have been using to plump their lips because this can result in you busting your lips open and other things.
It is extremely dangerous to use items not designed for plumping lips,

if you check this link here you will see the bad effects caused by using products not safe for lip plumping, please be warned images may be extremely graphic please do not click if you have a weak stomach or do not like graphic content.

so please listen beautiful people if you are gonna plump your lips use a product designed to do so and use it properly. even still there is side effects so please be responsible if your under 16 then please always ask a grownup/adult to anything like this because they can help you find a product designed for your needs if they agree.

Questions and answers.

Does it matter what size my lips are originally?
There are different product designed please check the website for more details.

Does it hurt to use candy lipz?
It is not painful, it's more uncomfortable if anything.

I am under 16 can I use candylipz?
Please ask your parent or guardian.

Who Should NOT Use Candylipz?
Anyone with a blood disorder, sensitive skin, and prone to bleeding,
And anyone with the following listed illnesses found on the Faqs on the website.

          There is a lot of illnesses listed so please read through The List
To make sure Candylipz is safe for you to use.

You can find out more about candylipz its side effects,
how to use, who shouldn't use, the model needed for your lip size
and much more by reading the FaQs on the Candylipz website.

Thanks for reading 
I hope you enjoyed reading and that it is helped you understand the product,
a little bit more, and the dangers of using products that are not designed for lip plumping.
if you should have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments box.
As always if you do not have google plus to comment feel free to email me.

Have you tried candylipz before?

What do you think of lip plumping?
Has anyone you know plumped theirs the dangerous way?

Oh before I go
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Loves hugs and kisses