Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dont Dine Alone

Hey guys and girls I am back with another post This time one close to my heart don't dine alone.
You're probably thinking what's don't dine alone Well please carry on reading to find out more.
So I was contacted by someone asking me if i would like to do a post on don't dine alone,
For sunrise senior living Which I agreed to do because it is close to my heart,
for many reasons I do not like the thought of anyone being sad or lonely.

So I have been sent a Dont Dine Alone package containing a Monopoly Board game,
some cards, and a food voucher This package is for an evening to spend with someone lonely.
Anyway I was gonna do a post showing you a meal with a friend of mine.But he is not been to good or up to coming out at the moment but am trying to see if I can do a post showing you at a later date
when he is feeling well enough to come round for dinner.

So What Can You Do To Help Someone Lonely?

You can help them in many ways here's a few ideas below.

Invite them round for a chat and cup of tea
contact charities that might be helpful to them
Invite them round for christmas dinner
Take them bread, milk daily essentials

There are many ways you can help someone who is lonely,
but remember being lonely isn't always about being old and having no family.
being lonely can be single parents, even people like you and I.
so always good to do kind things for others.

For Example

Recently when our water was off Due to a burst Water main down the road.
Our next door neighbours went to get us and him and her partner some bottled water.
We dont drive nor does he but he rang his sister to come help him, and he went to tescos
which would of been a 30 minute walk each way to get us some water so we could drink,
and also wash up, and wash our hands this was really helpful and kind of him to do.

we usually share things with our neighbour from a bulk sack of potatoes I brought.
And even a nice big chocolate cake my hubby bakes, and the homemade bread I bake and even the sausage rolls I recently made from scratch, As mentioned it is good to be kind share and help each other as that person might be feeling lonely or down.

So even though this post is about don’t dine alone wanted to put it out there that we should always look out for each other, doesn't matter how old we are we all get lonely.
I myself get lonely and I have a partner and daughter.

I think i have mentioned in previous posts before,
when I have helped strangers.
It is good to help others for example.

Donate Food To Food Banks.
Donate Food to elderly care homes.
Donate unwanted things to charity.
Talk to an homeless person.
Buy a homeless person a meal.

photo by paul garaizar

They are just a few ideas to help people
Although some people are afraid to accept help either,
because they are worried the person helping them could be out to hurt them.
They may even be a person who don't like accepting help but all you can do is try.
But if in doubt always contact a charity to help them as they are trained to do so.

So todays post is what you're reading now.
Im sorry its not a post on the meal I had planned for my friend.
but hopefully I be able to do that at a later date when he is feeling better.

So am gonna list a few links to charities below
in case you or someone you know is lonely,
depressed, down, or just needs some support.

These charities or places can be very helpful

Please if you are lonely don't suffer in silence.
seek help or advice from charities.
speak to your gp,doctor or carer.
who can also point you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading
Dont Dine Alone
Caroline x

“Remember if you also invite a friend or someone who is lonely for dinner
tweet a photo using #dontdinealone to help spread awareness”