Monday, 20 July 2015



HOT CHOCOLATE  blanket.jpg
Hey guys and girls have a very out of season post here for you.
I say out of season because of the product been for cool/cold days and nights.
Although I did use it last night as a blanket as we slept downstairs for a change.

So I was sent a Snuggle blanket to review via heat holders  at first I thought it is too hot to test a blanket, But then was told by someone it was national picnic month so could be useful to sit on, or even wrap around you if it is a cool evening.

Anyway Hope you enjoy reading the review 
Feel Free to ask any questions you may have.


Heat Holders company sells thermal products from your thermal socks,
There is something for everyone for your thermal needs.
Thermals can be lifesavers In winter.

About Heat holders snuggle blanket

What the website says

Kick back and relax with a Heat Holders luxury premium fleece blanket – perfect for wrapping up
warmly on those cold winter nights. With a 1.4 tog rating, its generous size and incredible softness make it a must-have item for peaceful days at home.
*Please note, there are no electrical components within the Snuggle Ups blankets.

Chloe was laying near me on sofa and was a bit cold so asked for blanket so we let her try the new one she warmed up quick and soon fell asleep so took blanket off of her.
she stayed warm for ages aswell so didn't need the blanket again.

Myself and shane then tried out the blanket at bedtime we slept downstairs for a change and the blanket was light so wasn't to heavy but did warm up super quick so i had to keep taking it off
I  stayed warm for ages, so do say the blanket is best for autumn and winter.

What I say about snuggle blanket.

Snuggle blankets are not only thermal and keep you warm.
They are soft to touch and light to carry meaning they are great for all ages.
(not like those old blankets that are thick heavy and scratchy on the skin)
Even though it only has a tog of 1.4 they really do make you warm up really quick.
I think not only are these perfect for picnics or cold nights at home.
I think every car should have a snuggle blanket because 
if you get stranded or break down these will keep you warm until help arrives.

What I liked about the snuggle blanket
I really loved the material so soft on the skin softer than any blanket i've felt before.
I also liked how quick it made me warm up which is great to know for when winter arrives.

What I didn't like about the product
The carry case it arrived in had a rip in.

Size : 180cm x 200cm
Tog  : 1.4

Overall Verdict.
Overall I am really happy with the product you could say I have really warmed to it.
I loved the feel of the blanket it is really really soft and lovely doesn't feel rough against the skin.
The product works well it warmed me up quick which is a bonus.

The company Shipped the product quick which was another bonus.
Although There was a few minor delays with the courier itself.

The only thing i would say I wasn't happy with was the carry case it arrived in was ripped.
So that might be something the company can look at improving.

Thanks for reading


Heat Holders are on social media

Friday, 17 July 2015


Hey girls and guys hope you are all well and set for the 6 weeks holiday.
So I have been sent a product to try from AHAVA ebay store.
I thought I would change the style of this review,
As most of you know the style of review changes.
Thats because I write it how I see fits well.
So hope you enjoy reading.

Here is a few question and answers.

What product was I sent?

Ahava gold edition is a mineral body lotion.

What other products do they sell?
They sell so many products for your skin feel free to look on their ebay store.

So What did I think?

Firstly Looking at the Ahava Ebay Store I can honestly see lots of great looking products.
There seems to be a nice selection to choose from for your skins needs.
Ahava shipped my body lotion quickly and I had no issues with regards to shipping times.
However even though the bodylotion was carefully packed it seemed the delivery people didn't take great care of the package as it leaked a little bit inside the postal jiffy envelope.
it only leaked to about the size of a 50p coin.

What did I think of AHAVA GOLD EDITION

The gold coloured bottle with the great logo Makes the product that extra bit special.
Looks good to have in your bathroom dressing room, the pump dispenser makes it really lovely and useful no unscrewing lids and losing lids you know all that effort that normal lid bottles seem to have.

With the pump dispenser it's good because if you have it in your hallway your late for work your hands are dry you can quickly squirt piece on your hands and rub the lotion in as you are leaving your house talk about multitasking aye.

The Smell And Everything Else.

Oh wow the smell of ahava gold edition smells wonderful i can't quite name the scent as such but it smells luxury like a product that would be used on you in a posh spa, or luxury beauty room in a very luxury salon in london.

AHAVA gold edition body lotion 500ml is £19.99 to buy from the ahava ebay store.

I love how lovely it made my skin feel it worked lovely on my body not only making my skin feel smooth and lovely but made it smell great too much needed after all this sunny weather we have been having which drys out the skin big time.

The only thing the lotion did not really work on was my feet but admittedly nothing really doesn't work on my feet as they are so so dry and have been ever since going to camber sands a few years back.

So the cream does work just not that well on cracked dry feet so heads up if you are buying it just for your feet it is not worth it, but if you are buying it for your body then its well worth the price.

Overall Verdict

So Keeping this short and sweet I know you are all busy with the holidays ahead.
My overall views on this product are it is a lovely product 
a very nice size bottle for the price of £19.99 which in my eyes is worth it.
It smells great and makes your skin smell great and feel great which is what I tend to look for in a product because if it smells great on your skin you are gonna be more confident in using it.
After all nobody likes smelling like a toxic smell walking through town just to have soft skin.

The pump action is very ideal and useful saving time from unscrewing lids.
And also makes product last longer due to your only use a small bit and not tip the bottle and end up with too much on your hands, yes we have all done it before.

So overall yes I loved this product although I think Ahava need to invest maybe in better postal packaging due to the small leakage i had  in my jiffy bag when it arrived because of the postal service.

Also this product is only worth buying if its for your body, if you want to have smoother great smelling skin, it didn't work on my feet so be warned if you're buying it just for your feet it is not worth it.

Thank you for reading


What are you doing for your holidays?
Have you tried AHAVA before?

Monday, 13 July 2015

Hubby's Birthday

Hey guys and girls, Hope you are all well.
Today is more of a personal post hope you enjoy.
So on 11th july it was my hubbys birthday he turned 32.
If you remember last year we went to a restaurant with friends.

Here is what we did this year I will try keep it short and sweet.

The morning he woke up I made a nice cup of coffee
Me and chloe  then wrote in his birthday cards then Wrapped a present.
Anyway once shane woke up and came down stairs he opened his cards and present.

Here is the present was from toxic fox

Abit later shane skyped his dad in australia which was nice for him to catch up.
He was on the call for over 2 hours aswell the joys of skype being able to talk to family.

Bit later he popped to the shop with chloe to grab a few bits for dinner which was my treat.
I surprised him and chloe turned up at the shop and said lets go in minimart then brought shane two packs of biltong which is like beef jerky but far better than beef jerky.

Even though the packs are small and cost £5.20 each the flavour is so good.
We put it all in a Jar so instead of having a sweet jar, or cookie jar we now have a biltong jar.

Later in the evening we had a pizza with garlic bread, wedges, onion rings for dinner.
Pigged out and watched a movie together at home chloe wanted to go bed early so she went to bed after her dinner.

So As this is shane's birthday post
thought id show you these great birthday gifts

Here Is A Few Picks I think make great gifts for men and woman.






Anyway we didn't do a lot this year How ever we have planned to go shopping one week.
Has I still have a grand to spend from my shopping gift card 
so will be treating him me and chloe.
So we did not do much this year, seems birthdays come round quick these days.
Its all a mad rush so hopefully today Will try make a cake or something.

Thanks for reading

Who’s Birthday Have you Got Coming Up?
Have You Brought From ToxicFox Before?
Would Love To Know What You Think Of Toxic Fox?

It Is always good to hear from my readers.
feel free to comment below or contact me by email.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How To Get Revenge On Telephone Pests

Photo By Jan VaĊĦek

Well I thought it is time to cover the subject of those pesty telephone pests.
Yes the ones who ring you trying to sell you things,Try get information out of you.
The ones claiming you had a car accident 
And the ones trying to tell you about a free lottery.
Well keep on reading You can get revenge and take control.

All views are my own and ideas was written by myself as I am typing this.
Well instead of getting mad and scared to answer the phone.
It is time to take control Don't get mad get even.
Read my blog post with my fun ideas to get Revenge.

Examples Of Telephone pests

Car Accidents
Scam lotto
Bogus charities

Anyone keep trying to ring to sell you something 
Here is Some fun naughty ways to get revenge on these pests.

Some fun ideas to annoy telephone pests.

Put them on hold start talking to them again asking questions ie why are you calling today etc 
 Tell them you will put them through to the right department 
Place Them on hold and pass the phone to a friend of yours 
keep doing this till they get the message.

Pretend to be a recorded message say one of the advisers will be with them shortly 
Please note that all calls are charged at £3 per minute. 
Answer keep talking then keep putting them on hold
Then through to another department put on a voice answer and keep putting on hold.

Pretend to be an answering machine.
Leave a message after the beep beeeep.

Repeat everything they say
Keep asking them to repeat themselves
Tell them to speak up
Keep asking them the time every few minutes

Ask them what they are buying you for christmas/birthday
Tell them you do not speak english

These are just a few ideas and examples of ways to annoy them.
Keep reading to find other ways to annoy telephone pest. 

Pretend to be 

Sex line Dirty chat how can I help? 
Telephone pest anonymous !
Joke line keep telling them jokes and punchlines until they hang up
Takeaway keep asking what they would like to order ask if they like sides.
Smelly sock swap shop, swap your smelly socks with other smellys.
Ask them for advice
What shall I wear tonight ie i have a date
Do you think I should eat curry or chips for dinner
Do you think he or she loves me
How to pull the celeb you have a crush on
What shell I watch tonight (name two shows that clash)

Ask them to be your shoulder to cry on
Say your invisible friend has vanished
Say your pet sock got eaten by the washing machine
You have run out of chocolate
You have spilt some milk

Make up something else.
Think of a film that makes you cry for example titanic
Say he let go he said he would never let go pretend to cry.

If they are calling about a car accident you didn't have
Tell them information is correct keep them on the phone
Then say it was an invisible car you was driving or a self drive time machine.
Or even one of those toy cars for children the ride in ones.

So there you have it my ideas on how to annoy the telepests that keep annoying you.
Time to put them to the test please do so at your own risk
I will not be responsible for any upset telepests haha.

Hope you enjoyed reading this very light hearted post and hope you had a giggle at a few.
Catch you all soon please comment below what you think of this post and if you do try any of my ideas out I would love to know what the reactions are of the telepests.

If you do not want to waste time doing all the above 
You can find ways to block their number from calling you.
Speak to your phone provider to see how they can help.

Thanks for reading

Do you get calls from telephone pests how do you handle them?