Friday, 17 July 2015


Hey girls and guys hope you are all well and set for the 6 weeks holiday.
So I have been sent a product to try from AHAVA ebay store.
I thought I would change the style of this review,
As most of you know the style of review changes.
Thats because I write it how I see fits well.
So hope you enjoy reading.

Here is a few question and answers.

What product was I sent?

Ahava gold edition is a mineral body lotion.

What other products do they sell?
They sell so many products for your skin feel free to look on their ebay store.

So What did I think?

Firstly Looking at the Ahava Ebay Store I can honestly see lots of great looking products.
There seems to be a nice selection to choose from for your skins needs.
Ahava shipped my body lotion quickly and I had no issues with regards to shipping times.
However even though the bodylotion was carefully packed it seemed the delivery people didn't take great care of the package as it leaked a little bit inside the postal jiffy envelope.
it only leaked to about the size of a 50p coin.

What did I think of AHAVA GOLD EDITION

The gold coloured bottle with the great logo Makes the product that extra bit special.
Looks good to have in your bathroom dressing room, the pump dispenser makes it really lovely and useful no unscrewing lids and losing lids you know all that effort that normal lid bottles seem to have.

With the pump dispenser it's good because if you have it in your hallway your late for work your hands are dry you can quickly squirt piece on your hands and rub the lotion in as you are leaving your house talk about multitasking aye.

The Smell And Everything Else.

Oh wow the smell of ahava gold edition smells wonderful i can't quite name the scent as such but it smells luxury like a product that would be used on you in a posh spa, or luxury beauty room in a very luxury salon in london.

AHAVA gold edition body lotion 500ml is £19.99 to buy from the ahava ebay store.

I love how lovely it made my skin feel it worked lovely on my body not only making my skin feel smooth and lovely but made it smell great too much needed after all this sunny weather we have been having which drys out the skin big time.

The only thing the lotion did not really work on was my feet but admittedly nothing really doesn't work on my feet as they are so so dry and have been ever since going to camber sands a few years back.

So the cream does work just not that well on cracked dry feet so heads up if you are buying it just for your feet it is not worth it, but if you are buying it for your body then its well worth the price.

Overall Verdict

So Keeping this short and sweet I know you are all busy with the holidays ahead.
My overall views on this product are it is a lovely product 
a very nice size bottle for the price of £19.99 which in my eyes is worth it.
It smells great and makes your skin smell great and feel great which is what I tend to look for in a product because if it smells great on your skin you are gonna be more confident in using it.
After all nobody likes smelling like a toxic smell walking through town just to have soft skin.

The pump action is very ideal and useful saving time from unscrewing lids.
And also makes product last longer due to your only use a small bit and not tip the bottle and end up with too much on your hands, yes we have all done it before.

So overall yes I loved this product although I think Ahava need to invest maybe in better postal packaging due to the small leakage i had  in my jiffy bag when it arrived because of the postal service.

Also this product is only worth buying if its for your body, if you want to have smoother great smelling skin, it didn't work on my feet so be warned if you're buying it just for your feet it is not worth it.

Thank you for reading


What are you doing for your holidays?
Have you tried AHAVA before?