Thursday, 2 July 2015

Win Swim Shop Goodies

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Hey guys and girls, I have a post for you today about swimming,
there is also a giveaway aswell so remember to read on and enter.
this information will be helpful to you and your kids and other family members.

So july is here and the summer holidays are approaching which means family time.
Holidays abroad where there will be sun sea and sand and swimming pools.
Even if you are not travelling abroad you may visit a local pool near to where you live.

Studies have found that 57% of children aged between 7-11 cannot swim in the uk.
this could be many factors such money, or even parents too busy working to take kids swimming or even kids finding it hard to get the concept of it.

Whatever the reason for children not been able to swim, it's never too late to learn.
There is also some adults who cannot swim as well which is also very common as well.

I myself can swim but not as well as other adults because i rarely find the time to go.
But even when I have the time to go I have found things always crop up expensive bills come in.
But Chloe still goes swimming as her school have a pool which is the same school i went to as a child, the same school where I was taught to swim.

Below is some information

57% of children age 7-11 do not know how to swim.
This is astonishing since under the national curriculum all schools are required to teach children to swim a distance of 25 metres confidently using a range of strokes so that they can safely rescue themselves from drowning.

It is estimated that children require at least 25 hours of lessons to swim confidently a distance of 25 metres. Primary schools are offered 18 hours of swimming lessons per child a year, way below the recommended hours. If hours were raised to 25 across all primary schools as standard the number of children who can swim would rise by 200,000.

Many schools are unaware of their student’s ability to swim. The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) suggest that swimming should come under the physical education budget and be taught as a requirement much like any other subject.

As well as a lifesaving skill the ability to swim has vast health benefits and is one of the few sports you can continues to partake in into old age.

Take a look at this wonderful Fun Family Swimming Games PDF download full of games you can enjoy with your children to make them feel more confident in the water.

Competition time

Now its time to tell you about the competition to win some swimming goodies for you kids.
I have two sets to give away yes thats right two sets to give to you for free.
This means there will be 2 winners who will win a swimming goodie for their child.


The competition rules !!

Please only enter if you want the prize, no selling the prize on.
Entrants 13 and over unless you have parents permission
Competition Will end July 31st 2015.
Uk entrants only

(Cheats will be Disqualified please only enter in your real name once)

So now you have entered Please comment below if you have google plus.
Do you like swimming? can your kids swim? can you swim?
Please feel free to comment below I understand non google plus can enter which i am sorry.
But you're welcome to email me and inbox me on my social accounts as always.

Thanks for reading

Have a safe swim this year, be sure to have fun but stay safe.
Remember to keep you eye out for anyone who may need help when swimming.