Monday, 13 July 2015

Hubby's Birthday

Hey guys and girls, Hope you are all well.
Today is more of a personal post hope you enjoy.
So on 11th july it was my hubbys birthday he turned 32.
If you remember last year we went to a restaurant with friends.

Here is what we did this year I will try keep it short and sweet.

The morning he woke up I made a nice cup of coffee
Me and chloe  then wrote in his birthday cards then Wrapped a present.
Anyway once shane woke up and came down stairs he opened his cards and present.

Here is the present was from toxic fox

Abit later shane skyped his dad in australia which was nice for him to catch up.
He was on the call for over 2 hours aswell the joys of skype being able to talk to family.

Bit later he popped to the shop with chloe to grab a few bits for dinner which was my treat.
I surprised him and chloe turned up at the shop and said lets go in minimart then brought shane two packs of biltong which is like beef jerky but far better than beef jerky.

Even though the packs are small and cost £5.20 each the flavour is so good.
We put it all in a Jar so instead of having a sweet jar, or cookie jar we now have a biltong jar.

Later in the evening we had a pizza with garlic bread, wedges, onion rings for dinner.
Pigged out and watched a movie together at home chloe wanted to go bed early so she went to bed after her dinner.

So As this is shane's birthday post
thought id show you these great birthday gifts

Here Is A Few Picks I think make great gifts for men and woman.






Anyway we didn't do a lot this year How ever we have planned to go shopping one week.
Has I still have a grand to spend from my shopping gift card 
so will be treating him me and chloe.
So we did not do much this year, seems birthdays come round quick these days.
Its all a mad rush so hopefully today Will try make a cake or something.

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