Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Yonderland Series 2

Hey guys and girls and yonderland fans I have some juicy news for you.
I was invited my Mumsnet and yonderland, and thought hey will be a good field trip for me.
So I also took shane and chloe with me as mumsnet said I can bring a plus 2.
So on saturday 27th june I traveled to the 5 star soho hotel in soho london.

Before We Start

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The Journey To London

Taken on my samsung galaxy S3

The journey to soho was a bit hectic although I Love london it was a bit scary,
I am not a fan of the tube and travelling can be daunting for me at times.
But first of all we had to top up our oyster cards £15 on each to make sure we had enough.
Then we had to take a bus to the local train station which is only up the road.

Chloe, Taken on my samsung galaxy S3

We then had to wait for a train to elephant and castle,
The train journey wasn't to bad me my hubby and chloe had fun.
Taking photos on the camera and just enjoying the comfort.

Once we arrived at Elephant and castle,
We had to walk to catch a tube train to charing cross.
The tube was a little daunting but wasn't to bad only had to go a few stops.
But it was very very warm even though it wasn't too busy it felt hot and stuffy.
Once we finally arrived at charing cross we made our way to exit.

Shane then had to get maps up on his phone.
we all began to walk for about 15-20 mins.
walking up roads crossing roads walking up more roads.
To our relief we finally walked up the last road.

We Finally Got There

Anyway once we arrived at The Soho Hotel
we walked through the door walked over to the reception.
We then said hello we are here for the yonderland event, they gave us directions so we walked across the lobby through a double door and down some stairs.

Someone then greeted us and handed us our passes to wear for the event.
We was A bit early but which was not to bad as I got talking to another blogger in the lobby.
Vicky from Life Of My Family And Me who is very lovely feel free to read her blog.

Anyway when it was time to go in we headed to a room which was small but looked lovely.
There was a mini bar with refreshing cold drinks and lovely bar staff who was very polite.
We had a drink and mingled with the cast of yonderland, and other bloggers who attended.
We also mingled with the Cast of Yonderland who were very friendly.

Photo's With The Casts

Family Entertainment

We Also got to have our photo taken on the green screen and had a mini gif image made.
Which was pretty cool and kept a few of the children and adults entertained.
They also gave us a photo print out to keep also which was a lovely idea.

A while later we all went through to the cinema screening room which looked amazing.
We all sat down to watch yonderland series 2 episode 1 and 2.
The whole room was giggling and was really enjoying it.

Without giving too much away

Debbie an everyday mum goes on an adventure!
But her family do not know about her strange job as world saver.
But husband peter is very paranoid about the kitchen cupboard.
As strange things keep occurring !

Sneak Peak Yonderland Series 2 Trailer

Will debbie’s family find out about her job?
Where will the adventure take debbie?
Your have to tune in to find out !!

bearing in mind I have never seen yonderland before due to not having sky.
I really enjoyed it there was some really funny parts in fact there was a few.

After the screening

The cast of yonderland sat down and got ready for us to ask questions.

Chloe asked
Q:How did you get here?
The the cast replies were the following.
Another dimension.

I Also Asked A Question!

Q "If you could have any actors or actresses in yonderland who would you have"?
The casts of yonderland then replied with a few well known names such as

Mackenzie Crook,
Sean Bean,
Harrison Ford,
David Bowie,
Bob Dylan 
(labyrinth is an inspiration)

Someone else then asked 
Q “ So Why Did You Make Yonderland?

A “To make people laugh, And it is good because we are good friends.
The six of us write the scripts together and all work together"

So once the screening finished etc we walked back to main room.
We had another drink and some lovely canapes which went down a treat.
As time was getting on abit we had to leave I was handed a goodie bag.
Which contained a now tv box which will come in handy because we don't have sky at the moment and it would be good to get the channel to watch yonderland because we enjoyed it.

chloe did not wanna go home
Anyway the journey home was a little longer because it was the same day as gay pride.
We had to walk past so many crowds even though it put strain on journey home.
I didn't mind too much because it was nice to see so many people smiling.
loads of lovely costumes and very colourful even saw men wearing high heels.
Thank you london gay pride for cheering up my journey home.
You All looked lovely!

Chloe was tired from the long day out
We were also tired!
So Yonderland is returning to our screens 13th july 2015 on sky1 at 8pm
You will enjoy and laugh suitable for all ages, families etc.

Please be warned there is very funny adult humour.
Funny gags adult humour not for the faint hearted.
If you love to laugh you will thoroughly enjoy yonderland.

You can find out more about yonderland below
Ben Boyer From Sky 
All About Yonderland

Thank you for reading

Feel free to comment below.

Have you seen yonderland?
Are you Excited for series 2?
Who is your favorite character?
Do you love yonderland?

If you also missed the first series
Do not fear its available on dvd.

Don't forget 
The second series of yonderland
Starts 13th july 2015
Sky1 at 8pm