Monday, 20 July 2015



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Hey guys and girls have a very out of season post here for you.
I say out of season because of the product been for cool/cold days and nights.
Although I did use it last night as a blanket as we slept downstairs for a change.

So I was sent a Snuggle blanket to review via heat holders  at first I thought it is too hot to test a blanket, But then was told by someone it was national picnic month so could be useful to sit on, or even wrap around you if it is a cool evening.

Anyway Hope you enjoy reading the review 
Feel Free to ask any questions you may have.


Heat Holders company sells thermal products from your thermal socks,
There is something for everyone for your thermal needs.
Thermals can be lifesavers In winter.

About Heat holders snuggle blanket

What the website says

Kick back and relax with a Heat Holders luxury premium fleece blanket – perfect for wrapping up
warmly on those cold winter nights. With a 1.4 tog rating, its generous size and incredible softness make it a must-have item for peaceful days at home.
*Please note, there are no electrical components within the Snuggle Ups blankets.

Chloe was laying near me on sofa and was a bit cold so asked for blanket so we let her try the new one she warmed up quick and soon fell asleep so took blanket off of her.
she stayed warm for ages aswell so didn't need the blanket again.

Myself and shane then tried out the blanket at bedtime we slept downstairs for a change and the blanket was light so wasn't to heavy but did warm up super quick so i had to keep taking it off
I  stayed warm for ages, so do say the blanket is best for autumn and winter.

What I say about snuggle blanket.

Snuggle blankets are not only thermal and keep you warm.
They are soft to touch and light to carry meaning they are great for all ages.
(not like those old blankets that are thick heavy and scratchy on the skin)
Even though it only has a tog of 1.4 they really do make you warm up really quick.
I think not only are these perfect for picnics or cold nights at home.
I think every car should have a snuggle blanket because 
if you get stranded or break down these will keep you warm until help arrives.

What I liked about the snuggle blanket
I really loved the material so soft on the skin softer than any blanket i've felt before.
I also liked how quick it made me warm up which is great to know for when winter arrives.

What I didn't like about the product
The carry case it arrived in had a rip in.

Size : 180cm x 200cm
Tog  : 1.4

Overall Verdict.
Overall I am really happy with the product you could say I have really warmed to it.
I loved the feel of the blanket it is really really soft and lovely doesn't feel rough against the skin.
The product works well it warmed me up quick which is a bonus.

The company Shipped the product quick which was another bonus.
Although There was a few minor delays with the courier itself.

The only thing i would say I wasn't happy with was the carry case it arrived in was ripped.
So that might be something the company can look at improving.

Thanks for reading


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