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The Personal Barber


Hey girls and guys hope you are all well, so its a new month the year is going so quick.
Anyway we all know how gift buying can be hard and stressful never know what to buy 
for someone do they already have this dvd do they have this game.

Well a lot of people say buying for a guy is the hardest
I know this myself even buying for my own partner,
brother or guy friends is really hard.

Well I was emailed by the founder of the personal barber who has a great product that can be brought for yourself as a guy or brought as a gift for a guy.

So you're probably like come on get on with it 
I wanna find out what the hell you're babbling on about so here goes.

What is the personal barber?

The personal barber is a company who specialises in subscription boxes for men.
The boxes are all shaving based and contain everything you need for the perfect shave.
From the best soaps to the best blades each shave you have will leave you feeling clean.
You can either buy 1 box or more it is really up to you to what suits your needs.

About The Company

We asked the founder to how the personal barber came about.
Heres what he had to say

A bit about why I founded The Personal Barber:
I used to hate shaving, I saw it as a necessary evil if I wanted to look presentable for work. After being introduced to classic wet shaving with a single blade I genuinely couldn't believe how good it was. No more rash under my neck or breakouts on my face and I could shave every day rather than twice a week. After speaking to a lot of friends, I realised that I wasn't alone and that most resent having to shave. They either dislike having to waste their precious time, hate the irritation it causes or, in the majority of cases, both. After introducing them to classic shaving and seeing such strong feedback, I decided I wanted to get as many people enjoying their shave as possible. There are already plenty of companies out there that sell razors and soaps so I wanted to create something a bit different. With a new surprise of exciting goods each month, The Personal Barber is about turning shaving into an experience to look forward to rather than a daily chore”

How much does it cost ?

it depends on how long you want to subscribe for the longer you choose the better the discount.
below i have listed the prices please note these may change if you are reading this post some time in the future so please always check the personal barber website for any updates.

Month to Month £24.95 per box (free delivery)

So this is like buying a box this month and then maybe one in a few more months.
Each box will be £24.95 so it works out a good price.
But if you choose to do longer your get a better deal in the long run.

3 months £20.95 per box

so this is getting a box each month for 3 months meaning you get a not too shabby deal,
with 17% of each box it is a deal that not only means you save money but means you get the exciting goodies for 3 months meaning you keep on having the best shave.

6 Months £19.95 a box

Wow these deals keep on coming if you choose to subscribe for 6 whole months.
Your get a sweet shave deal saving 20% on each box thats half a year of sweet shaving surprises delivered to your door.

12 months £17.95 per box

OMG now a whole year for just £17.95 a box saving you 28% A year.
I bet you thats cheaper than your gym membership Yes? no? let me know in the comments.
So a whole year of the person barber boxes delivered to your door for 1 whole year.
So you could have a whole year of keeping your facial hair under control.

So you're probably thinking I own a razor I bought from a drug store.
Well let me stop you there how much do your blades cost when you need to replace them?
Also how much are you spending on harsh shaving creams and gels and aftershave balms?

It all adds up so carry on reading below I will show you what these boxes can contain.
Which proves you are getting a great deal not only for your bank but for your skin.

What does the box contain?

So the boxes may vary each month
Once you have the starter box with razor the following boxes.
The follow on boxes contain a various of soaps and other things.
But the starter box my hubby received contained the following

How To Get The Perfect Shave Guide
How To Look After Your Razor Guild
Replaceable Blades
Pre shave Facial Scrub
Shaving Cream Balm
After Shave Hydrator
Shaving Brush

My Hubby Tried Out A Trial Box

his words
“ I really prefer shaving with this razor purely because it gets better results.
Also i found I don't get any shaving rashes or irritations like with other razors.
also after shaving it is easy to clean the razor which is also a bonus.
Normal razors Seem to trap hair and dead skin cells which is gross,
I found that this razor did not do this at all which is superb.

Also I found With the personal barber box I have made more of an effort to shave.
As well as use the face scrubs and hydration to take more care of my skin.
previously I did not take much care because of shaving rashes,
Also Some of the supermarket creams and balms contain harmful harsh chemicals.

So im not only impressed with the personal barber box im impressed with myself.
I can recommend this box to other men who like to be clean shaven and also people who are trying to find a perfect gift for a guy why not buy a starter box yourself to see how you get on.

Overall Verdict.

Well I myself was impressed with the quick shipping and great packaging of the box.
I was also impressed with the great contents of the starter box I feel it's more than a starter box.
The price I feel is reasonable for what it is seeing as you getting everything you need delivered to your door each month so no need to go to the shop and gather everything.
Not to mention you're getting the best of the best product wise.

I was also pleased that hubby enjoyed using it and made more effort to shave.
Which means he likes it, because normally he lets it grow a lot before shaving.
due to not been keen on shaving rashes caused by supermarket drugstore razors not mentioning any names but you probably know which ones if you experience shaving rashes.

Additional Information

image from pixbay not part of the personal barber set.
You must be Over The Age Of 18 To Buy/Subscribe.
please visit the  The Personal Barber website for more information

Thank You For Reading

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