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Travalo Milano Attomizer

Hey girls and guys im back with another review!
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I was contacted by email to see if I was interested in trying this product for Travalo.
So I thought why not as I have reviewed one before for another company.
So was good to see how different it was to my other one.

Launching in September, the elegant and exclusive Milano is the perfect accessory to keep you smelling wonderful on the go; whether it is the daily 9-5 on shopping trips, or when you are at work, or even when going on a date or even trips to theme parks. 

The Packaging

The packaging was very simple but elegant.
There was not to much packaging like alot of products your find.
The packing for me was spot on from the design to the size.
Luxurious colours not overpowering very easy on the eye.

The Atomizer 

As soon as I picked it up from its packaging I could feel how sturdy and well made it is.
Looking at the design it is a unisex product that works great as a gift.
 May it be christmas birthday,Thank you gift or even a leaving present.
You could even buy it for yourself to use on a daily basis.

The way you fill it up is much different from the atomizer I already own.
which I will explain further down to help anyone who might be thinking of buying one.

Using the product?

It is very nice to use the added weight makes the product feel more luxurious.
 it is very well made and sturdy compared to most other atomizers makes you proud to use.
It sprays well just the right amount needed but if you're mad like me your keep spraying till you smell like the perfume shop at christmas when everyone is spraying the testers. 

How do you refill the atomizer? 

Take the  spray cap of your perfume bottle.
take the bottom of your atomizer and pop it on your perfume bottle

The picture below might explain it better.

Like all Travalo atomizers,
Milano refills in seconds directly from a standard perfume bottle. 
Through the patented Genie-S pump-fill system. 
This ensures that the fragrance is never contaminated by exposure to the air.

Overall Verdict

I really love it its very well made and has a nice bit of weight on it.
I absolutely love how easy it is to refill which is great.
 Although I have got to say 
Refilling it is a no no if you don't own the kind of perfume with the spray top on.
 I myself also have a perfume without a spray top which can't be put into this atomizer.
But I do have another Atomiser at home that can take normal perfumes.

So for me it is a wonderful product would be nice to have different ways of refilling,
depending on what kind of perfume you own ie open top or spray top.
But other then that I can't really fault it it is a lovely little product.

Really love the size it is nice compact fits into jacket pocket or clutch bag.
suit jacket pocket or even a compartment in your laptop bag.
very handy for men and women who want to stay smelling lovely.


Where can I buy this product?

It can be brought from travalo website launching in september.

How much is it to buy?

 RRP £35/ US$ 49/ 49Euros.

Can I take this on holiday on a plane?

Yes it is approved but please check before travelling.

What colours do they come in?

The Milano is offered in a range of eight elegant and timeless colours.
(black,white,pink,orange,blue,mint etc)

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