Friday, 28 February 2014


Hey beautiful today i want to talk about

"guys you maybe thinking oh a girly post but let me stop you there beauty isn't just for woman its for men too. looking after your skin is important may it be keeping it soft and smooth or keeping away acne there is products that will help you."

 my beauty compare is a beauty site with lots of fabulous beauty products when choosing a product a lot of people jump into buying from the first place they see.
but then later on see they could of got the same product much cheaper.

with beauty compare not only can you see a wide variety of products you can see a few places where you can buy the product from and how much it will cost.
this is a great way for when you are buying your products you normally use or investing in new ones you would like to try.

also you can find your beauty match take the quick quiz to find out what matches you get.
put in your hair type hair colour eye colour and it will find matches that suit you.
take the quiz here 

the site is easy to use so sit back relax and browse the site at the comfort of your own home.
ah comfort isn't it just fabulous. 

also on the site you can find reviews of the products which is another bonus just like my blog in a way you get to see reviews before you jump into buying the product which is a must.
because those of you that have experienced buying a product that you needed that didn't work will know what i mean when i say reviews are a must its is a bit like trying before you buying.

summer is almost here and we know what that means :) vest and shorts, dresses ect, 
hang on hang on who just said they wasn't gonna be showing of their lovely legs this summer?

be proud of who you are and if you are feeling a bit shy about getting your skin out this summer take a look at my beauty compare because they have a list of products to make you feel and look fabulous.

listed below is links to the product category's listed on

Body Hair Hands and Feet
Tanning Anti Dandruff Base Coat
Strecth Marks Anti Fizz Cuticle Treatment
Soaps Colour Foot Cream
Suncare Conditioner Foot Scrub
Hair Removal Gel & Styling Cream Hand Cream
Firming and Toning Hair Mousse Hand Scrub
Bust Care Hair Spray Hand Wash
Body Wash Hair Treatment Nail Colour
Body Mask Oils Nail Hardener
Body Cream Shampoos Nail Oil
Body Oils Hair Serum Polish Remover
Body Cellulite Wax Top Coat
Natural and Organic Natural and Organic Quick Dry
Skincare Makeup Fragrance
Cleansers Blushers Mens
Exfoliators Bronzers Womens
Eye Treatments Brushes
Face Wash Concealers
Lip Treatments Foundation
Toners Eye Liner
Masks and Peels Eye Shadow
Spot Treatments Mascara
Face Oil Eyebrows
Moisterizers Lip Stick
Serum Lip Liner


                                            Thank you for reading 

                                                     Caroline xx


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

HP Chromebook 11


Hey girls and guys !!
I am back with another review i have been very excited to do this review since winning,
my HP CHROMEBOOK 11 back in October 2013.
I hope you enjoy reading and seeing what i have to say about the HP Chromebook 11.
first of all lets start with saying i really love the sleek design of the Chromebook. 
I thoroughly enjoy using it its everything you need all in one light sleek package.

£299 which is a fair price especially for those of you who like saving money or who are on a small budget. 
The Chromebook is made for everyone doesn't matter if your a student or a doctor stay at home mum who ever you are the Chromebook is made for everyone yes including you.

well what can i say here top marks all round starts up in seconds which is ideal for those who may need to send that all important email or message that you just remembered.
it is fast machine to use faster then I thought it would be In fact I don't see myself ever changing to any other laptop/notebook as this is the one for me.
it also has a webcam even though the downside to it its a VGA camera it does the job it needs to do and that is what matters the most.

11.6 inch display which is small but i find it is a perfect for me.
It Has a good colour rendering and good viewing angles images look clean and crisp.
The aspect ratio makes this superfine for watching movies,music videos and more.

battery life is pretty fair considering its a small notebook on full charge you get approx 5 hours battery life which is not to shabby.
I cant really complain though as it has a quick charger which means it wont take long to recharge your notebook.

I love the Design its sleek and looks perfect for a notebook that only cost £299 you cant go wrong.
its small design weighing in at just over 1 kg it is perfect for those of you who do not like lugging around lots of bags because the HP Chromebook is light to carry and will fit in your rucksack handbag ect. as they say all good things come in small packages.
the keyboard design is amazing I like how much easier it is too see the keys.

what else is there to know about HP Chromebook 11?
It comes with 100GB of free Google drive storage witch mean you can store your files photos safely which puts your mind at ease knowing your files are safe.
Google app store built in as well as a few other features makes it easy to do whatever it is you need to do and download the things you need.
it has built in antivirus no more worry's about getting dreaded computer virus's.
Any updates your Chromebook needs are done automatically one less thing for you to worry about.

full specs and more info here

I really recommend this notebook to you all if your still not to sure visit your nearest store and ask for a test drive of it. I would love to know what you think of the HP Chromebook 11 if you have tried it out or if you have brought one.
please comment below if you have any questions comments ect

thank you for reading caroline x

photo taken on webcam

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cheltenham horse racing

Cheltenham horse racing

(Horse racing began in cheltenham in 1815 and it became a major national attraction after the festival in 1902)          

“ speaking of festivals there is an upcoming festival on tuesday 11th - friday 14th march

“Horse racing is a sport as well as an hobby
some people ride horses in their spare time or are professional jockeys,
And there are people who watch horse racing on the tv from the comfort of their homes.
But some people prefer to visit cheltenham horse racing to watch live to get the real horse racing experience”

still going today Cheltenham horse racing is enjoyed by many people from all over the country so people travel far to watch the horse racing purely because it is an enjoyable event to go to.

lady’s day is a great day out for the ladies to enjoy themselves.
So why not grab a few friends get out your best dress or you could buy a new dress after all it is not everyday you get to go to the races.
And head down and watch the horse racing it will be a day to remember.

Lads why not grab a few mates enjoy a beer and have some fun.
watching the horse racing at cheltenham is a must because you will be there watching it live with your friends or on your own along with other horse racing lovers.
And if its a nice day enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze. with an ice cold beer.

if you like living live on the edge  like me.
or maybe even putting a few quid aside to place a bet.
if the bet is for fun or if you are trying to win some extra money you can place bets on horse racing.

please check out the links and find out more about cheltenham.
you can also dine at cheltenham may it be dining with friends or business partners you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

If you have a wedding,birthday or another event coming up you could hold your event at cheltenham after all everybody loves a wedding or a party.

Thank you for reading 

caroline bartholomew


neknomination is not a game!!

sorry im having to write this on my blog but this needs to stop!!!
brit dies from neknomiation < see how dangerous it is

please dont be silly please dont take part in these foolish nominations!

they are dangerous silly and stupid if someone nominates you say NO! even if your so called friends call you a pussy or threaten to hurt you. say no and go to the police as its involuntary manslaughter. it is also cyber bullying which i think is disgusting to why people are doing this to people !!

i am writing this to raise awareness people are dying from drinking these lethal cocktails!
this is  manslaughter and  i hope all of the people involved in this game end up in prison because this is getting out of control now!!

please if a family member or friend of yours gets nominated please tell them not to do it and tell them the consequence of this!!

#neknomination for those of you who aint heard of it please google it and see how dangerous this is please advise your friends,family,strangers ect of the dangers and please please tell them not to take part in this hideous so called game... ITS NOT A GAME !!! ITS DANGEROUS

please send link from this blog post to your friends hopefully it will save life's and make parents aware of whats going on in their kids/teens bedrooms or at their children's schools friends houses ect
this is getting out of hand and i hope the police soon start arresting people and send them to prison for manslaughter and murder. i also hope people who are posting videos and nominating people will be fined 10.000 or go to prison maybe thats the wake up call they need to put a stop to this #neknominations

THANKS FOR READING !!! if you care about your loved ones please share this and any other useful information you see that can help save lifes by showing people not to take part in these.

its a form of bullying in my eyes making people do it and we all know bullys are cowards and lowlifes


oh and if you even think about nominating me i will tell you no  and if i see you bullying others into drinking nominations i will report you!!
this needs to end today !!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

GLO Aluminum Wall Clock

Hey there my beauty's Today i am reviewing the GLO Aluminium Wall Clock from shoplet.

you maybe thinking oh a clock which is understandable but i thought id review it 
because i love this clock it has a nice design and adds colour to any room.
why buy a plain clock when you can have a nice bright colourful clock to brighten the room and your mood.

ever been stuck at work or college and stared at the clock wishing it was home time? then becoming even more bored because the clock isn't nice to look at?
well those days are officially over with this sleek fashionable clock that comes in nice bright cheerful colours.

The clock's stylish bold design with the bright colour and added aluminium trim looks amazing adding that extra special touch to your room.the glass lens is also nice because it makes the clock even more lovable because it adds class, and its not cheap looking like most clocks on the market.

The Clock is £10.76 To Buy which is a great price for the top quality of the clock.
which is impressive because the quality is great and most clocks don't live up to this quality and price tag.

This is the back of the clock

you can see its very clean easy design.
there is a hole already in the clock so your ready to go and hang it where your old clock once hung.

the time on the clock is easy to set using the small dial that is located just above where the  AA battery goes.


*hands are big and clear to see
*stylish design with added colour
*glass lens 
*easy to use 


*doesn't come with a battery

That is all for now i hope you enjoyed reading this review.
please feel free to leave me any feedback constructive criticism welcome

Thank you for reading 

x caroline x
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